Meet the Peetes. Holly and Rodney prepare for their twins big 20th birthday party, but first they have to figure out how to get they twins under the same roof. Their daughter Ryan is away at NYU and her twin RJ is dedicated to his job, so pulling off the big surprise will be tricky.

Turning 20 is a big milestone for anyone, but for RJ, a young man living with autism, his accomplishments have made Holly and Rodney incredibly proud parents. Now that he has his dream job, working for the Los Angeles Dodgers, he may soon realize he is the real MVP in the dugout.

Holly may feel like her kids are growing up too fast, but when her baby, 12-year-old Roman, refuses to comb his own hair - or even cut it, Holly’s decides it’s time for a lesson. Holly and Rodney soon realize their parenting duties aren’t ending, they’re just getting more strategic.

Having Ryan come back home for her birthday feels so good, but when Ryan has more on her mind than just cake and candles, Holly thinks it’s time for a heart to heart.

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