Holly’s good friend and philanthropist Leah Cher Pump asks Holly to be part of a panel of women, who will speak to a group of girls as mentors for the day. It will be the job of Holly and a few celebrity guests to talk to girls aged 12-18 and answer their questions about relationships, bullying, school, and career goals. What advice is given to the young women who attend this panel could help shape their futures, and Holly feels the pressure, so gets advice from Ryan and her Mom about how to best connect with them.

Dolores is ready to move to Palm Springs, and must find a house of her own to call home. Holly and Matt accompany her house hunting, and Holly is concerned when her Mom seems to like every property they see. Once back in L.A., Holly confronts Dolores with her worries, as she doesn’t want her Mom to make an impulsive decision just because she is excited for a new chapter in her life. Much to her surprise, her Mom makes new plans.

Ryan is home on a break from college, and is able to make the family trip to Palm Springs. Rodney who missed out on the last trip Holly took to New York to visit Ryan, decides to carve out special father-daughter bonding time for the two of them. When they return to L.A. the two go shopping and have a heart to heart.

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