Meet the Dogs - 2019 American Rescue Dog Show

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Banshee - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Banshee
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Hollywood Huskies

About Banshee: Banshee is a Husky/Malamute Mix who was rescued in Ridgecrest, CA during a rainstorm. She was adopted by Stephanie and her boyfriend Steve who were looking for a dog to get along with their two other rescues. She is friendly and welcoming to animals and humans alike and never turns down a belly rub.

Favorite Toy: Plush Squeaky Duck. She just recently started to play with toys on her own and loves to take the plush duck and swing it around.
Favorite Treat: Cooked Chicken Breast.
Favorite Activity: She is happiest with her brother Yoda and her sister Mimi, she loves playing and running around at her doggy day care.
Loves: Banshee loves when Stephanie and Steve sit with her so she can give them lots of kisses.
Fun fact: Banshee’s nickname is Supermodel because she is truly stunning.

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Bo - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Bo
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

About Bo: Bo is a Golden Retriever who was rescued from a South Korean dog farm. Kimberly was looking for a kid friendly dog to join her family. When Kimberly first contacted the rescue, she was devastated to find out someone else had claimed Bo. However, two weeks later she received a call saying the initial adoption had failed. Bo is happy, very snuggly and loves a good belly rub.

Favorite Toy: She loves a Batman dog toy that fits through her face. She looks ridiculous but loves walking around the house with it on.
Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter.
Favorite Activity: Every morning Bo goes from room to room making sure everyone pets her.
Loves: Bo loves to chase after her own shadow. She has yet to catch it.
Fun fact: She loves hanging with her “boyfriend” Kobe who lives next door. The two can’t get enough of each other, often playing for hours at a time.

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Oaklee - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Oaklee
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: A Purposeful Rescue

About Oaklee: Having convinced her boyfriend to get a second dog, Meagan immediately went on A Purposeful Rescue’s website and knew as soon as she saw Oaklee that she was the dog for them. She emailed APR and they told that Oaklee was going for a “meet and greet” that night and would likely be adopted. Meagan was heartbroken. By some miracle, Oaklee and that family were not the right fit. Once Meagan and her boyfriend met her, they knew she was their dog. While timid at first, she has come into her own and surprises them with her wacky lovable personality everyday.

Favorite Toy: Her favorite toy is a little chipmunk plush squeaky toy.
Favorite Treat: She can’t get enough of doggie graham crackers.
Favorite Activity: A few of her favorite things include: cuddling and sunbathing.
Loves: She can’t get enough of cars. If she goes missing the first place to look for Oaklee is in the car.
Fun fact: If she hears a baby cry in a stroller, she goes over to help.

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Pirate - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Pirate
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Ozzie and Friends Rescue

About Pirate: Pirate was rescued from a breeder in Fresno Asha was not even looking for a dog when she stumbled upon an adoption event at a local block party. Pirate immediately caught her eye. A savvy adoption event worker noticed and asked Asha if she wouldn’t mind taking him for a walk since he’d been in a cage all day. That was all it took, by the time they returned from the walk Asha was asking about how to adopt sweet Pirate.

Favorite Toy: Fluffy pink pig.
Favorite Treat: Anything he can chew, he enjoys it all.
Favorite Activity: He loves running and hiking.
Loves: He loves to count.
Fun fact: Pirate just achieved his American Kennel Club Good Canine Citizen certification.

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Prince - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Prince
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Ventura County Animal Serives

About Prince: Amber and her Mother, Helle recently lost one of their dogs and they both wanted companionship for their second dog.For over two months Amber and Helle visited the shelters looking for a rescue dog that would be a great fit. As they walked down the row Helle saw Prince, picked him up, and the little dog started to kiss her immediately. They both knew that this was their dog. Prince is a good natured, lovable dog that fits perfectly in with their family and is always ready to receive a good belly rub.

Favorite Toy: He loves to chew on a small antler bone.
Favorite Treat: Prince is a sucker for Chicken Jerky.
Favorite Activity: He loves being outside and stretching out like a lounging lizard.
Loves: He loves his evening treat of Chicken Nibblers.
Fun fact: Prince will only eat his dinner in the family room.

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Ruby - Belly Rubs Category - Winner

Name: Ruby
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Wags and Walks

About Ruby: Amy and her 11 year old daughter went to a Wags and Walks adoption event and immediately fell in love with Ruby. They were moved with how much she loves children - all day at the event, she had children hugging her, climbing on her, squeezing her and petting her and it seemed as if she couldn't get enough. They called the next day and told them they wanted to adopt Ruby. She gets along amazingly with their other two little dogs, a Chihuahua and Shitzu mix and has brought so much love and joy into their home.

Favorite Toy: He loves his stuffed squeaky pizza slice.
Favorite Treat: Ruby loves blueberries.
Favorite Activity: He loves to go for long walks.
Loves: She loves fruits and vegetables.
Fun fact: She is very good at catching food in the air.

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Sweet P - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Sweet P
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Pug Nation Rescue of LA

About Sweet P: Sweet P was found by animal control in Fontana wandering the streets, she was in rough shape. She had a prolapsed uterus, a complication from just giving birth, and was brought to a local veterinarian to be euthanized. The vet decided to give her another chance and operated to correct the problem. Following the surgery the vet contacted Pug Nation Rescue. Julie and Charles were looking for a dog and saw Sweet P online, she was so cute, they assumed she would get adopted quickly and didn’t inquire about her. Several weeks later, they randomly decided to visit Pug Nation and there she was! They describe her as “the embodiment of her name” and say it is “truly a privilege to care for her.”

Favorite Toy: A squeaky stuffed hippo.
Favorite Treat: Everything. She loves food!
Favorite Activity: Sitting on the couch and watching TV.
Loves: She loves all toys and treats.
Fun fact: She was once “Miss February” in a charity pug calendar.

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Blue - Couch Potato Category - Winner

Name: Blue
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Dobies and the Little Paw Rescue

About Blue: From the moment Jan met Blue, she knew he needed to join her family. He loves lounging around and has his own bed in each room the house, though his favorite place to relax is the large sectional in the living room. Blue also loves to dress to impress and has an a plethora of jackets, sweaters and hats that he enjoys wearing. He may be lounging around, but he looks good doing it. Blue has been with Jan and her husband Troy for the past 5 years, and they absolutely adore him.

Favorite Toy: Blue loves small cat toys.
Favorite Treat: His favorite treat is a dehydrated beef lung.
Favorite Activity: Blue loves to cuddling on the couch.
Loves: He loves taking trips in the car.
Fun fact: One of his best friends is the mailman.

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Cooper - Couch Potato Category

Name: Cooper
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Helen Woodward Animal Center

About Cooper: Jennifer went to Houston following the Hurricane to help a partner of the Helen Woodward Animal Center and that is when she met Cooper. She knew something was special about him and she had to bring him back to California with her. Two days later, the two of them drove all the way from Houston to San Diego. Cooper is the true definition of a couch potato and made great company during the long drive. After all his trials, he has learned to relax and has embraced the good life of being a loved and provided for couch potato.

Favorite Toy: Mom’s slippers.
Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter.
Favorite Activity: Basking in the sun on his hammock.
Loves: Cooper loves to chase birds and rabbits.
Fun fact: Cooper always sleeps on his back.

