Lucas & Elizabeth's Most Watched Romantic Moments on "When Calls The Heart"

Feel the love between Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) and Lucas (Chris McNally) by checking out their most watched romantic moments from When Calls the Heart.
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#5 - Close Enough to Kiss

While at the pond in Season 8 Episode 6, "No Regrets," Lucas (Chris McNally) and Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) chat over wine and the many notes his mother has sent on her manuscript. Elizabeth feels he could have warned her this was coming, but Lucas feels life is better with surprises. Elizabeth proposes a toast just as thunder sounds and it begins pouring. After getting soaking wet, they laugh and jump into the car. The moment brings them very close and Lucas leans in for a kiss. Watch the scene below to see if Elizabeth is ready for romance.

Elizabeth and Lucas Come Close to a Kiss - When Calls the Heart

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#4 – All the Time in the World

During a dinner at the row house, in Season 8 Episode 5, "What the Heart Wants," Elizabeth and Lucas have dinner. Lucas comments on how beautiful she looks in her new dress. Elizabeth feels for the first time in forever there is nothing weighing her down. Lucas expresses how happy he is to be here with Elizabeth. He takes her hand, and as he does so, Elizabeth warns she’ll need to take things slowly. Lucas assures her that he has all the time in the world.

Elizabeth and Lucas Agree Take Things Slow - When Calls the Heart

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#3 – A Very Sweet Moment

Lucas details exactly what a date with himself and Elizabeth would be like in Season 7 Episode 10, "Don't Go," and we all had to catch our breath after his romantic play by play. At the library he has set up champagne for a friendly toast to Elizabeth’s book news. However, if it were a date, Lucas says he would take her coat, which she allows him to do. He adds, “I would pull out your chair,” which she allows. He’d hand her a glass while gently brushing her hand and hold her gaze longer than normal. Both of which he does, making Elizabeth gulp and admit she would consider it very sweet.

Highlights - Sweet - When Calls the Heart

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#2 - Things Get Steamy

Elizabeth comforts a distraught Lucas after his business partner Henry Gowan’s (Martin Cummins) health scare in Season 8 Episode 8, "A Parade and a Charade." Lucas had no idea about the severity of Henry’s condition. Elizabeth offers to stay with Lucas a while and talk. He takes a seat next to her bringing them very close. She takes his hand as he leans in for what seems like a kiss, but instead he gently whispers in her ear that perhaps she should go. He wants to be patient but it's clear the restraint is tough for Lucas. He lets her depart with a kiss on her hand. She leaves, thanking him for being so understanding. Outside his door, Elizabeth needs a moment to cool down herself as she felt the heat of the moment as well.

Elizabeth Comforts Lucas and Things Get Steamy - When Calls the Heart

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#1 - Elizabeth & Lucas Kiss

In Season 8 Episode 12, “The Kiss, Lucas arrives at the bridge hoping to find Elizabeth. He wonders if she has made a decision. Elizabeth rushes into his arms, and they kiss passionately. When their lips finally part, Elizabeth says, “Thank you for waiting for me.”

Elizabeth and Lucas Kiss - When Calls the Heart

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The Romance Continues for Elizabeth & Lucas

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