Holly begins work on her latest HollyRod project- RJ’s Place, a pre-vocational training center for young people on the autism spectrum. Having years of experience visiting numerous learning and therapy centers with RJ throughout journey, her dream is to create the ultimate space where young people with autism and their families can get training and support, but also have fun! While her vision for RJ’s Place may seem ideal, she soon sees obstacles in her way and is forced to choose another path.

Holly wears many hats, mom, actress, philanthropist…nutritionist? Her idea for a juice cleanse catches Rodney by surprise. He reluctantly agrees to it, until a hot meal is under his nose and he starts to crack. But Holly knows her competitive husband very well and challenges him to a contest. Who will win the juice cleanse game?

Dolores has made her decision to move to Palm Springs, but how will she get ready for her new desert lifestyle? In an attempt to fit into the golf scene and asks Rodney for a golf lesson. Move over Dinah Shore, here comes Dolores Robinson!

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