Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

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Apache - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Apache
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Compassion Without Borders

About Apache:
Pam was part of the volunteer effort with Dogs Without Borders who transported several dogs to Santa Rosa California and Pam was there to receive Apache. Pam took one look at his big blue eyes and decide to foster this dog. It was a foster failure and Apache has become a huge part of her family. Apache is outgoing and has a positive effect on everyone he meets. Apache loves belly rubs and will roll on his back for most people, from the car dealership to crowded events, he has no shame.

Favorite Toy: Dog toy slipper and tennis balls
Favorite Treat: Chicken
Favorite Activity: fetching the ball and hiking
Fun facts:
• Apache was supposed to be 60 lbs. But turned out to be 80 lbs.
• He lays on his back and wags in anticipation of a good belly rub

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Chubs - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Chubs
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Shelter Hope Pet Shop

About Chubs:
Heidi and her husband, Steven, had been looking for a pug to adopt for a while when a friend showed them a link for two pugs that needed a home. The rescue group had rescued 5 pugs from a backyard breeder and 2 still needed homes. When Heidi drove to meet them, she was immediately captivated by Chub’s personality and her underbite. Heidi and her husband ended up adopting both pugs. Heidi is the founder of the PUP (Pets Unstressing Passengers) program at LAX. She knew immediately that Chubs would be perfect for the program. She makes everyone smile with her underbite and wants her belly rubbed 24/7.

Favorite Toy: Not into toys, prefers belly rubs
Favorite Treat: “Everything – she is a pug”
Favorite Activity: Going for walks on the beach
Fun facts:
• When you stop petting Chubs, she will nudge you to keep going
• She is very agile and can jump up on all the furniture

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Clyde - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Clyde
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Los Angeles Animal Services

About Clyde:
Michael and his wife Linda were looking to rescue a dog when they heard about a Newfoundland that was in a shelter. They arrived to find a lot of people interested in the same dog. The Newfoundland was in a kennel with an Italian Mastiff/Shepherd Mix that he was fully bonded with. Michael and his wife agreed to adopt both dogs and keep them together. They named them Bonnie and Clyde. Michael quickly noticed that Clyde was the most compassionate and sweetest dog he’d ever met and decided to start training him to be a certified therapy dog. Every month, they drive down to LA to volunteer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Favorite Toy: Prefers people to toys
Favorite Treat: Crushed ice cubes
Favorite Activity: Working as a therapy dog
Fun facts:
• Clyde has visited over 10,000 patients, families and staff as a Certified Therapy Dog.
• He loves going sailboat racing with his Dad and even knows to sit on the windward side to help balance the boat.

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Joey - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Joey
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: I Dream of Home Rescue

About Joey:
Joey was found wandering the streets of Pomona, CA. His owners were located but they decided to surrender him since they could no longer take care of him. Dorine’s daughter volunteers with I Dream of a Home Rescue and Dorine frequently helps out. One day at the rescue, Joey was following Dorine around and he kept resting his head on her and would cuddle with her whenever she picked him up, she kept asking if he’d been adopted and he wasn’t. After a meet and greet with her other dog, Dorine decided to adopt Joey. She says that he makes her family complete.

Favorite Toy: A stuffed dog
Favorite Treat: Alpo T-Bonz
Favorite Activity: Playing with all his toys
Fun facts:
• Joey will walk up to strangers, flop down at their feet and demand belly rubs
• He likes to eat his food while lying down

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Rio - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Rio
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Sunny Day Acres

About Rio:
Rio was one of 6 Anatolian Shepherds rescued by Sunny Day Acres. She was the last to be given up, she was very scared and shy. After a lot of work, Rio has done a 180 and is a perfect companion. Taylor says that she has learned resilience from Rio and that huge dogs can just be gentle giants. Her son absolutely adores Rio and completes their family. Rio’s dramatic flops to get belly rubs crack the family up everyday. They say she is perfect for this category!

Favorite Toy: Any stuffed toy
Favorite Treat: Any flavored treat
Favorite Activity: Going for hikes
Fun facts:
• Her feet are as big as Taylor’s hand and when she stand on her hind legs, she is taller than Taylor
• She eats at a snail’s pace

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Romeo - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Romeo
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Samoyed Rescue of Southern California, Inc.

About Romeo:
June 2017, Deana’s husband called her from work and told her she needed to go visit a dog that had just been surrendered to the So Cal Samoyed Rescue the week before. Twenty minutes later she was at the rescue, and was introduced to an amazingly beautiful, friendly, well-behaved dog named Romeo. She was sold. After we brought him home, the honeymoon stage consisted of Romeo letting me brush him from head to tail daily and being an overall well- behaved adoptee. He sat at my feet while I worked on my computer. He walked next to me during our walks. After a month or so, I guess he figured this gig was legit, and started showing his more stubborn side. We eventually found an excellent dog trainer who trained us as much as he trained Romeo. What a difference!

Favorite Toy: Whatever Romeo can use to play tug-of-war: A towel, a squeaky toy, a sock, whatever.
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter. Peanut butter. Peanut butter. (unsweetened, of course)
Favorite Activity: Riding in the car and stalking bees
Fun facts:
• When Romeo is wet, he is half the size of his dry, fluffed body.
• After long walks, Romeo prefers to wade chest-deep into the backyard pond for a drink. He’s a giant sponge.

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Sugar - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Sugar
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: The Furgotten

About Sugar:
Sugar was surrendered with her 3, 1-week old puppies to a shelter in Riverside. The Furgotten rescued her and put her in a foster so she could raise her puppies. She was a good mama, and all of her puppies found their forever homes but Sugar was still in search of her home. She went to a home but their daughter was allergic to her so she went back to her foster. After a year of being in her foster, Maria (The Furgotten) felt she needed to be with a more active foster trying to find her a home. So she brought her to me...and well she never left.

