Sunday February 16 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

43. Koda - Talking Category

Name: Koda
Category: Talking
Adopted from: ARA Canine Rescue (Designated)

About Koda:
Koda was found running on the freeway and they think he belonged to a senior or someone hard of hearing because whenever the phone rings, he howls to alert everyone. Koda loves to be in the house and will not go into the backyard unless his doggie sister, Kali Ann is with him. Koda loves to talk and has no problem communicating when he wants something. Jacki says he is the most mellow and gentle dog and his nickname is Muffin.

Favorite Toy: Stuffed porcupine
Favorite Treat: Homemade dog ice cream
Favorite Activity: Walks and rolling on his back
Fun facts:
• Koda likes having his ice cream every day at noon and never misses telling Jacki that it is time
• He loves to sleep on the bathroom floor