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Daddy O - Couch Potato Category

Name: Daddy O
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Smiling Dog Rescue

About Daddy O: Rica and Michael founders of Smiling Dog Rescue were made aware of the Daddy O, an American Bully, and went over to rescue him. Once they had contact with the dog, Daddy O put his head on their leg and wanted to cuddle. Michael knew that Daddy O was coming home with them and staying. It was love at first sight.

Favorite Toy: Natural Bones
Favorite Treat: Cheese
Favorite Activity: Hanging out on the couch watching sports.
Loves: Daddy O loves to cuddle.
Fun fact: Daddy O loves everyone and everything, including Rica and Michael’s Macaw who talks to Daddy O.

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Honey - Couch Potato Category

Name: Honey
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: California GSP Rescue

About Honey: Honey was rescued from the Kern County Animal Shelter. Amy called the rescue after seeing Honey on their website and knew she was the perfect dog for their family. Unfortunately, Honey had already been adopted. She then received a call from the rescue that Honey was coming back. Amy started the adoption process right away. Honey is a happy, quirky, goofy, and incredibly loving dog. She loves giving kisses and will jump up next to anyone who sits on the couch.

Favorite Toy: Any giant stick found on a beach.
Favorite Treat: Honey can’t get enough of bacon.
Favorite Activity: She loves to be outside sunbathing.
Loves: Honey adore drinking water. Amy had to buy a glass punch bowl for her - she fills it twice a day.
Fun fact: She thinks she is a supermodel.

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Josh - Couch Potato Category

Name: Josh
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Afghan Hound Rescue

About: Josh is a sweet dog who loves to spend most days lounging in his parents king size bed. He acts as the head of the family, but is very calm and acts wise beyond his dog years.

Favorite Toy: Who needs toys when you can have food!
Favorite Treat: Josh isn’t picky, if it’s food, he loves it all.
Favorite Activity: Josh loves talking.
Loves: He loves to go running
Fun fact: He loves food so much, he can find it anywhere and always tries to steal it.

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Lulu - Couch Potato Category

Name: Lulu
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Adopt a Saint

About Lulu: Lulu was used for breeding and as a bait dog for fighting. She had been severely beaten before being rescued by Adopt A Saint. Frances first only brought Lulu into her home as a foster dog. She quickly fell in love with Lulu’s overly affectionate and gentle personality and decided to keep her forever after becoming so close.

Favorite Toy: How can she pick one? She loves everything.
Favorite Treat: Lulu loves fresh vegetables from the garden.
Favorite Activity: You can always find Lulu watching TV.
Loves: She loves babies and she enjoys taking pictures with them at pet fairs.
Fun fact: Lulu loves to help Frances in the garden.

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Stella - Couch Potato Category

Name: Stella
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Bull Terrier Rescue of Southern California

About Stella: An elderly couple had adopted Stella off of Craigslist and they were not prepared for the energy and excitement of a Bull Terrier puppy. Fortunately, the couple called the local breed rescue organization, Bull Terrier of Southern California. The couple felt bad about relinquishing her, but they knew they just could not manage her. Julie was asked to help transport Stella. Julie was not able to make the drive until the next day, so Stella spent the night at Julie’s house. Well, that was all it took, Julie fell in love and adopted her that day. Stella is a “couch monster” and loves to have constant contact with Julie while relaxing on the couch. Stella helped Julie keep her sense of humor and purpose while recovering from cancer treatments.

Favorite Toy: She loves playing tug the rope.
Favorite Treat: Stella’s favorite treat is cheese.
Favorite Activity: She loves going to day camp with her dog sister Nikki.
Loves: Stella loves to cuddle on the couch.
Fun fact: She has the perfect circular mark on the top of her head.

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Autumn - Senior Category

Name: Autumn
Category: Senior
Age: 16 years
Adopted from: Pets and People Humane Society

About Autumn: Autumn is a testament to how difficult it is for older dogs to find new forever homes. She spent 3 years at the shelter before Amy and her husband came along and adopted her at a rescue in Oklahoma. Since adopting her, they have committed to only rescuing senior dogs from now on. Autumn joins them for walks at the dog park, trips to the beach, and camping. She just celebrated her Sweet 16 and she is going strong with no health issues.

Favorite Toy: She doesn’t need any toys, she loves playing with other pets.
Favorite Treat: Autumn loves to eat crackers.
Favorite Activity: She loves chasing squirrels.
Loves: Autumn loves to go camping and She takes it very seriously as she likes to dig herself her own bed in the dirt.
Fun fact: When Amy and her husband got married, Autumn was the ring bearer at their wedding.

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Chaos - Senior Category

Name: Chaos
Category: Senior
Age: 8 Years
Adopted from: Westside German Shepherd Rescue

About Chaos: Chaos is a German Shepherd who got his nickname from the “chaos” he caused the first few days of being brought into his forever home. He loves to go on walk and is very friendly with other dogs but his favorite pastime is to come home and relax. He can often be found lounging on the sofa or in bed.

Favorite Toy: He loves to chase a ball all around.
Favorite Treat: Any food is okay by Chaos. He loves to collect them in the living room to enjoy at a later time.
Favorite Activity: Chaos never gets tired of chasing squirrels around his backyard. He never catches any but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to try.
Loves: He loves to sleep, anywhere and everywhere.
Fun fact: He runs in figure eights around two trees in the front yard.

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Joey - Senior Category

Name: Joey
Category: Senior
Age: 13 Years
Adopted from: Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond

About Joey: Joey was rescued 12 years ago by Westie Rescue of Orange County and Beyond. He learned obedience training and walking off leash with ease. He has a calming effect on nervous dogs and taught alpha rescues their place in the pack. Kay quickly realized that this dog was very special and fit with their family perfectly. Joey loves the water and he has been surfing for 8 years.

Favorite Toy: Squeaky toys.
Favorite Activity: Joey loves to go surfing.
Loves: He loves to walk in the park and go on long car rides.
Fun fact: Joey has raised over $25,000 for Westie Rescue of Orange County.

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Midge - Senior Category - Winner

Name: Midge
Category: Senior
Age: 12 Years
Adopted from: Maeday Rescue

About Midge: Brooke saw Midge on an instagram feed and thought she would be a perfect addition to their household because of her size and age. They needed a dog to get along with their two cats. When Midge came over for the meet and greet, it was a perfect fit. Now, she comes to work, goes to restaurants, and vacations with Brooke and her husband. Everyone she meets along the way instantly falls for her. Midge is an integral part of the family and recently the flower girl at Brooke’s wedding.

Favorite Toy: Tiny tennis ball.
Favorite Treat: Midge loves to lick the fork clean after the cats are fed their food.
Favorite Activity: She loves taking daily walks to the elementary school in the neighborhood to play with the kids getting out of school.
Loves: Midge loves to steal your place in bed if you get up in the middle of the night.
Fun fact: She can play fetch with herself with her favorite toys, tiny tennis balls.