Favorite Toy: Sadly she does not like to play with toys. I don't think she was raised with toys.
Favorite Treat: anything with beef!
Favorite Activity: Walking and snuggling
Fun facts:
• Sugar is very respectful and doesn't like to intrude on your space on the couch or bed and she takes treats from your hand very gracefully
• She is a big flirt with male dogs

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Abby - Couch Potato Category

Name: Abby
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Sunny Saints, Southern California Saint Bernard Rescue

About Abby:
Abby’s family lost their home to foreclosure and could not find an apartment that would take such a large dog. They contacted Pam to surrender Abby to her rescue, Sunny Saints. When Pam saw her across the parking lot and said to herself “That’s my dog!” It was the first time Pam had ever felt that way and she’s met hundreds of dogs. Abby is so well behaved and loves everyone and everything, so Pam has made her an ambassador for her rescue. Abby is the ultimate couch potato. When she lays on the couch next to Pam, she will roll onto her back and kick Pam with her hind leg to let her know that she is ready for a belly rub.

Favorite Toy: She doesn’t play with toys
Favorite Treat: Bananas hands down!
Favorite Activity: Sleeping and meeting new people
Fun facts:
• Abby doesn’t miss an opportunity to sleep, whether on a couch or at an adoption event with hundreds of people around.
• Given the choice, Abby would choose to eat a banana over a piece of prime rib

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Atlas - Couch Potato Category

Name: Atlas
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: LA County Castaic Animal Care Center

About Atlas:
Atlas was an owner surrender when he was just a tiny puppy at the shelter where Nicole volunteers. The kennel attendant walked up and put him in her arms and she knew at that moment he was to be part of their family. He now helps so many people with anxiety and depression through his therapy dog work. He is also the ”King of Couch Snoozes” and loves to sleep belly up with his feet in the air whenever he can.

Favorite Toy: Rope toy, only toy he doesn’t destroy
Favorite Treat: Freeze dried liver treats
Favorite Activity: Going to the mall to walk around and visit all the shoppers
Fun facts:
• He is a Registered Therapy Dog with Pet Partners
• He thinks it’s funny to steal his Mom’s towel off the rack when she is in the shower

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Bill - Couch Potato Category

Name: Bill
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Best Friends Animal Society NKLA

About Bill:
Bill was rescued out of the desert in Palm Springs. Stefanie went to the rescue to “just look” not expecting to adopt a dog that day. Well when she saw little Bill standing at the front of the cage all alone, she knew she couldn’t leave him there one more night. It was love at first sight and has been nothing but love since between these two. Stefanie is a breast cancer survivor and says that Bill has brought her a sense of calm and a bond that heals her every day. She also says that Bill has taught her a lot about resilience, if he could survive his time in the desert, she can get through anything.

Favorite Toy: Not into toys
Favorite Treat: Chicken chews
Favorite Activity: Having his picture taken
Fun facts:
• Bill likes to wear t-shirts before heading out
• He likes to be wrapped up in his blanket and held
like a baby for belly rubs

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Enzo - Couch Potato Category

Name: Enzo
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets (FOCHP)

About Enzo:
Enzo’s parents were rescued from a farm in Arkansas and at the time, no one knew Enzo’s mom was pregnant. After arriving in California, she gave birth to 4 puppies. Once they were old enough, they came to Tanya’s house to be fostered. Tanya had fostered over 200 puppies for FOCHP over the past 5 years and was proud to have never caved and kept any…until Enzo came into the picture. Enzo is Tanya’s first and only foster failure and he gets along so well with her two other dogs, Zelda and Stella and makes their home complete. He is the ultimate couch potato and would rather sit on the couch and wait for treats than get up and beg for them.

Favorite Toy: Giant branches that he drags into the house
Favorite Treat: Chicken
Favorite Activity: Splashing in the pool
Fun facts:
• Enzo has been a foster parent to over 100 puppies
• Once when out in public, a firetruck full of firemen pulled over in order to meet Enzo

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Ernie - Couch Potato Category

Name: Ernie
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: The Fuzzy Pet Foundation

About Ernie:
The Fuzzy Pet Foundation helped Ernesto or “Ernie” along with 40 cats and dogs get relinquished and healthy. Two months later, Sydney and Ernie met and the rest is history. They changed each other’s lives. Ernie had bad anxiety at first and nowadays, he helps Sydney with her travel anxiety on planes. Sydney describes Ernie’s personality as sweet, macho, assertive, playful and intelligent. He loves to chill on the couch and watch tv and has also been known to flop down and demand belly rubs from practically anyone he meets.

Favorite Toy: Champagne bottle dog toy
Favorite Treat: Soft pure lamb treats
Favorite Activity: Dining, belly rubs, walks
Fun facts:
• Ernesto has ridden a horse and loved it.
• He loves to meditate

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Spencer - Couch Potato Category

Name: Spencer
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Afghan Hound Rescue Southern CA

About Spencer:
Spencer was a rescued from Korea by Southern California Afghan Hound Rescue and brought to San Dimas, CA. Helen happened to stop by the rescue intending to look at another dog and when she saw Spencer, she knew she needed to love and save that dog. Spencer's favorite bonding time with his Mom is to stretch out on the couch, he lays on his back with his legs stretched out with a slight tilt of his head to the side. Helen has found her best friend in Spencer.

