Don't Go

Elizabeth gets a visit from Lucas stating a publisher, Frank Branson, is interested in speaking with her about the pages his mother sent.

Lee and Rosemary head to the office together. Before getting in the door, Lee gets a telegraph from Ned. The message states his sister Susannah is coming to visit tomorrow. As Lee works, he insists Rosemary does not have to watch him, she can leave the office. He needs to get some work done. Rosemary wishes they had more time to prepare for Susannah’s visit, however, they are happy she is at least coming.

When Lucas and Elizabeth arrive at the Mercantile to call the publisher, they spot a help wanted sign. Elizabeth heard the news but now Fiona confirms it: she is leaving. Fiona happily places a call for Elizabeth to Mr. Branson. Lucas encourages Elizabeth to stay calm and take a deep breath before answering. Elizabeth takes the call and gets an offer from the publisher so high she has to ask, “How much?”

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