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Rabbit - Senior Category

Name: Rabbit
Category: Senior
Age: 12 1/2 Years
Adopted from: Pasadena Humane Society

About Rabbit: When Koji and his wife, Marcia got married they knew they wanted to adopt a dog. The weekend after they got married they went to the Pasadena Humane Society and fell in love with Rabbit right away. When they got him they learned Rabbit had a growth in his eye. Rabbit needed two surgeries that cost Koji and Marcia over 10K. That was a lot of money to spend after just getting married but it was all worth it as Rabbit is an equal member of their family. Koji and Marcia have a 7 year old son named Takao who loves to play and cuddle with Rabbit.

Favorite Toy: An old stuffed tiger.
Favorite Treat: Rabbit loves bones.
Favorite Activity: Eating
Loves: Rabbit loves going to doggy day care and hanging with all his friends.
Fun fact: He once ate an entire bag of dog food and made himself sick.

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Raul - Senior Category

Name: Raul
Category: Senior
Age: 9 Years
Adopted from: Galgos Del Sol

About Raul: Raul is a 9 year old Spanish Greyhound who was adopted from a Galgo shelter in New Hampshire. The Galgo is an ancient breed which was once a favorite to royalty that is now mostly used for hunting. Since adopting Raul, Scott has founded a group that spreads awareness about the plight of the Galgos. His organization is He now lives in Palm Springs with his two dads and three furry sisters. They all love his silly and playful nature. As an older dog, he enjoys the good things in life, such as rawhide treats and going to the beach with the whole family. He can be usually be found lounging wherever the sun is coming through the windows.

Favorite Toy: He doesn’t have any toys, but loves playing with his owner.
Favorite Activity: Going to the beach, he loves everything about it.
Loves: Raul loves the sun. As it moves around the house he follows it room to room.
Fun fact: He is a gentle giant.

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Vincent - Senior Category

Name: Vincent
Category: Senior
Age: 15 Years
Adopted from: Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles

About Vincent: Vincent was found while hiking in the desert by Ben and his wife, Susan. He was dumped and left to die in the hot terrain. Ben and Susan took him to Westside German Shepherd Rescue - where they volunteer - and discovered he was not chipped and offered to foster him. It was a foster failure and now, at age 15 years, Vincent is a prime example of how to age with grace, dignity, and frivolity. Vincent is fearless. Nothing slows him down, even age, as Vincent simply maneuvers himself threw life with joy and confidence. Everyone who meets him is in awe of his vitality.

Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball
Favorite Treat: Turkey Jerky
Favorite Activity: Playing catch.
Loves: Vincent loves to go swimming.
Fun fact: Can open door knobs on his own – round, straight, and even ones with latches!

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Georgie - Short and Sweet Category

Name: Georgie
Category: Short and Sweet

About: Georgie is a stubborn but a very sweet dog and is loved by his adopted family. He loves hanging with individuals and gets a good laugh when he falls over acting like a fainting goat.

Favorite Toy: Georgie is very intrigued by a Vacuum.
Favorite Treat: Loves eating anything.
Favorite Activity: He loves being present and living his best dog life.
Loves: He enjoys going on walks.
Fun fact: He is a very chill dog.

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Howard - Short and Sweet Category - Winner

Name: Howard
Category: Short and Sweet
Adopted from: San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

Highlights - Best in Rescue 2019

About Howard: Alex and fiancé, Walter, saw a listing for Howard at the San Gabriel Valley shelter after a month long search. They were astonished by his unique and adorable appearance, and dreamt of him that evening. The very next morning they arrived at the shelter, and after a few perfunctory sniffs of the play yard, a 9 month old Howard came right up and greeted them with his belly to the sky, hoping for rubs and attention. Howard had apparently been too rambunctious for his previous owners, but with a little love, training, and neutering, his temperament has proven to be just right for their household.

Favorite Toy: Kong classic toy, it’s filled with treats and Howard loves to chase it around.
Favorite Treat: He hasn’t met a treat he hasn’t liked.
Favorite Activity: Howard loves backyard barbecues with dogs and friends, he works his charms to get snacks from guests.
Loves: He loves to get his teeth brushed with chicken mint toothpaste.
Fun fact: Despite his short stature, he has been known to jump over 3 feet, especially when hot dogs were involved!

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Indiana Bones - Short and Sweet Category

Name: Indiana Bones
Category: Short and Sweet
Adopted from: Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles

About Indiana Bones: Indiana Bones was skittish and shy when Leigh and his wife, Scarlett met him at an adoption event. He stole their hearts right from the get-go and when they looked at each other they felt an instant connection. Leigh says that Indiana spreads joy wherever he goes. He is the favorite dog in their apartment complex and often helps himself into their neighbor’s apartments. Seeing Indiana make a complete 180 from a timid dog to a confident one with tons of self esteem makes Leigh and Scarlett so proud.

Favorite Toy: He loves a ratty old long-bodied dog squeaker.
Favorite Treat: Indiana Bones can’t get enough of hard boiled eggs.
Favorite Activity: His favorite activity is going to beach to chase the birds.
Loves: Indy loves white fluffy dogs. When he is out on a walk and sees a dog that is white and fluffy he more often than not falls in love with him.
Fun fact: He has an intense deep bark. He has barked maybe 30 times in the 4 years we have had him, but every time it happens, it’s one single bark that sounds like it came from a huge dog.

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Maggie - Short and Sweet Category

Name: Maggie
Category: Short and Sweet
Adopted from: Friend of Orange County's Homeless Pets

About Maggie: Sofia had always wanted a dog but kept putting it off. When she turned 50 she thought “what am I waiting for?” She went on the Friend of Orange County’s Homeless Pets website and took one look at Maggie’s smiling face and fell in love. She was the first and only dog that Sofia went to go see. Inside the house Maggie was a very easy dog and with the help of a trainer she excelled outside as well!

Favorite Toy: She prefers cat toy sticks with feathers and pom poms.
Favorite Treat: Maggie enjoys doggy frozen yogurt.
Favorite Activity: She loves going to the beach.
Loves: Maggie loves her dog sibling Karma
Fun fact: Every year Sofia hides plastic eggs with dog treats around the house and Maggie goes on an Easter egg hunt.

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Marcel DuChamp - Short and Sweet Category

Name: Marcel DuChamp
Category: Short and Sweet
Adopted from: Daphneyland

About Marcel DuChamp: Marcel Duchamp came into Basset Rescue Network, Inc. at Daphneyland as owner surrender. It took him a long time to get used to humans but Daphneyland was able to bring him to a healthy status and socialize him. Erica volunteered at Daphneyland quite often and took interest in Marcel as he was just stunning to look at and he was very sweet. He seemed to latch on to her very quickly. Erica talked my husband into fostering him and after a few months, they adopted him.

Favorite Toy: He loves chew toys.
Favorite Treat: Marcel DuChamp loves honest kitchen smooches.
Favorite Activity: He enjoys playing hide and seek.
Loves: He loves to tease people and run away.
Fun fact: He is named after the french painter!

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Ookla - Short and Sweet Category

Name: Ookla
Category: Short and Sweet
Adopted from: Shelter Hope Pet Shop

About Ookla: While volunteering at the shelter, Tisha and her family met Ookla and immediately knew that they couldn’t leave without adopting him. Since he was adopted, Ookla has brought joy to Tisha’s family and many others. He was even instrumental in helping a family friend overcome her phobia of dogs.

