Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

56. Pokey - Underbite Category

Name: Pokey
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Delaney’s Dog

About Pokey:
Maureen Delaney, founder of Delaney's Dog Rescue was called out to a home in Vernon, Ca, to rescue a large German Shepard who was alone in a yard and his barking was disturbing neighbors. When she arrived, she also found our dog, whom she later named Pokey. Pokey was also abandoned in the yard of the home and had dug a hole under the house to sleep in to stay warm and likely to stay cool during the heat of the day. This story touched my heart and I just had to adopt her! She is so lovable and showed no signs of abuse or neglect when we adopted her.

Favorite Toy: Her squeaky mini football or her red and white striped squeaky bone.
Favorite Treat: Whipped Cream
Favorite Activity: Playing fetch and going on walks
Fun facts:
• She has sectoral heterochromia - blue and brown in the same eye
• The inside of her mouth is speckled just like her fur