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Recap: Don't Go - Season 7 - Episode 10

Elizabeth hears good news about her book. Lee gets a surprise that stirs up wounds from his past. Fiona tries to find a way to stay in Hope Valley.

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Elizabeth gets a visit from Lucas stating a publisher, Frank Branson, is interested in speaking with her about the pages his mother sent.

Lee and Rosemary head to the office together. Before getting in the door, Lee gets a telegraph from Ned. The message states his sister Susannah is coming to visit tomorrow. As Lee works, he insists Rosemary does not have to watch him, she can leave the office. He needs to get some work done. Rosemary wishes they had more time to prepare for Susannah’s visit, however, they are happy she is at least coming.

When Lucas and Elizabeth arrive at the Mercantile to call the publisher, they spot a help wanted sign. Elizabeth heard the news but now Fiona confirms it: she is leaving. Fiona happily places a call for Elizabeth to Mr. Branson. Lucas encourages Elizabeth to stay calm and take a deep breath before answering. Elizabeth takes the call and gets an offer from the publisher so high she has to ask, “How much?”

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Henry looks unwell at the café and Clara notices he has not touched his breakfast. When he gets up to leave, he almost faints. Carson catches him but Henry assures him he is okay, just a little dizzy. Later at the infirmary Carson checks Henry’s blood pressure and says it’s high, which is a serious problem. He tells Henry his health is more important than whatever he may be going through with his business.

Lucas and Elizabeth are excited about the news of the advance on her book. Elizabeth is happy to get paid to write and Lucas says the money is just for the advance. Once it’s published, who knows how much she could potentially earn? Elizabeth is forever grateful he encouraged her writing. Nathan runs into them and congratulates her on the good news of her book being published. Elizabeth heads off to school, leaving Nathan and Lucas to look upon each other awkwardly for a moment as neither speaks.

Nathan is impressed by Allie’s work exhibit at the science fair and her report on Queen Victoria. After looking at her report Nathan says Elizabeth is not the only talented writer in town. Elizabeth approaches just in time to agree and says Allie has quite the gift. Allie hopes the sale of Elizabeth’s book does not impact her teaching and Elizabeth assures her it will not. As Nathan tries to ask Elizabeth a question, Allie interrupts him with her science project.

Later that evening, Elizabeth finds Rosemary cleaning. The house is spotless as she is preparing for a visit from Lee’s sister. Rosemary can read Elizabeth like a book and can tell she has news. Speaking of books, Elizabeth announces she has been offered an advance for the publishing of her novel. Rosemary supposes Lucas is now forgiven for sending the pages without her approval and admits the two of them have an awful lot in common. Rosemary asks what she is going to do as it seems she has also patched things up with Nathan. Sooner or later Elizabeth is going to have to decide between the two men. However, Rosemary assures her she’ll know when the time is right to make a choice.

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Elias shares sports news with Nathan from his jail cell just as Bill arrives with news for Nathan. They step outside and Bill explains Elias’ family got him a lawyer, so his trial is being moved to Buxton and Nathan has to be there. As Bill finishes giving Nathan the news, he bumps into Jenny – the same woman who eavesdropped on Bill and Lucas’ conversation about Henry at the saloon.

When Carson stops by the café, Clara asks how Henry is doing. Elizabeth is shocked to hear he nearly passed out at the café. Carson cannot divulge Henry’s condition but hopes they’ll encourage him to take it easy.

Rosemary and Lee await the arrival of Lee’s sister Susannah at the Stagecoach. Lee is nervous but Rosemary assures his sister would not have come all this way if she did not also want to make amends. Susannah arrives and Lee greets her with an exuberant “Suze.” She corrects him and lets him know she goes by Susannah.

Elizabeth checks on Henry at his office. He is looking at a jar of oil that reminds him of the start of his company. Henry reveals that Lucas has pulled out of the business and now it’s inevitable he’ll have to close it.

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Rosemary clears the dishes leaving Lee and Susannah to chat. Susannah and her husband have a furniture store. Rosemary chimes in with a cheery note that coincidentally Lee sells lumber. Susannah also has two children, a son and a daughter. She thanks them for the meal and prepares to leave. Rosemary tells her they have made up a guest room for her. However, Susannah does not stay as she got a hotel room nearby much to Rosemary’s - and more importantly Lee’s - disappointment.

Elizabeth finds Lucas at the saloon and asks why he is pulling out of the oil company. Lucas explains it’s true, but things are complicated. Henry refused to shut down temporarily. Lucas can no longer afford to put good money behind Henry’s bad decision to expand so quickly. Elizabeth is sorry and admits she should have given Lucas the benefit of the doubt. Lucas understands and cannot fault her for caring so much. He is concerned to hear Henry ended up at the infirmary.