Favorite Toy: A tiny Chewbacca.
Favorite Treat: Any Jerky treats.
Favorite Activity: Ookla loves spending time with Tisha and family.
Loves: He just adores his adopted family.
Fun fact: He will eat a bee no matter how long he has to wait to catch one, just give him time.

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Pablo - Short and Sweet Category

Name: Pablo
Category: Short and Sweet
Adopted from: Helen Woodward Animal Center

About Pablo: Delinah was at Helen Woodward Animal Center the day that Pablo was brought in. She assumed since he was so cute that they would be immediately adopted. She thought that Pablo was one of the most interesting dogs she had ever seen because his legs were so short and stalky. After a month, Delinah realized that Pablo was still available so she ran over to adopt him and his brother. Now, Pablo is a happy couch potato who gets to play with his mom and brother all the time. He is very loyal and protective of his new home.

Favorite Toy: His favorite toy is a fuzzy ball that makes a squeaky sound.
Favorite Treat: Pablo loves cheese.
Favorite Activity: His favorite pastime is lounging around on the couch.
Loves: Pablo loves to watch TV.
Fun fact: His legs are short but mighty enough for him to jump up on the couch.

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Chappy - Smile Category

Name: Chappy
Category: Smile
Adopted from: Dogs Without Borders

About Chappy: Chappy came from a large breeding facility in Serbia that abused and used dogs for fighting. She was used as a number, not a pet. Despite the horrible things that happened to her, Chappy never lost her spirit. Chad wasn’t even looking for a dog when he came across her picture on Facebook. He just knew he had to have her. The experience of Chappy coming to the home of Chad and his 22 year old cat, Boots, has been life changing and wonderful for all three of them.

Favorite Toy: An orange ball named Orangy.
Favorite Treat: She loves chicken.
Favorite Activity: Chappy loves to cuddle with Chad and Boots.
Loves: She loves her best friend, Boots.
Fun fact: Her name is Chad + happy, Chappy!

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Harley - Smile Category

Name: Harley
Category: Smile
Adopted from: Social Tees Rescue

About Harley: Pregnant at the time, Harley’s mother was admitted into Social Tees Rescue in New York. A Social Tees volunteer, Jocelyn, fostered Harley’s mom while she gave birth to a litter of five pups. Matthew, a friend of Jocelyn’s, came over to see the new pups the very next day. He knew they had to have Harley. They processed the adoption and waited eight weeks while Harley got ready for her forever home. Now she loves to run around and chase her tennis balls. Harley is a glutton for affection, seeking it from every person she comes in contact with. She is surely enjoying life and you can tell since she’s got a big smile plastered on her face at all times.

Favorite Toy: Tennis Balls
Favorite Treat: Affection
Favorite Activity: Playing fetch
Loves: She loves her birthday because she has a family meet up with her mom, brothers, and sisters at a local dog-friendly bar.
Fun fact: Harley was named after Harley Quinn because of her similar crazy and wild personality.

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JJ - Smile Category

Name: JJ
Category: Smile
Adopted from: San Diego Humane Society

About JJ: Due to very poor living conditions, the San Diego Humane Society rescued JJ. Initially labeled aggressive, Janie had some hesitations adopting him, but after she met him she could easily see how sweet and eager he was to please. Janie started taking JJ to obedience classes where he learned to love hanging out with people and other dogs. To feed his need for socialization JJ has become a certified therapy dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs and is in the PUP (Pets Unstressing Passengers) program at Los Angeles Airport. He struts through the terminals with his “PET ME” vest on, going to work to bring love and relaxation to weary travelers. They can’t help but pet him when he draws them in with his smile.

Favorite Toy: He favorite toys are ones with squeakers.
Favorite Treat: JJ loves peanut butter.
Favorite Activity:He loves to chase after squirrels.
Loves:He loves snacks so much he will put on any costume if it means he will get a snack.
Fun fact: JJ been featured on local news promoting the LAX Pets.

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Lady - Smile Category

Name: Lady
Category: Smile
Adopted from: Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue (GRCGLA Rescue)

About: From the first picture Jessica received she knew she had found something special in Lady. Her smiling face instantly had Jessica knowing she wanted to bring Lady home. She is the perfect dog and has completed Jessica’s home.

Favorite Toy: Lady likes to play with a towel
Favorite Treat: She loves to snack on tiny biscuits.
Favorite Activity: Lady enjoys playing fetch with Jessica.
Loves: She loves to smile all the time.
Fun fact: Lady likes to chase rabbits in the summer, she has never caught one though!

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Penelope "Tina" - Smile Category

Name: Tina
Category: Smile

About Tina: One Saturday Cecilia and her sister, Sonya were in a movie theater watching a movie and right before the film started Sonya showed Cecilia a photo of Tina on Instagram. Cecilia knew right then and there that she must have this dog in her life. During the first 20 minutes of the movie she was on her phone filling out the application and her sister was nudging her telling her to put the phone down as people were staring at them. The rest is history…Cecilia and her husband, Mike have been married for two years and they do not have children, they like to brag about being doggie parents and love having Tina part of their family.

Favorite Toy: She loves her stuffed monkey.
Favorite Treat: She can’t get enough of pepperoni.
Favorite Activity: She loves to jump high.
Loves: Tina loves to cuddle.
Fun fact: She walks around fearless and spunky.

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Waffles - Smile Category

Name: Waffles
Category: Smile
Adopted from: Dream Team Angels Rescue

About Waffles: Waffles is an 11 month-old French Bulldog and Pit-bull mix who was rescued by Dream Team Angels Rescue. Through all his turmoil he is the happiest and most playful dog. Josh and his fiancee, Meghan along with their two children Noah (3yrs) and Walker (11 mos.) are so grateful that Waffles is in their lives. The family loves to cuddle and watch TV together every night. Waffles brings a smile to everyone he meets!

Favorite Toy: Waffles enjoys a rubber ball with ridges.
Favorite Treat: He loves dental chews but will never say no to any treat.
Favorite Activity: Waffles likes to go swimming.
Loves: He loves short walks.
Fun fact: He loves to play with his doggy brother Syrus.

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Willy - Smile Category

Name: Willy
Category: Smile
Adopted from: Al-Van Humane Society

About Willy: Willy is a sweet, calm and happy dog. Elizabeth rescued Willy two and a half years ago. She received a call from her daughter who was at the shelter in Michigan looking at dogs. The very next morning Elizabeth went over to the shelter to visit and took one look at this cute, scared Pomeranian and knew she had to save him. Willy has thrived being with Elizabeth and loves being pampered. He and his cat brother have a wonderful time together. Willy has not stopped smiling for over two years.

Favorite Toy: He loves playing with his lamb chop squeaky.
Favorite Treat: Willy loves anything that has meat in it.
Favorite Activity: He loves snacking!
Loves: He loves posing for photos.
Fun fact: His best friend is a cat.

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Beef - Snoring Category - Winner

Name: Beef
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Balooja's Foundation

About Beef: Michael and Jerri fell in love with Beef immediately and decided to keep him in the family. Beef now lives with a Great Dane, a yellow Lab, and a Golden Retriever. Beef fits in so well that he goes to the office with his Papa and snores under each person's desk, bringing lots of smiles to the workplace. He loves if you give him a blueberry or a hug!

