Meet the Dogs - 2019 American Rescue Dog Show

36. Beef - Snoring Category - Winner

Name: Beef
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Balooja's Foundation

About Beef: Michael and Jerri fell in love with Beef immediately and decided to keep him in the family. Beef now lives with a Great Dane, a yellow Lab, and a Golden Retriever. Beef fits in so well that he goes to the office with his Papa and snores under each person's desk, bringing lots of smiles to the workplace. He loves if you give him a blueberry or a hug!

Favorite Toy: He doesn’t have a lot of toys he likes playing with but he loves his pillow.
Favorite Treat: Blueberries
Favorite Activity: Eating and sleeping.
Loves: He loves playing with other dogs.
Fun fact: He has a tongue the size of a salad plate and snores like a grown man.