Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

29. Sweet Pea - Senior Category

Name: Sweet Pea
Category: Senior
Adopted from: San Diego Humane Society

About Sweet Pea:
A Good Samaritan found Sweet Pea and brought her into the Humane Society. After 3 months she was well enough to be adopted. When a video of her rescue was posted online, Teresa saw it and had to meet her. Once Teresa adopted Sweet Pea, she realized that she had never been in a car, never been on a leash, and had never seen a TV. Despite everything, Sweet Pea has an amazing disposition and when Teresa comes home, Sweet Pea brightens her up no matter how hard the day was. Teresa says that everyone should consider adopting a Senior dog because they’re usually trained, housebroken, don’t chew on things and are so giving, loving and grateful.

Favorite Toy: Squeaky ball
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter treats
Favorite Activity: Trying to destroy squeaky balls
Fun facts:
• Sweet Pea once saved a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest
• A little boy once saw her and said “That dog looks like a cow” She does – like a Holstein milk cow.