Favorite Toy: He doesn’t have a lot of toys he likes playing with but he loves his pillow.
Favorite Treat: Blueberries
Favorite Activity: Eating and sleeping.
Loves: He loves playing with other dogs.
Fun fact: He has a tongue the size of a salad plate and snores like a grown man.

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Big Belinda - Snoring Category

Name: Big Belinda
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Love Leo Rescue

About Big Belinda: Veronica first saw Big Belinda on Love Leo’s Instagram and immediately fell in love with her wrinkly face, soulful eyes, adorable underbite and silly snorts and knew she was meant to be my fur daughter. However, Big Belinda is not just a pretty face with an adorably robust bod— she is an individual with her own unique personality. Because she has never lived indoors until recently, she is only just learning how to behave calmly in the house. She is teaching Veronica about the importance of strong leadership, boundaries, patience and lots of exercise!

Favorite Toy: A stuffed squirrel
Favorite Treat: Primal Chicken Shredders
Favorite Activity: Big Belinda loves to hike.
Loves: She loves to go to sleep to classical music.
Fun fact: Unlike most dogs, Big Belinda loves the rain.

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Charlotte - Snoring Category

Name: Charlotte
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Smiling Dog Rescue

About Charlotte: Charlotte, an American Bully and her brother Wilbur were rescued in Cochise County, Arizona. Lindsay initially only adopted Wilbur because having two dogs in the house was not an ideal situation. So she returned Charlotte to the rescue, but after a few weeks and still seeing her on the website looking for her forever home, Lindsay knew she had to take Charlotte back. This time around, Wilbur and Charlotte were placed in obedience training and have settled in at home. Now, she loves to take it easy, cuddling with Mom and Dad on the couch and drifting off to sleep. Albeit quite loudly.

Favorite Toy: Tennis balls, red kong toys and her Galileo nylabone.
Favorite Treat: Watermelons, cucumbers, broccoli, apples and ice cubes are just a few of Charlotte’s favorite treats.
Favorite Activity: Charlotte loves her daily walk, curling up on her mama or daddy’s lap while we watch tv, and snuggling before bed time
Loves: Despite being allergic to them, Charlotte loves to eat tomatoes.
Fun fact: She has been a therapy dog with Pet Partners for over one year.

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Chiquita - Snoring Category

Name: Chiquita
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Angels 'n' Paws Rescue Inc.

About Chiquita: Chiquita was found on the 4th of July by Noretta who immediately contacted Angels N Paws. Since there were no fosters available Noretta decided to foster her, and eventually decided to adopt her after the two clicked. Chiquita now lives on a ranch with chickens, horses, donkeys, dogs and cats.

Favorite Toy: Any toy that squeaks.
Favorite Treat: Chiquita loves a good hamburger pattie.
Favorite Activity: She loves to take long walks on the ranch.
Loves: She loves to ride a boogie board.
Fun fact: She hops like a deer when she runs.

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Frank - Snoring Category

Name: Frank
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: A Wish For Animals

About Frank: Jordann first noticed Frank on an adoption site but was told he wasn’t ready as he was still getting acclimated and vaccinated. Months went by, but Jordann never forgot about Frank. After visiting many shelters and never finding the right dog, Jordann got a phone call on her birthday from A Wish For Animals, Frank was finally available. Jordann and her family raced to the shelter to bring him home. They credit Frank with bringing a light to their home that was not there before.

Favorite Toy: He has destroyed every single one of his toys, but his favorite is the ChuckIt orange balls.
Favorite Treat: His weakness is whip cream!
Favorite Activity: Frank can’t wait to go on a walk. If he hears the word “walk” he tail wags in excitement.
Loves: He loves to chase lizards, flies, and eat ice cubes.
Fun fact: Frank loves to sing along while his Grandpa plays harmonica.

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Munster - Snoring Category

Name: Munster
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: The Little Red Dog

About Munster: Kelly saw what a sweet boy Munster was and immediately volunteered to foster him. Kelly took Munster everywhere trying to find a home for him. She even got him on the news. Munster had so much attention but Kelly and her husband decided that he was too incredible to let go as they were so in love with Munster’s sweet soul. Now, Munster and Kelly couldn’t be happier together. He is great with all the foster dogs that come and go and is very patient with kids and puppies.

Favorite Toy: Soft plush bone.
Favorite Treat: He loves his bully stick.
Favorite Activity: His favorite activity is sleeping next to his mom and dad.
Loves: He lives in a house with 4 dogs and loves everyone.
Fun fact: His best friend is a 4 month old puppy named Bey.

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Scooter-Butt - Snoring Category

Name: Scooter-Butt
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Valhalla Rescue

About Scooter-Butt: Scooter had a lot of obstacles to overcome but his rescuer was up for the challenge. He was put into a doggy wheelchair while he went to physical therapy and worked on being able to walk normally. Then they discovered he had a large cancerous tumor on his spine. The rescue came together to raise the money for Scooter’s surgery and he has been cancer free for over 2 years and his legs have healed completely. Through all this, Scooter has continued to smile and work hard. Now Scooter lives in his forever home with Melissa and Michael and couldn’t be happier.

Favorite Toy: Scooter loves all his toys.
Favorite Treat: Chicken.
Favorite Activity: He loves to chase squirrels.
Loves: He adores his best friend, a bearded dragon named Kermit.
Fun fact: Scooter is gluten-free.

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Cupcake - Special Needs Category - Winner

Name: Cupcake
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: The Forgotten Dog

About Cupcake: Cupcake was rescued from the Baldwin Shelter 4 years ago. She is a tiny survivor with a BIG personality and will to live. She loves hanging out with her Chihuahua friends and is very sweet.

Favorite Toy: She doesn't like toys.
Favorite Treat: Ziwi peak.
Favorite Activity: Sitting on her mother’s lap.
Fun fact: She’s known to do a fun disappearing act whenever she hears her mother getting her medication ready for her.

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Emmi - Special Needs Category

Name: Emmi
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Smiling Dog Rescue

About Emmi: Emmi was a puppy when she was rescued from a Santa Cruz County kill shelter. Initially, they didn’t realize she was having trouble seeing things until they observed how Emmi was reacting to a pair of aggressive Chihuahuas at her foster home. They took her to the vet where she was diagnosed as blind. They pulled her out of the bad foster situation and soon after, Monica took in Emmi. She was such a lovely dog that Monica couldn’t live without her. Monica gave her an environment she could succeed in and Emmi made a complete turnaround. Now, she has received her K9 Good Citizen certification and has nearly completed her training to be a therapy working to change the reputation of pit bulls.

