Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

43. Ritchie - Special Needs Category

Name: Ritchie
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Paw Works
Special Needs: Wheels

About Ritchie:
Ritchie was dropped off by his former family at the shelter without his wheels. Paw Works received a call and immediately began working on getting him out. They set up a fundraiser on social media to get Ritchie a new set of wheels. Brittany took him home with the intention of temporarily fostering Ritchie, but once she began vetting potential adopters, she realized that he had already found his forever home. She says that every day since has been an absolute blessing and that Ritchie rolls through life with a pep in his step and not a worry about his wheels!

Favorite Toy: Plastic balls from ball pits, but only the blue ones
Favorite Treat: Carrots
Favorite Activity: Going to the beach
Fun facts:
• When Ritchie is rolling and you make a sound effect like a whooshing noise, he will go even faster
• He will hop over puddles to avoid getting his paws wet