Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

8. Abby - Couch Potato Category

Name: Abby
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Sunny Saints, Southern California Saint Bernard Rescue

About Abby:
Abby’s family lost their home to foreclosure and could not find an apartment that would take such a large dog. They contacted Pam to surrender Abby to her rescue, Sunny Saints. When Pam saw her across the parking lot and said to herself “That’s my dog!” It was the first time Pam had ever felt that way and she’s met hundreds of dogs. Abby is so well behaved and loves everyone and everything, so Pam has made her an ambassador for her rescue. Abby is the ultimate couch potato. When she lays on the couch next to Pam, she will roll onto her back and kick Pam with her hind leg to let her know that she is ready for a belly rub.

Favorite Toy: She doesn’t play with toys
Favorite Treat: Bananas hands down!
Favorite Activity: Sleeping and meeting new people
Fun facts:
• Abby doesn’t miss an opportunity to sleep, whether on a couch or at an adoption event with hundreds of people around.
• Given the choice, Abby would choose to eat a banana over a piece of prime rib