Despite landing her dream job filming a movie in Vancouver, Holly’s overwhelming mom guilt for being away from her family prevents her from enjoying the experience. As she struggles to find some work-life balance, she consults a friend and fellow actress who offers sage advice. Holly realizes she needs to reflect on what she really wants, and when she does, the answer surprises her.

Desperately missing Holly, Rodney and the boys travel to Canada to reunite as a family. During some father-son bonding, Robinson is forced to put his money where his mouth is on a deep-sea fishing excursion that separates the men from the boys. The Peetes’ adventures reach new heights when they dare to cross Vancouver’s legendary and terrifying Capilano Suspension Bridge. Their journey climaxes in a trek through rain and snow to search for grizzly bears.

The Peetes visit a local autism center where they learn about heartbreaking struggles from families impacted by autism. RJ is moved to hear a family call him their superhero and inspiration for beating the odds.

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