Favorite Toy: She loves her chew toys.
Favorite Treat: Emmi loves liver treats.
Favorite Activity: Her favorite activity is to lounge on the couch.
Loves: She loves when Monica has her friends over because she gets to be one of the girls.
Fun fact: Emmi has earned the nickname “Princess Burrito” because of how she wraps herself in blankets when she gets grumpy

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Larry - Special Needs Category

Name: Larry
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Love Leo Rescue

About Larry: Larry was discovered living in a parking lot after his family moved away and left him behind. He slept in the dirt and strangers would toss scraps at him every now and then. He was obese and suffering from Cushing’s Disease. Once Love Leo Rescue intervened, it took a few weeks to figure out what was going on with him medically. The vet decided that surgery on his Cushing’s was too risky and to manage him with medication. Larry quickly began feeling better and he became more sociable and sweet. After being in three different foster homes, Regina saw him online and knew that he would be a perfect match for her and her husband. Regina says he is the sweetest dog and is finally getting the life he deserves after everything he has been through.

Favorite Toy: He doesn’t play with toys but he loves bones.
Favorite Treat: A hollow bone with a peanut butter on the inside.
Favorite Activity: You can always find Larry sleeping in his bedroom.
Loves: He loves his parents goats, they are still unsure about Larry.
Fun fact: He snores whenever he gets a belly rub.

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Moxie - Special Needs Category

Name: Moxie
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: One Dane at a Time

About Moxie: Moxie, who is deaf bounced around from home to home until she was brought to One Dane at a Time. Erika immediately fell in love with her sweet and spunky personality and had to take her home. Despite her handicap, Moxie lives a normal, happy and playful life with her 6 other siblings.

Favorite Toy: Ball
Favorite Treat: Jerky treats.
Favorite Activity: Wrestling with her brothers.
Loves: She loves car rides.
Fun fact: She enjoys playing with other dogs.

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Penelope - Special Needs Category

Name: Penelope
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Save the Dalmatians and other Canine Rescue

About Penelope: Penelope was born very ill and fortunately, instead of being euthanized, she was taken to a rescue. Once she could get proper medical attention, it was discovered her illnesses were more severe than anyone had anticipated. She had giardia, a severe UTI, and kennel cough that turned in pneumonia and it was discovered she was deaf. Holly was her foster mom and through this terrible ordeal, they became very close and Holly couldn’t let Penelope go. Now the two work together to fight for legislation to end puppy mills across the country.

Favorite Toy: She loves her Tuff ring toy.
Favorite Treat: Penelope can’t get enough of beef jerky.
Favorite Activity: In her free time she loves to play with the other dogs at the rescue.
Loves: She loves car rides.
Fun fact: Penelope is a “greeter dog” and helps new dogs with socialization.

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Scooty - Special Needs Category

Name: Scooty
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Baja Dog Rescue

About Scooty: Scooty was involved in an accident that broke her back, leaving her hind legs paralyzed. Erica responded to the shelter’s plea and instead of just donating to Scooty’s surgeries she gave Scooty a new home. After extensive laser and hydrotherapy, Scooty is now able to walk with the assistance of a wheelchair. But walk is definitely an understatement. When she gets to the beach this dog zooms around with the best of them. Through everything, Scooty has taught Erica about patience, perseverance, and unconditional love. When the world was against her, Scooty was never going to let anything stop her.

Favorite Toy: Anything that squeaks
Favorite Treat: Homemade chicken jerky
Favorite Activity: Running at the beach in her wheelchair.
Loves: Scooter loves a good game of hide and seek.
Fun fact: She enjoys traveling and has been to 12 states.

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Winston - Special Needs Category

Name: Winston
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Above and Beyond English Seter Rescue

About Winston: Winston, who is deaf, spent time at a few foster homes before finding his way to Joshua and Ashley. The Wondrous Winston has brought more joy and love to their hearts than they could have imagined. He never ceases to amaze. He knows every hand command by heart and is eager to learn new things every day. A few of these include sit, stay, come, water, food, good boy, and his name among many others. Since he responds so well to training and signs, Winston’s family sees his disability as an advantage.

Favorite Toy: A stuffed lion and blanket.
Favorite Treat: Dehydrated elk meat.
Favorite Activity: Field training.
Loves: Winston loves to chase after birds.
Fun fact: He enjoys having his picture taken.

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Delilah - Talking Category

Name: Delilah
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Lodi City Animal Shelter

About Delilah: One day, Hannah was on her way to a doctor appointment and happened to take a different route passing by the Lodi Animal Shelter in Lodi, California. Hannah noticed a skinny English Bulldog out in the front yard of the shelter. Hannah’s eyes began to water and she went back immediately after her doctor appointment, but the handlers had gone home. The next day Hannah rushed to the shelter and was able to play with Delilah, and within 24 hours Delilah became a member of the family.

Favorite Toy: She has not played with a toy for over two years.
Favorite Treat: Delilah loves a good steak.
Favorite Activity: Car rides, one time Delilah jumped in the car and would not get out until she was taken for a ride
Loves: She loves going to Tahoe for long holiday weekends.
Fun fact: Delilah expects to be included in every conversation as she has a lot to say.

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Ghost - Talking Category - Winner

Name: Ghost
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Jimmy's Angels Rescue

About Ghost: KC and her husband, Or noticed Ghost on and they both knew they had to save this dog. When they first met Ghost he was very scared. KC and Or took him home and hand fed him and the bond was immediate. After a little bit of time he became a perfect, lovable member of their family. Ghost has always been verbal and chatty. When he barks it sounds like a bark but when he speaks it becomes human-like. He loves to say “I LOVE YOU.” He is also a certified medical alert dog and currently in wilderness training.

Favorite Toy: Polygon Ball
Favorite Treat: Pastrami fresh from the deli.
Favorite Activity: He loves chasing a laser pointer every night when the sun goes down.
Loves: Ghost loves a good long hike.
Fun fact: Ghost has climbed all 6 highest summits in California and has earned an official tag from “Six packs of Peaks” organization.

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Mia - Talking Category

Name: Mia
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Palmetto Paws Animal Rescue

About Mia: The first time the rescue brought Mia over to meet Krista, Mia laid on her back with all four legs up in the air and wanted her belly rubbed for an hour. She is very husky and quite the talker. She is known for saying “I love you” all of the time. Mia helped Krista have courage to move from South Carolina to Los Angeles, she gives unconditional love even though the first few years of her life were a struggle.

Favorite Toy: She is not into toys, but loves a cardboard box.
Favorite Treat: Mia loves any and all human treats.
Favorite Activity: She loves to take long walks on the beach.
Loves: She loves mole hunting in Los Angeles.
Fun fact: Mia is good with dog puzzles and gets the treats out in record time.

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Mo - Talking Category

Name: Mo
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Maricopa Animal Care and Control

About Mo: Mo was found by Kristin wandering the streets of Arizona he walked over to her and rested his head on her knee. Mo looked up at her with a huge smile, but was panting heavily as it was over 100 degrees that day. Kristin decided Mo was coming home with her. After a wipe down and a meal, Mo made himself at home very quickly. The next morning she took him to the Animal Welfare league but to Kirstin’s surprise they would not take him since he was classified as a stray and was not chipped. After Kristin put up flyers all over town trying to find the proper owners she was told she should take Mo to the Maricopa Shelter for a 3 day hold. Kristin visited the shelter on a daily basis only to watch Mo become depressed. The wait was tough but it all paid off and Kristin was able to take Mo home after he was neutered. They live a full happy active life together.

