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Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

50. Radar - Talking Category

Name: Radar
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Long Beach Animal Care Services

About Radar:
Radar was found in a park and before he made it to the shelter were Darlene was volunteering. His face captured her attention in a way no other dog had before. Once she adopted him and brought him home, his personality changed entirely, and he was no longer anxious. Darlene says that Radar brings her joy, compassion and patience and that he makes her life more fun. He loves to talk and is very responsive and even says “I love you” back. Everyone who hears him cannot help but smile.

Favorite Toy: His teddy
Favorite Treat: Cheese
Favorite Activity: Howling and eating
Fun facts:
• Radar loves rolling in the dirt after he has a bath
• He likes to make tunnels under blankets