Favorite Toy: Pink rabbit and monkey
Favorite Treat: Cold cucumber
Favorite Activity: Running around the yard chasing his adopted sister
Fun facts:
• Spencer’s nick name is ”Velcro boy” because he is always right next to Helen pressed up against her attaching like Velcro
• Spencer thinks he is the size of a lap dog

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Pickles - Couch Potato Category

Name: Pickles
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: One Dame at a Time

About Pickles:
Pickles was a nervous dog, when he first met Lori, but he calmed down instantly and and became very loving and affectionate. He met Lori’s other dogs and they all god along. Pickles has a great relationship with both Lori and her husband. He is a total cuddle bug, bed hog and most of all couch potato.

Favorite Toy: Toy Ball
Favorite Treat: Cheese
Favorite Activity: Being on the couch!
Fun facts:
• He is very ticklish on his hind legs

• Pickles is known for his longing looks that he gives.

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Butters - Ears Category

Name: Butters
Category: Ears
Adopted from: Angel City Pits

About Butters:
Butters came in as a stray to the South LA Shelter. She was pulled by Angel City Pit Bulls and ended up at the NKLA adoption center where Victoria volunteers. Victoria did her adoption video and fell in love with Butters. After Victoria convinced her husband, they brought Butters home. They say she is a hilarious combination of sassy and sensitive and has inspired Victoria to become even more involved with rescue often volunteering 20 hours a week. Victoria says that rescue dogs are every bit as smart and trainable as a dog from a breeder and more appreciate of the love you have to give.

Favorite Toy: ANYTHING!
Favorite Treat: Cheese
Favorite Activity: Playing with other dogs and hiking
Fun facts:
• When Butters plays with other dogs she does a series of spins and barrel rolls that are hilarious to watch
• Every Sunday they do a pack hike with a rescue organization, it’s Butter’s favorite thing to do

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Charlie Baxter - Ears Category

Name: Charlie Baxter
Category: Ears
Adopted from: Pasadena Humane Society

About Charlie:
Meeghan adopted Charlie at the end of her second year in law school, she was living alone and stressed out from all of the studying she had to do. She connected with Charlie immediately on her visit to the Pasadena Humane Society. It was the “Chewbacca ears” that Meeghan fell in love with. The day Meeghan found Charlie, he wasn’t ready for adoption and there was a waiting list with three people ahead of her. She called the shelter daily and finally the shelter told her she was next up and had only 20 minutes to adopt the dog or they were going to call the person next on the list. Charlie has been the best friend she has ever had, Meeghan likes to say that she learned patience from Charlie and he has given her the priceless gift of companionship.

Favorite Toy: Brown stuffed animal
Favorite Treat: Left over steak bones
Favorite Activity: Cuddling with Meeghan
Fun facts:
• Charlie barks at dogs on TV, his favorite movie is Pets
• Loves long walks in the park

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Daisy - Ears Category

Name: Daisy
Category: Ears
Adopted from: MaeDay Rescue
About Daisy:
Heidi met Daisy at an adoption event being held by Maeday Rescue. Daisy walked up to Heidi’s dog and immediately started playing with her as if they had been friends for ages. It was at that moment that Heidi knew Daisy had to be a part of their family. Life has changed for Heidi and her family with Daisy being there. Whenever the two go out Daisy’s ears are always the first thing mentioned.

Favorite Toy: No favorites. All toys are equally loved
Favorite Treat: Bully sticks
Favorite Activity: Playing with her best friend, Rascal
Fun facts:
• Daisy’s ears never go down. Her ears can act in unison or separately as if they are tuning into something different.
• Daisy’s ears can actually touch at the top of her head.

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Riggs - Ears Category

Name: Riggs
Category: Ears
Adopted from: West Coast Bloodhound Rescue

About Riggs:
Riggs came to Courtney and her family through West Coast Bloodhound Rescue. Courtney started fostering her but fell in love with her the moment she stepped out of the transport’s car. Though she was supposed to only foster Riggs, after three weeks Courtney and her husband adopted her. Riggs has gone from cowering in fear to being a proudly confident dog. Riggs has incredible long velvety hound ears that Courtney wants the world to see.

Favorite Toy: A 4x4 inch piece of blue fabric that was once a birthday cake squeaky toy
Favorite Treat: Treats from Wet Noses
Favorite Activity: To be or go anywhere with her family
Fun facts:
• Riggs likes to run full speed along the fence in the backyard then hop on all fours like a rabbit with her ears flying around
• Riggs saw snow for the first time this year and love it, they couldn’t get her to come inside!

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Rio - Ears Category

Name: Rio
Category: Ears
Adopted from: The Sighthound Underground

About Rio:
Jennifer & her friend were visiting Spain and noticed a little dog In the middle of a courtyard. They picked up the dog and took him back to her hostel. With the help of a Podenco rescue, the next 30 days Jennifer and her friend rented bikes and Rio was either carried or rode in a backpack on a bike as they crossed the Camino de Santiago on a 500 mile journey of survival. Many people tracked Rio daily on Facebook as the little Podenco made his big adventure to his forever home in California. Rio shows his love and interest through his ears when he is interested in something one ear is up and when he is really interested both ears will be up.

Favorite Toy: His ball
Favorite Treat: Cheese
Favorite Activity: Loves to run the zoomies and enjoys getting his hair brushed out.
Fun facts:
• Loves traveling and meeting everyone
• Rio enjoys getting his ears rubbed by everyone he meets

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Sunset - Ears Category

Name: Sunset
Category: Ears
Adopted from: Daphneyland Basset Rescue

About Sunset:
Sunset was rescued and received vet care. After his vet care was completed, he bloomed at Daphneyland Rescue. Amanda is a volunteer at the rescue and she couldn’t help noticed those long flappy ears, goofy personality and amazing spirit. Amanda fell in love immediately with Sunset and knew she would take this one home. Amanda believes that giving a rescue animal a loving home is one of the best feelings in the world and their unconditional love makes Amanda feel like a superhero. Amanda plays hide-and-seek with those long, soft ears each and every day and never gets tired of it.

