The past several months have been pretty hectic for Holly and she hasn’t been able to spend some much needed alone time with Rodney. Wanting to plan something special for their 23rd wedding anniversary, Holly enlists the help of a Romance Concierge to plan the perfect date. Holly decides to relinquish control over to the romance concierge but can they plan something that will not only impress Rodney, but Holly as well?

The time has come and Dolores is finally making her move to Palm Springs. Roman, wanting to send Dolores out in style, takes it upon himself to plan a “Good-Bye Gorgeous” week filled with adventure and fun. Will this momentous week be enough to convince Dolores to stay?

Holly has spear headed a partnership with American Airlines and their “It’s Cool to Fly American” program, which helps kids and families with autism experience a simulated flight. This program aims to help kids and families walk through TSA, board a plane, and taxi around the airport to help better prepare families for future flights. Through this process we learn how difficult it was for RJ to fly as a child and the toll is takes on many families dealing with autism.

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