Favorite Toy: He loves balls but he enjoys food toys too.
Favorite Treat: Frozen raw beef marrow bones.
Favorite Activity: Jumping! Mo loves to play on jungle gyms and jump over obstacles on agility courses.
Loves: He absolutely loves to swim and jump in the water to chase his ball.
Fun fact: Mo and Kristin’s story was featured on the Dodo Pittie Nation.

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Nick - Talking Category

Name: Nick
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Husky Haven of LA

About: Nick was the first puppy that Mike held and he instantly knew this was the dog for him. He is friendly, very talkative and loves his forever home.

Favorite Toy: He likes playing with all his toys.
Favorite Treat: He loves rawhide.
Favorite Activity: He loves being social and hanging out with all his friends.
Loves: He can’t enough of talking to those he meets.
Fun fact: Everybody he meets becomes his friend.

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Olive - Talking Category

Name: Olive
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Animal Hope and Wellness

About Olive: Olive’s mother was pregnant with her when she was rescued and Olive was the only surviving pup out of the litter, her mother passed away shortly after. Olive was only 4 months old when Isabelle and her fiancé, Dennis, adopted her. They were watching a Facebook livestream of Olive and another dog, Caper playing and wound up adopting both dogs. They describe Olive as a spunky little dog that loves to boss around her brother. She has brought a joy to their home that they could never have imagined.

Favorite Toy: Socks, especially smelly ones.
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter and Vietnamese shredded pork.
Favorite Activity: Bike rides in the dog park.
Loves: She loves to wait until her brother has finished his treats so she can eat hers in front of him.
Fun fact: The kitchen is her favorite room in the house, she loves waiting for food to fall from the sky

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Pip - Talking Category

Name: Pip
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Angel's Heart Rescue

About Pip: Lauren and her husband, Sean were matched up with Pip by the rescue and it was love at first site. Today, Pip is a scruffy, lovable goofball whose tail is always wagging. He loves hanging with Lauren and Sean and is a perfect addition to their family. He loves to talk and wrestle with his best friend/ dog brother Duke.

Favorite Toy: Yellow plush chickens.
Favorite Treat: Boiled chicken bites
Favorite Activity: Pip loves to wrestle with this brother Duke.
Loves: Pip loves to talk and has a lot to say.
Fun fact: He enjoys drinking his water out of a proper cup with ice cubes.

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Sydney - Talking Category

Name: Sydney
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Thumping Tails Rescue

About Sydney: Sydney was being raised at an illegal puppy mill in Reseda when a local veterinarian’s office contacted them and told them they must give their puppies to a no kill shelter or turn them into the office. Sydney lived in the vet’s office for a few weeks before Glenn met her at an adoption event. Glenn had sworn to himself that he would let the dog choose him and that is exactly what happened. Sydney clung to Glenn for four hours when they first met and she hasn’t let go since.

Favorite Toy: Sydney loves an unstuffed squirrel toy.
Favorite Treat: Her favorite treat is pupperoni.
Favorite Activity: She likes to play fetch in the park.
Loves: Sydney loves to go on walks in Runyon Canyon.
Fun fact: She loves seeing dogs on TV.

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Creature - Underbite Category

Name: Creature
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Dobies and Little Paws Rescue

About Creature: Creature was being dragged by two children across a parking lot with wire when he was picked up and taken to a shelter. Dobies and Little Paws Rescue, a non-profit rescue, was at the shelter to pick up a another dog when they fell in love with Creature’s face and decided to take him too. Natalie met Creature while volunteering at the rescue and immediately offered to foster him. Creature and her other two dogs got along so well that she couldn’t bear the thought of giving him up, so she foster failed and gave Creature a forever home. Now he is happy, confident and very loved in his new home.

Favorite Toy: Who needs a toy when your dog sister Charlotte will play with you anytime.
Favorite Treat: Creature loves anything that is yummy.
Favorite Activity: He loves to play with his dog sister Pippi and Charlotte.
Loves: Creature loves to play with the water in his water bowl . It keeps him entertained for quite a while.
Fun fact: He took his first trip to Big Bear and loved walking by the lake everyday.

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Galileo - Underbite Category

Name: Galileo
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: The Animal Protectorates

About Galileo: Christmas 2017, Julie came into the rescue to find a dog as a Christmas present from her partner, David. When she met Galileo, they instantly clicked. He is an attention-hog who loves being around people and will jump or cry to get your attention. Most of all, he loves to curl up in your lap as you fall in love with his adorable underbite.

Favorite Toy: Bully sticks
Favorite Treat: Green Veggies.
Favorite Activity: Galileo loves to cuddle.
Loves: Cuddling.
Fun fact: Galileo will be featured on a card in the upcoming board game: Good Dog, Bad Zombie.

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Jim Bear - Underbite Category - Winner

Name: Jim Bear
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Nashville Humane Society

About Jim Bear: After looking for over a year, one auspicious day they were scanning the new arrivals at the Nashville Humane Association and there was Jim Bear. Jennifer says her heart skipped a beat when she saw his underbite. Little did they know, he had just gotten back from the local TV station appearing as a dog available for adoption. Not long after they took him home, Jim was diagnosed with heartworms and ectopic cilia. After successful treatment, Jim Bear blossomed. Jennifer credits Jim Bear with pushing her outside her comfort zone and the two have developed a serious love for hiking.

Favorite Toy: Jim Bear can’t get enough of Hank the Hedgehog.
Favorite Treat: Greenies.
Favorite Activity: He is an avid hiker and loves a good waterfall.
Loves: Jim Bear loves learning new tricks. He knows over 15 tricks and is currently working on “walk the plank.”
Fun fact: Jim Bear can jump four times his height.

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JoJo - Underbite Category

Name: JoJo
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: I.C.A.R.E Dog Rescue

About JoJo: Jennifer, her husband Craig and their two kids, Annie and Becca, decided to foster Jojo when they came across him at a local shelter. They quickly changed their plans from fostering to adoption once they noticed his cute underbite and sweet personality. Jojo is now a loving member of their family, his favorite bonding time is relaxing on the couch next to the kids as they do their homework.

Favorite Toy: Jojo loves his stuffed penguin.
Favorite Treat: He is a big fan of stinky cheese.
Favorite Activity: Jojo loves to go on long walks.
Loves: He loves sleeping with a pillow.
Fun fact: He comes running when ever he hears the cheese drawer opening.

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Mabel - Underbite Category

Name: Mabel
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Valley Animal Haven

About Mabel: Mabel and her brothers were one week old when they were brought in to the shelter because they had contracted Parvo. Maureen was there during that week to bottle feed them during their recovery. They soon learned that Mabel had trouble digesting chicken so Maureen developed a dietary plan for Mabel. Through this whole ordeal, Mabel and Maureen grew very close and Maureen made the adoption official. She started Mabel in obedience classes where Mabel is the demo dog used to help build confidence in shy dogs. When she’s at home she loves to run, play, and cuddle with her family showing everyone her special smile along the way.

Favorite Toy: Mabel loves to just play with other dogs.
Favorite Treat: It’s too hard to just pick one.
Favorite Activity: She loves to run around with other dogs and horses.
Loves: She enjoys agility equipment.
Fun fact: She is making huge strides in her obedience classes.

