Check out the winners from the American Rescue Dog Show!

Best in Rescue Winner: Howard the Dog
Prize: $25,000
Rescue Organization: San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

About Howard the Dog: Alex and fiancé, Walter, saw a listing for Howard at the San Gabriel Valley shelter after a month long search. They were astonished by his unique and adorable appearance, and dreamt of him that evening. The very next morning they arrived at the shelter, and after a few perfunctory sniffs of the play yard, a 9 month old Howard came right up and greeted them with his belly to the sky, hoping for rubs and attention. Howard had apparently been too rambunctious for his previous owners, but with a little love, training, and neutering, his temperament has proven to be just right for their household.

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2019 American Rescue Dog Show Winner - Home & Family

Best in Talking Winner: Ghost
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Jimmy's Angels Rescue

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Best in Underbite Winner: Jim Bear
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Nashville Humane Association

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Best in Special Needs Winner: Cupcake
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: The Forgotten Dog Foundation

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Best in Couch Potato Winner: Blue
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Dobies and Little Paws Rescue

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Best in Wiggle Butt Winner: Babka
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Aussie Rescue San Diego and Friends

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Best in Smile Winner: JJ
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: San Diego Humane Society

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Best in Snoring Winner: Beef
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Baloojas Foundation

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Best in Senior Winner: Midge
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Mae Day

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Best in Short and Sweet Winner: Howard the Dog
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

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Best in Belly Rubs Winner: Ruby
Prize: $5,000
Rescue Organization: Wags and Walks

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