Favorite Toy: Plush toys
Favorite Treat: He will eat anything
Favorite Activity: Playing with all the dogs at the rescue
Fun facts:
• He loves the beach
• His long ears feel like velvet

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Winnie - Ears Category

Name: Winnie
Category: Ears
Adopted from: Westside German Sheperd Rescue of Los Angeles

About Winnie
Brett and his wife Tori were looking to adopt a dog when they first met Winnie. She put her paws o Brett’s shoulder and gave him a kiss and they fell in love instantly. They especially love her big ears and even while Winnie sleeps all they can see are her ears!

Favorite Toy: Stuffed moose
Favorite Treat: Bully Sticks
Favorite Activity: Going to the dog park
Fun facts:
• Winnie loves to race the small dogs at the park.
• After 7pm Winnie finds it difficult to stay awake. Even if you try to wake her, she just goes back to sleep.

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Bilbo - Ears Category

Name: Bilbo
Category: Ears
Adopted from: Beagle Freedom Project

About Bilbo:
Bruno and his girlfriend went to The Beagle Freedom Project looking for a dog. Bilbo was one of 14 there and was running around trying to play with everyone. Bruno loves a very active lifestyle and was looking for a dog that he could take to the beach and on long walks. He knew Bilbo was the one. Bruno says his ears are a big part of his personality and that the two of them are a perfect match.

Favorite Toy: Rope Toy
Favorite Treat: Cat food kibble
Favorite Activity: Going to the dog park and being chased.
Fun facts:
• He loves to sleep in his kennel which is referred to as his “wolf den.”

• He likes to lick his cat friends’s ears.

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Balonee - Senior Category

Name: Balonee
Category: Senior
Adopted from: Helen Woodward Animal Center

About Balonee:
Helen Woodward Animal Center gave Balonee the vet care he needed after being abandoned. Robin offered to foster him while he got well enough to be adopted and after a few weeks and falling completely in love with him, she adopted him herself. Balonee spends all day with Robin at work and he lives for their therapy visits. Balonee was once a senior dog that needed to be rescued and now, he spends his time helping human seniors. Robin says that the love of a senior dog is infinitely more precious because of the shorter time they have together and definitely worth it.

Favorite Toy: A neon green cat toy
Favorite Treat: Cheerios
Favorite Activity: Going out with his mom on therapy visits
Fun facts:
• Balonee has been a certified therapy dog since April 2016 and has done over 750 PET visits.
• He has heterochromia – a blue eye and a brown eye

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Coliseo - Senior Category

Name: Coliseo
Category: Senior
Adopted from: Save A Galgo Español

About Coliseo:
At 9 years old, Coliseo was turned into a Spanish Shelter, in Seville Spain. Coliseo sat in a shelter for about 6 months, until the US group Save A Galgo Espanol (SAGE) noticed him on a website and brought him to the USA. Michelle heard about him online and filled out an application, as she wanted to honor his age and wisdom by giving him a fun, loving home. Coliseo is a sweet, gentle old soul who is active and curious as a puppy. Coliseo will be Michelle’s fourth Galgo, she and her pack love nothing more than going on a long beach run every morning. Adopting a senior has taught Michelle to slow down and appreciate every minute.

Favorite Toy: A squeaky donut (he has three)
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter Kongs
Favorite Activity: Loves family walks with his Galgo Chihuahua siblings.
Fun facts:
• Loves to sniff and dig up crabs on the beach
• Can run up to 45mph

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Goliath - Senior Category

Name: Goliath
Category: Senior
Adopted from: Reversed Rescue

About Goliath:
Goliath was dropped off at the shelter in a U-Haul by his family. Tye took him in and once he and Goliath bonded, he started eating again. Tye says that he’s seen a lot of dogs go through sickness, but Goliath is the first he’s seen to age backwards and seem younger after recovering and that is purely magical. He may be old, but he’s got the heart of a two-year-old but loves so much like the old soul that he is. Tye has learned from Goliath that it’s not about waiting for the right sized dog to come around, it’s about finding the right dog, no matter big or small.

Favorite Toy: A rope…simply a rope
Favorite Treat: ANYTHING
Favorite Activity: Cuddling and sitting on anyone’s lap
Fun facts:
• Goliath has his own room with his own queen sized bed that he gladly takes up all the space in
• He stands taller than any human he’s met (so far)

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Grandma Gertie - Senior Category

Name: Grandma Gertie
Category: Senior
Adopted from: A Purposeful Rescue

About Grandma Gertie:
A Purposeful Rescue scooped up Grandma Gertie and got her the vet care she needed. Simone and her husband were debating whether or not to get another dog when they came across Gertie. In his eyes and heart Gertie was perfect from the moment he saw her. Everything about adopting sweet Grandma Gertie felt right to them. Since adopting her, not a day goes by without Grandma Gertie stopping them in their tracks and saying “Aww.” She is silly, feisty, smart, sassy, cuddly. Even though she struggles with her sight, this granny is young at heart. “She is a special golden girl that makes any day better!”

