Sunday February 16 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

36. Dolly - Special Needs Category

Name: Dolly
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: LA Pet Resq
Special Need: Deaf

About Dolly:
Dolly was a pet in Korea until she was injured. Her owners at the time didn’t want to pay for her surgery, so they sold her to the meat market. A rescue group saved her and raised money for her surgery as well as a plane ticket to the U.S. Once Stateside, she was fostered by several people, including Lisa. She was challenging to take care of, she was very scared and between her deafness and her injury, she didn’t really trust people. After a lot of patience and persistence, Dolly is a well-adjusted girl who loves her family. Lisa says that Dolly means everything to her and she can’t imagine life without her now.

Favorite Toy: Cardboard boxes
Favorite Treat: Dry bougainvillea petals from the yard
Favorite Activity: Going for walks around the neighborhood
Fun facts:
• Dolly loves to wear pajamas
• She gives the sweetest, softest kisses – even to strangers