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Panagiota - Underbite Category

Name: Panagiota
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: East Valley Animal Shelter

About Panagiota: Panagiota had just given birth to a liter at one year old when Carlos first laid eyes on her while visiting the East Valley Animal Shelter. Carlos was looking in the cages when a little brown and tan dog walked up to him and licked his hand. He asked the sweet dog if she wanted to come home with him. She ran up and licked his face and there was an instant bond. On the way home from the shelter, Panagiota crawled into Carlos’s lap and slept the whole way home. Carlos loves to tell people how much joy this dog has given him. Carlos named her Panagiota which means “holy goddess in Greek.” Panagiota goes everywhere with her dad, from long cross-country drives to flying on planes where she gets a lots of attention for her cute underbite.

Favorite Toy: She prefers furry blankets over toys.
Favorite Treat: Panagiota is addicted to Greenie treats.
Favorite Activity: She likes to take scooter rides.
Loves: She enjoys frequent road trips to the Pacific Northwest
Fun fact: She is on a first name basis with the staff at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

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Theodore - Underbite Category

Name: Theodore
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: K9 Kismet

About Theodore: Theodore and his sister (both Albino) were a part of an unwanted litter. K9 Kismet rescued the pups and Karen was their foster mom. Theodore’s sister got adopted after a few weeks, but Karen could not let the “little old man” go. Theodore now helps Karen with other dogs she fosters, by helping the new dogs get comfortable and he teaches them how to play.

Favorite Toy: Karen’s socks, he carries them around and hides them.
Favorite Treat: Theodore enjoys soft chicken jerky.
Favorite Activity: He loves finding shoes in the closet and putting them in his room in a secret pile.
Loves: Theodore loves going everywhere with Karen from the office to even traveling on a plane
Fun fact: Theodore is afraid of cats, but nothing else.

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Babka - Wiggle Butt Category - Winner

Name: Babka
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Aussie Rescue San Diego

About Babka: Babka traveled from Missouri and was taken in by Aussie Rescue San Diego, where she was socialized and taught basic training skills. Amanda and her boyfriend applied to rescue her on Thanksgiving and they were even more thankful two days later when they learned they could take her home! Watching Babka learn about the world and become part of their family has been the most rewarding part.

Favorite Toy: She doesn’t really play with toys that much.
Favorite Treat: Babka loves cheese.
Favorite Activity: Her favorite activity is to play hide and seek.
Loves: She likes to lick the furniture. Her favorite is the wooden armrest of the couch.
Fun fact: She will only eat one brand of coconut oil. She loves it. They had to try 7 different kinds.

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Blanca - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Blanca
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue

About Blanca: Blanca is Chinese Crested & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Jill and her husband adopted Blanca following the loss of their Chinese Crested dog named Phoebe. Unsure if they were ready to take on a new dog, they were smitten after seeing the first photo of Blanca. Blanca is very friendly and loves spending time racing around the backyard.

Favorite Toy: She is not big on toys but loves snuggling and playing with her fluffy, comfy blanket.
Favorite Treat: Milk Bones and Bully Sticks.
Favorite Activity: Blanca enjoys long walks and never passes up time for a good nap.
Loves: She loves being dressed up. Blanca is not a fan of being cold, so her “Jammies” are one of her favorite things.
Fun fact: Blanca is so happy she can often be found wiggling her butt nonstop, especially on car rides to Taco Bell.

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Gumdrop - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Gumdrop
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Social Tees Animal Rescue

About Gumdrop: Social Tees pulled Gumdrop from the city shelter when she was 1.5 years old in L.A. in late 2016. Her front leg is malformed as though she was in a cage, When Saadia got her she was very weak, and had a 50/50 chance of survival. We were so in love with her and were thrilled when she started to get strong and healthy. Gumdrop is and now a certified therapy dog and a dog model.

Favorite Toy: A voodoo doll
Favorite Treat: Ham or American cheese
Favorite Activity: She loves to chase around her big sister and bark at her, even though she's less than half her size. She also likes to play a howling game where you howl at her and then she'll run up on your chest.
Loves: She loves weekends when the dogs are allowed to sleep in the bed.
Fun fact: She looks like the iPhone dog emoji.

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Honey - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Honey
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: The Vanderpump Dogs

About Honey: Honey was rescued from Yulin in June of 2017. Honey ended up at the Vanderpump Foundation where she met Lauren. On the very first meeting, Lauren had no intention of adopting a dog, but once she met Honey, Lauren couldn’t resist. Three days later, Honey was coming home. Despite her horrific beginnings Honey proves to be the most loving, playful and goofy dog she was always meant to be. Not to mention her wild, wiggling butt every time Lauren comes home.

Favorite Toy: She love she lamb chop stuffed toy.
Favorite Treat: Honey enjoys cod sticks.
Favorite Activity: Her favorite activity is going to the park.
Loves: She loves seeing other dogs on TV.
Fun fact: Honey was a featured dog in “The Road to Yulin and Beyond” documentary.

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Luna - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Luna
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Rescued from the Streets

About Luna: 19-year-old, Emma Minkler was being driven to school by her mother, she noticed a dog running in traffic. She yelled to her mother, “Stop the car! We have to save that dog!” After a three block chase, Emma and her mother were able to catch the dog. She was freshly groomed and fixed so they thought they would be able to locate the owners and return her. After going to animal hospitals and many postings Emma and her mother received a call from the owners. They went over to return the dog. But when they arrived, they learned that the family had taken the dog on as a favor to a friend. Emma offered to take the dog and the family was thrilled as they could not properly care for her. They named her Luna because the day she joined the family was the day of the solar eclipse. She’s been wiggling her butt like a maniac ever since.

Favorite Toy: Her foot! It’s always in her mouth.
Favorite Treat: She loves chewing ice.
Favorite Activity: Luna loves to play wrestle.
Loves: She loves John Mayer!
Fun fact: She has freckles on the roof of her mouth.

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Rocco - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Rocco
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: West Los Angeles Animal Shelter

About Rocco: Michael and his girlfriend, Adelle went to the shelter and as soon as they saw Rocco, they knew he was the one. They couldn’t take him home that day because they didn’t want him to be alone at home for the rest of the week. So every morning, Michael would go to the shelter and spend time with Rocco reminding him they were coming back on Saturday to take him to his forever home. When Saturday came, they saw the excitement on Rocco’s face and more importantly...his excited wiggle butt – which he greets them with everyday when they come home.

Favorite Toy: A bouncy ball
Favorite Treat: Braided bully sticks
Favorite Activity: Walking
Loves: Rocco loves to wiggle his butt when Michael and Adelle come from work.
Fun fact: When you say the word “chill,” he rolls onto his back for belly rubs.

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Zelda - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Zelda
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Xoloitzcuintli Primitive Breed Rescue

About Zelda: Zelda was in a group of 8 Xolos rescued from Rosarito Beach in Mexico. Six of them came to us as fosters and we adopted Zelda and her brother Quinn.

Favorite Toy: Zelda loves to chase after goats in her backyard.
Favorite Treat: Her favorite treat is anything that is on a plate.
Favorite Activity: She loves running around the ranch.
Loves: She loves to sleep in!
Fun fact: Her nickname is Zelly Jelly Wigglebottom.