Favorite Toy: A purple spider from her foster mom
Favorite Treat: Vanilla ice cream
Favorite Activity: Letting her ears blow outside in the wind
Fun facts:
• Grandma Gertie loves being held like a baby with her head backwards, draped over your arm
• She yells like a goat when she wants food

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Jessie - Senior Category

Name: Jessie
Category: Senior
Adopted from: Shelter Hope Pet Shop

About Jessie:
Joseph adopted Jessie when she was 10 years old. Her previous owners had surrendered her after having her for a decade. Joseph took Jessie for a walk instead of having lunch and decided to take her home to foster her for the weekend – she never went back! His two beagles at home were so excited to have Jessie join the family and Joseph says it was almost like she always belonged with them. She has blossomed from a timid, depressed dog to a happy, bossy and vocal lady of the house.

Favorite Toy: A squeaky hot dog that she eventually destroyed
Favorite Treat: Pizza crust
Favorite Activity: Going to the beach and strolling on the sand
Fun facts:
• Jessie loves children and gets excited when she sees them
• She loves to sniff flowers, short walks can take forever if there are lots of flowers along the way

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Scruffy - Senior Category

Name: Scruffy
Category: Senior
Adopted from: Lange Foundation

About Scruffy:
Scruffy was adopted from the Lange Foundation when he was a year old and returned to a shelter 7 years later. Luckily, he was microchipped, and Lange Foundation was able to get him back. Kim had just started volunteering for them when he was brought back and saw his picture online. She felt a connection with him immediately and kept track of him to make sure he found a home. 7 months later, he was transferred to her location and she finally got to meet him. Kim wasn’t looking for a dog but after a few weeks of walking him and spending time with him, she finally took him home. Kim says that having adopted a senior dog; she doesn’t think she’ll ever adopt a younger one again. He has so much energy that he is constantly mistaken for a puppy. Senior dogs have so much life left, and she wants to make sure that Scruffy knows how grateful she is for him.

Favorite Toy: “Lamby” - his stuffed lamb
Favorite Treat: Smoked chicken jerky
Favorite Activity: Looking for gophers
Fun facts:
• Scruffy loves to play with his kitty brother, Flint. They roll around and play constantly.
• He does twirls for treats

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Sweet Pea - Senior Category

Name: Sweet Pea
Category: Senior
Adopted from: San Diego Humane Society

About Sweet Pea:
A Good Samaritan found Sweet Pea and brought her into the Humane Society. After 3 months she was well enough to be adopted. When a video of her rescue was posted online, Teresa saw it and had to meet her. Once Teresa adopted Sweet Pea, she realized that she had never been in a car, never been on a leash, and had never seen a TV. Despite everything, Sweet Pea has an amazing disposition and when Teresa comes home, Sweet Pea brightens her up no matter how hard the day was. Teresa says that everyone should consider adopting a Senior dog because they’re usually trained, housebroken, don’t chew on things and are so giving, loving and grateful.

Favorite Toy: Squeaky ball
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter treats
Favorite Activity: Trying to destroy squeaky balls
Fun facts:
• Sweet Pea once saved a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest
• A little boy once saw her and said “That dog looks like a cow” She does – like a Holstein milk cow.

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Turtle - Senior Category

Name: Turtle
Category: Senior
Adopted from: Dawg Squad

About Turtle:
Turtle was found with over a hundred other Shih Tzu’s in Yucca Valley and this is known as the “Landers Hoarders Case.” One morning Brianna was watching Home and Family with her mother when she noticed Turtle featured on the adoption segment. Brianna instantly fell in love with him and his story of survival and it changed her life for the better. Turtle is living his best life ever and is a super senior ready to play, run and love.

Favorite Toy: Stuffed animals and his favorite blanket
Favorite Treat: Salmon treats and will eat most anything
Favorite Activity: Going to the Lazy Dog Café and eating chicken and rice
Fun facts:
• Turtle loves car rides in a convertible, he loves the fresh air
• Turtle has five different dogs beds to choose from

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Faith - Snoring Category

Name: Faith
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: I Stand With My Pack

About Faith:
A volunteer from I Stand With My Pack was rescuing another dog at the Palmdale Shelter when she locked eyes with Faith. She immediately felt a connection and couldn’t stop thinking about her, a few days later went back to rescue and foster her. Kyle met Faith at a holiday adoption event and found herself entranced by Faith and her kind and gentle nature. She knew that Faith was the dog for her. She says that Faith is always up for an adventure and the best way to start the day is waking up to Faith’s snores! Speaking of snores, Faith has many phases of her snores, it starts out light and then goes deeper and deeper until the snores get very long and eventually the lips start flapping.

Favorite Toy: Moo, a toy cow that no longer has stuffing
Favorite Treat: Carrots, apples and popcorn
Favorite Activity: Her version of going for walks: walking a block and then laying down so people can pet her
Fun facts:
• Faith snores with her eyes open
• She can catch any treat you throw at her from any distance

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George - Snoring Category

Name: George
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Southern California Bulldog Rescue

About George:
The first person to adopt George had mistakenly thought he was a French Bulldog, so when he grew too big, they no longer wanted him. Nick was working a job with George’s foster parent and would bring his Pitbull, Vice to work every day. It wasn’t long before George and Vice became best pals. When the job ended, Nick knew he couldn’t leave without adopting George, so he called his wife, Honey, and said “Surprise! I’m bringing George home for good!” Nick, Honey, Vice, and George have been inseparable ever since! In fact, Nick and Honey find it impossible to sleep unless George is in the room with them, snoring away.

Favorite Toy: No favorites. All toys are equally loved
Favorite Treat: Turkey Jerky
Favorite Activity: The Three S’s: Sleeping, Snoring, and Sunbathing
Fun facts:
• George snores with his eyes open.
• George likes to sit in on his dad’s poker games.

