After learning Ryan wants to perform in Los Angeles for the first time, Holly channels her inner momager to help prepare her daughter for the big night. In an effort to help Ryan overcome her nervousness on stage, Holly calls in a favor from a celebrity stylist to help boost Ryan’s confidence. But, Ryan’s performance doesn’t go as planned when her growing nerves threaten to get the best of her.

After witnessing Dolores fall in the pool, Holly is worried about Dolores living on her own in Palm Springs. When Holly and her brother Matt propose that Dolores wear a medical alert necklace, she immediately shuts them down. Refusing to give up, Holly turns to a friend to get creative with her approach.

With a family history of Parkinson’s Disease, Holly has been fearing a diagnosis ever since her brother learned he had the disease. Against her family’s wishes, Holly decides to take a DNA test to find out once and for all if she’s predisposed to Parkinson’s Disease.

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