Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

21. Winnie - Ears Category

Name: Winnie
Category: Ears
Adopted from: Westside German Sheperd Rescue of Los Angeles

About Winnie
Brett and his wife Tori were looking to adopt a dog when they first met Winnie. She put her paws o Brett’s shoulder and gave him a kiss and they fell in love instantly. They especially love her big ears and even while Winnie sleeps all they can see are her ears!

Favorite Toy: Stuffed moose
Favorite Treat: Bully Sticks
Favorite Activity: Going to the dog park
Fun facts:
• Winnie loves to race the small dogs at the park.
• After 7pm Winnie finds it difficult to stay awake. Even if you try to wake her, she just goes back to sleep.