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Gordon - Snoring Category

Name: Gordon
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Smiling Dog Rescue

About Gordon:
In December 2015, Gordon was rescued and Smiling Dog Rescue took Gordon, along with 10 other dogs, and made him healthy again. Once he was well enough, Christy and her husband Matthew adopted him. Since they rescued him, Christy and Matthew have organized their daily routines around spending as much time with Gordon as they can. Christy has started volunteering at the local shelter and they have such a deeper appreciation for rescue dogs than they ever did before. They say that even though Gordon is small, his snore is mighty! At night he will roll onto his back, get comfy and rumble away like a thunderstorm.

Favorite Toy: Anything squeaky
Favorite Treat: String cheese
Favorite Activity: Going out on the town with Mom and Dad
Fun facts:
• Gordon has his Canine Good Citizen certification
• He has a twin who also lives in Tucson named Guinness

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Moe - Snoring Category

Name: Moe
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Road Dogs & Rescue

About Moe:
Moe was an owner surrender and Road Dogs & Rescue took in him in. Moe is the result of a breeder trying to make a very small French Bulldog, but despite Moe’s hardships, he is a happy dog that charms everyone who meets him. Moe never leaves Justin’s side and wants nothing more than to be with his people all the time. Justin says he has the biggest, funniest and LOUDEST personality. It doesn’t matter if he’s awake or asleep – Moe is always snoring!

Favorite Toy: Hollow bones - he will fall asleep with them in his mouth and makes trumpet noises.
Favorite Treat: ANYTHING!
Favorite Activity: Sleeping on his people and staring at his brother and sister pigs.
Fun facts:
• His tongue always hangs out
• Moe travels a lot and was recently seen visiting NYC

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Romeo Von Schnitzel - Snoring Category

Name: Romeo Von Schnitzel
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Adopt A Saint

About Romeo Von Schnitzel:
Romeo Von Schnitzel was found by Xochitl’s daughter and brought to Adopt A Saint. They decided to keep him . When they rescued him he was a 20lb puppy who quickly shot up to 200 lbs. in 2 years! His favorite place to sleep is in the bathtub - it is the coolest place he can find. When he snores (day and night) the neighbors on all sides can hear it. Xochitl describes him as “a gentle giant, cuddly and silly, he wants to be around other dogs and is instantly submissive but not many dogs will play with him due to his size.”

Favorite Toy: A long red sausage-like squeaky toy
Favorite Treat: Chicken
Favorite Activity: Going to the dog park
Fun facts:
• He loves to drink out of the bathtub
• He has his Canine Good Citizen certification.

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Brutus - Snoring Category

Name: Brutus
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Dream Team Angels Rescue

About Brutus
When Kelly saw a photo of Brutus online it was love at first sight and one of the best decisions she has ever made. She credits Brutus with teaching her how to play again. He is a very active dog and loves to lounge on the couch and snore away after a busy day. The more tired he is the louder he snores.

Favorite Toy: Anything to play tug of war with.
Favorite Treat: Yogurt
Favorite Activity: Going for walks and playing with other dogs.
Fun facts:
• He is a heavy sleeper and is known to fall off the couch.
• He loves a big family gathering where the dogs outnumber the people!

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Petey - Snoring Category

Name: Petey
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: K9 Paws for Life Rescue

About Petey:
K9 Paw for Life Rescue saved Petey and took him to a vet to nurse his injuries. Robyn saw him on a rescue volunteer Facebook group and was drawn to his kind smile. A few days later she brought him home. The two of them shared an instant connection. Petey is a master snorer and you can hear him all the way down the hall.

Favorite Toy: Stuffed Elephant
Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter
Favorite Activity: Sleeping
Fun facts:
• He loves Brussels sprouts
• Petey has a dog bed in almost every room of the house!

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Champion - Special Needs Category

Name: Champion
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Helen Woodward Animal Center
Special Need: Tripod

About Champion:
Champion was rescued in Arizona with over 50 other animals. The rescue in Arizona didn’t have the resources to care for him so they sent him to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Champion was available for adoption for all of 5 minutes when Dana and his family came in and adopted him on the spot. He has since brought so much joy to Dana and his family – particularly their two young children. Knowing what Champion went through in his life has given Dana and his family so much perspective. Dana says there are so many animals out there with great spirits like Champion, they just need a loving home and a warm lap to sit on.

Favorite Toy: Tennis balls
Favorite Treat: Human food
Favorite Activity: Running
Fun facts:
• Champion loves going on adventures with the family and has been camping 4 times already
• Whenever anyone comes home, Champion greets them standing on his hind legs waiting for a hug

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Dolly - Special Needs Category

Name: Dolly
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: LA Pet Resq
Special Need: Deaf

About Dolly:
Dolly was a pet in Korea until she was injured. Her owners at the time didn’t want to pay for her surgery, so they sold her to the meat market. A rescue group saved her and raised money for her surgery as well as a plane ticket to the U.S. Once Stateside, she was fostered by several people, including Lisa. She was challenging to take care of, she was very scared and between her deafness and her injury, she didn’t really trust people. After a lot of patience and persistence, Dolly is a well-adjusted girl who loves her family. Lisa says that Dolly means everything to her and she can’t imagine life without her now.