Fiona and Florence explain to Molly what a job as an operator entails. Fiona lets Florence take the lead she since soon she will be the lead operator. Molly can tell this is hard for Fiona and asks if she is okay. Fiona assures them that she is fine.

Susannah gets a visit at her hotel room from Lee. She was about to turn in early as she is used to an early schedule waking up with the kids. Lee has a gift: Sarsaparilla, her favorite. Susannah has not liked that drink for quite some time. Despite the misstep she invites Lee into her room.

Lucas checks on Henry’s health. They may no longer be partners, but Henry is a good man and Lucas was troubled to hear he was not feeling well. Knowing how much the company means to the town, Lucas offers to stay on as a partner with Henry as long as he can be the majority owner. Henry has an immediate answer: no!

Susannah and Lee remember their brother Patrick as they look through a photo album. They both miss him so much. Susannah shares the impact his death had on their father. Lee had no idea their father was sick and missed the funeral because he was traveling. He asks why Susannah did not tell him sooner their father was sick. She explains he made her promise not to tell Lee. Susannah refuses to take any blame as Lee was traveling while she was caring for their dying father.

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Nathan tells Elizabeth again at the stable how happy he is about her book news. He is thrilled someone else has recognized how special she is and says Branson is not the only one. Nathan tries again to ask her something, but the sound of horses keep interrupting him. He tells her never mind and heads off.

Rosemary visits Susannah. She does not know what happened between the two of them the other night but insists they work it out. She shares how Lee almost died and that made him realize how important making things right with Susannah is to him. Rosemary says Susannah has already lost one brother, Patrick, and asks, “Do you really want to lose another?”

Lucas tells Elizabeth he made Henry an offer to keep the company open, but he declined. Lucas feels life is too short not to appreciate the good things and wants to celebrate Elizabeth’s book news. He asks her to meet him at the library tonight.

At the Mercantile, Carson asks Fiona if moving to install new phone lines is what she really wants. Fiona thinks she should be grateful to have a good job. After Carson presses, she admits she feels like a dispensable cog in a wheel. Carson says she should not let anyone make her feel that way.

Rosemary notices Lee is not eating dinner. There is a knock at the door. Susannah has arrived and asks to come in. She sees Rosemary and baby Jack. The two of them together reminds her of being with her own son, Patrick. Lee is touched and says that is a good name.

Lucas thanks Elizabeth for meeting him at the library. Inside he has set up champagne and says he knows this is not a date but wants to toast her good news as friends. However, if it were a date, he would take her coat, which she allows him to do. He adds, “I would pull out your chair,” which she allows. He also says he’d hand her a glass while gently brushing her hand and hold her gaze longer than normal. Both of which he does, making Elizabeth gulp and admit she would consider it very sweet.

As Lee drops Susannah off at her hotel she admits that Lee’s success is not a surprise. Lee apologizes for not being around as their father lay dying. He was lost and angry. He thanks her for taking care of their father and can’t imagine how hard it has been. They both wish they could take back the last twenty years.

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Fiona calls up Mr. Nichols to talk to him about the way he spoke to her the other day. Meanwhile, Nathan informs Elizabeth he’ll be out of town for a few days. Before she leaves, he finally asks the question that has been on his mind for days: would she like to have dinner with him? He does not push for an answer right away and tells her to think about it.

Henry tells Lucas he will not accept a majority owner deal; he wants Lucas to buy him out. Later, Lucas can hardly wait to tell Elizabeth he is now the sole owner of the oil company.

Nathan sees to it that Elias is picked up safely. As he heads back to his office Bill arrives on his horse ready to head to Buxton. As Bill and Nathan head out of town with Elias, Jenny stops them at gunpoint. Jenny is Elias’s sister. Nathan and Bill try to reason with her and explains this jail break could put them both in prison for years. As Nathan tries to coax the gun from Jenny, another Mountie makes a move causing her to shoot.

Lee and Rosemary say goodbye to Susannah and hope to visit her soon. After Susannah leaves, Lee thanks Rosemary with a kiss.

Fiona has good and bad news for Carson. She is staying in Hope Valley, but she no longer has a job. She was fired after she told her boss she is not small. Carson is sorry, but Fiona says no need to apologize. She belongs in Hope Valley for now.

Bill arrives on horseback at the infirmary shouting he has a patient with a gunshot wound in his carriage. Fiona rushes to the Mercantile and asks Ned for supplies as someone’s been shot. Elizabeth wonders who has been shot and hears a resident outside say it was Nathan. Elizabeth runs out in time to see Carson announce the patient’s death. The town is stunned – poor Nathan.

As Elizabeth reels from the news, Nathan appears behind her. She turns and runs into his arms. Lucas has seen the whole thing and now looks as shaken as Elizabeth did moments ago, leaving us all to wonder, has she made a choice?