After visiting the Pacific Autism Family Network, RJ can’t stop talking about wanting to move out and live on his own. Holly, worried that RJ will be taken advantage of, isn’t quite ready to let RJ go. With the guesthouse empty for the weekend, RJ moves in. Will this be the moment of independence that RJ has been searching for?

Dolores, looking for her next adventure, convinces Uncle Matt to go on a weekend trip to Palm Springs. During a relaxing yoga session amongst the tranquil mountains of the dessert, Dolores has a surprising revelation. Has she found her new home?

After seeing a News special on the homeless, Roman decides he wants to volunteer his time and do some charity work. Rodney, moved by his sons’ big heart, offers to volunteer with him. The two, together, head down to the Midnight Mission where they spend the evening making kids less fortunate smile.

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