Favorite Toy: Cardboard boxes
Favorite Treat: Dry bougainvillea petals from the yard
Favorite Activity: Going for walks around the neighborhood
Fun facts:
• Dolly loves to wear pajamas
• She gives the sweetest, softest kisses – even to strangers

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Helen Keller - Special Needs Category

Name: Helen Keller
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Ramona Humane Society
Special Needs: Deaf and Blind

About Helen Keller:
Helen Keller, like her namesake, was born deaf and blind. Helen had spent time at a different shelter before she was moved to Small Animal Care Center in San Jacinto, CA. Terrie’s fiancé, Marybeth, was working at the Care Center at the time and was impressed with Helen responding to a touch on her back. Terrie and Marybeth are both deaf as well. Marybeth fell in love with Helen and decided to bring her home to teach her tactile sign language. The trio are now inseparable and love to go kayaking and hiking together.

Favorite Toy: A long stick
Favorite Treat: Dreambone Treats
Favorite Activity: Kayaking, hiking, and traveling
Fun facts:
• Knows 15 body signs, with one of her favorite signs being “walk”.
• Being both blind and deaf, Helen uses her sense of smell to get acclimated to her environment.

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Lizzy - Special Needs Category

Name: Lizzy
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Northern California Sled Dog Rescue
Special Need: Deaf

About Lizzy:
Lizzy was living in a kennel that was smaller than she was. When Samantha and her fiancé adopted her, she was very shy, and after living with them she is now playful and full of spirit. Samantha says that Lizzy is so inspiring and that she does not let her deafness define her. She taught Samantha to be more comfortable with herself. Lizzy lives with another Husky named Luna and they have bonded so well together and have an amazing sister bond.

Favorite Toy: Any puzzle toy with treats
Favorite Treat: Carrots
Favorite Activity: Digging holes
Fun facts:
• Lizzy doesn’t bark, she howls
• When she runs playfully away from you she does a butt scoot like Scooby Doo in the cartoons.

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Maia - Special Needs Category

Name: Maia
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Rescue From The Hart
Special Need: Wheels

About Maia:
Four years ago, Maia was found in an orchard near Porterville, CA. A Good Samaritan took her to the only hospital in the area that would treat her. Rescue From the Hart stepped in and began fund raising for her surgery, eventually transporting her to LA where she could get the proper care she needed. Mark and his wife met Maia by chance at the hospital in LA shortly after one of her surgeries. Mark says that you would have never known what she had been through by looking at her happy, smiling face. He and his wife had rescued cats in the past, but never a dog, let alone a disabled dog. Now they can’t imagine what life would be like without Maia. She’s a happy dog that loves to run, swim, ski, fetch and wiggle in her wheels, she doesn’t let her disability slow her down at all.

Favorite Toy: Any squeaky toy is her favorite
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter or French fries
Favorite Activity: Playing fetch!

Fun facts:
• Maia loves her two bunny siblings and often shares carrots with them
• She is a great swimmer and the only dog who swims without a life vest at her rehab place

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Ritchie - Special Needs Category

Name: Ritchie
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Paw Works
Special Needs: Wheels

About Ritchie:
Ritchie was dropped off by his former family at the shelter without his wheels. Paw Works received a call and immediately began working on getting him out. They set up a fundraiser on social media to get Ritchie a new set of wheels. Brittany took him home with the intention of temporarily fostering Ritchie, but once she began vetting potential adopters, she realized that he had already found his forever home. She says that every day since has been an absolute blessing and that Ritchie rolls through life with a pep in his step and not a worry about his wheels!

Favorite Toy: Plastic balls from ball pits, but only the blue ones
Favorite Treat: Carrots
Favorite Activity: Going to the beach
Fun facts:
• When Ritchie is rolling and you make a sound effect like a whooshing noise, he will go even faster
• He will hop over puddles to avoid getting his paws wet

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Trixie - Special Needs Category

Name: Trixie
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: MaeDay Rescue
Special Needs: Blind

About Trixie:
The moment Nicki saw Trixie’s photo online she fell in love. Trixie had been left alone and her neighbor found her. When Nicki went to visit her for the first time, she held her in her arms and knew that she was perfect. Nicki adopted Trixie on New Year’s Eve 2017 and the two have been inseparable since. They have a very deep connection and go almost everywhere together - work, events, yoga classes, hikes, wineries and road trips. Nicki says that Trixie has changed her life and that adopting Trixie has been the most rewarding experience in her life.

Favorite Toy: Pink bunny
Favorite Treat: Alligator Whimzees and peanut butter
Favorite Activity: Exploring the neighborhood
Fun facts:
• Trixie dances like a ballerina when she begs for treats on her back legs!
• She can drink water out of a glass

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Echo - Talking Category

Name: Echo
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Afghan Hound Rescue Southern California

About Echo:
Echo was rescued in a police raid from a breeding farm in the high desert. She had a cold and was in dire need of medical care. Luckily, Afghan Hound Rescue intervened, and she went to the rescue where she was spayed and given time to get better before Rick was took her home. Now she is enjoying life in her forever home with her three sisters who she loves to snuggle with. Rick says she is a gentle giant who thinks she is a small dog and she loves to talk back!

Favorite Toy: A squeaky life-sized bunny
Favorite Treat: All treats
Favorite Activity: Snuggling next to people
Fun facts:
• She absolutely loves sardines
• She sleeps upside down

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Koda - Talking Category

Name: Koda
Category: Talking
Adopted from: ARA Canine Rescue (Designated)

About Koda:
Koda was found running on the freeway and they think he belonged to a senior or someone hard of hearing because whenever the phone rings, he howls to alert everyone. Koda loves to be in the house and will not go into the backyard unless his doggie sister, Kali Ann is with him. Koda loves to talk and has no problem communicating when he wants something. Jacki says he is the most mellow and gentle dog and his nickname is Muffin.

Favorite Toy: Stuffed porcupine
Favorite Treat: Homemade dog ice cream
Favorite Activity: Walks and rolling on his back
Fun facts:
• Koda likes having his ice cream every day at noon and never misses telling Jacki that it is time
• He loves to sleep on the bathroom floor

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Lloyd - Talking Category

Name: Lloyd
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Orange County Animal Shelter

About Lloyd:
Christine had been looking for dogs online and visiting shelters for a while before she found Lloyd. Lloyd had been found as a stray and taken to the OC Shelter and when Christine went to meet with him, he ignored everyone but her. She decided that he was her dog and took him home that same day. Christine says the connection between them is very strong and she now wakes up early so they can go on adventures together. Lloyd is also a screamer. Christine’s coworkers call him “Turkey” because of the weird sounds that come out of him. As she’s gotten to know him, Christine knows what all the different noises and screams mean.

Favorite Toy: Tennis ball
Favorite Treat: Fish treats
Favorite Activity: Eating and playing fetch
Fun facts:
• Lloyd loves to go swimming
• His favorite place is the beach and he loves to smell the ocean air and feel the sand under his paws

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Millie - Talking Category

Name: Millie
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Dogwood Animal Rescue Project

About Millie:
Solvin was just looking to foster when Millie came into her life. The moment they met something about Millie was so magical, Solvin knew this dog was special. She came out to greet her with so many kisses and love. Solvin’s family immediately started to bond with her. She had a few applications for adoptions, but they weren’t a great fit and Millie soon became a foster fail. Millie has brought so much love and joy to their family. Whenever Solvin’s kids are stressed out with school or life, they take one look at Millie and can’t help but smile and laugh. Solvin says that when Millie starts talking, she sounds like she is going to sing you a song and it’s the most precious thing.

Favorite Toy: Any ball, especially tennis balls
Favorite Treat: Beef liver treats and peanut butter
Favorite Activity: She goes crazy when you say “walk”
Fun facts:
• Millie loves to play basketball
• When you come home, Millie will hug your legs and stare up at you lovingly

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Mo - Talking Category

Name: Mo
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Maricopa Animal Care & Control

About Mo:
Mo was found by Kristin wandering the streets of Arizona. Kristin called out to him and eventually he walked over to her and rested his head on her knee. Mo looked up at her with a huge smile, and Kristin decided that Mo was coming home with her. Mo made himself at home very quickly and slept in bed with her that night. Then Kristin heard his wonderful scream for the first time. Shut put up flyers all over town trying to find his parents while Mo was in the Maricopa Shelter. Kristin visited him everyday. The wait was tough but it all paid off and Kristin was able to take Mo home. They live a full happy active life together and Mo and Kristin’s story was featured on the Dodo Pittie Nation.

Favorite Toy: He loves his ball, but prefers food over toys
Favorite Treat: Frozen raw beef marrow bones
Favorite Activity: Jumping! Mo loves to play on jungle gyms and jump over obstacles on agility courses.
Fun facts:
• He has an Instagram following of 71K and fans that come from all over the world to meet him, he is know as the “Screaming Staffy”
• He loves to scream; he screamed the entire road trip from Arizona to Fresno non stop

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Radar - Talking Category

Name: Radar
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Long Beach Animal Care Services

About Radar:
Radar was found in a park and before he made it to the shelter were Darlene was volunteering. His face captured her attention in a way no other dog had before. Once she adopted him and brought him home, his personality changed entirely, and he was no longer anxious. Darlene says that Radar brings her joy, compassion and patience and that he makes her life more fun. He loves to talk and is very responsive and even says “I love you” back. Everyone who hears him cannot help but smile.

Favorite Toy: His teddy
Favorite Treat: Cheese
Favorite Activity: Howling and eating
Fun facts:
• Radar loves rolling in the dirt after he has a bath
• He likes to make tunnels under blankets

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Maximus - Talking Category

Name: Maximus
Category: Talking
Adopted from: The Ranch Rescue Team

About Maximus:
Stefanie’s Grandparents offered to foster Maximus but quickly saw that Stefanie loved him and worked to get him adopted by her. Stefanie was recovering at the time and Maximus was a big part of her recover. Maximus loves to talk and is friendly to everyone.

Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball
Favorite Treat: Bully Stick
Favorite Activity: Playing in the pool.
Fun facts:
• He can destroy a tennis ball in one day.
• His best friend is a cat!

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Boogie - Underbite Category

Name: Boogie
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Maui Humane Society

About Boogie:
Boogie arrived at the Maui Humane Society when he was 4 months old weighing only 3 lbs. He was surrendered by a local veterinary clinic after his previous family could not afford to have him diagnosed. Jamie-Sue was volunteering when Boogie came in and fell in love with his face and overbite immediately. Jamie-Sue decided to foster him but they weren’t sure if he was going to make it. After a successful surgery, Boogie is now doing very well and is completely symptom free. After fostering 76 dogs, Boogie became Jamie-Sue’s first foster fail. Jamie-Sue says that his underbite stops people in their tracks. When they are in public, they are constantly stopped so people can take pictures with Boogie.

Favorite Toy: Other dogs
Favorite Treat: Bones
Favorite Activity: Playing with big dogs
Fun facts:
• Boogie waits at the refrigerator every morning for ice cubes
• He likes to make gremlin sounds when he plays

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Muggsy - Underbite Category

Name: Muggsy
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: The Animal Protectorates (TAPS)

About Muggsy:
Christopher was volunteering with TAPS, the rescue that pulled Muggsy, and always looked forward to seeing him during his shifts. Christopher and his wife were on the fence about adopting when a friend at TAPS said they would dog sit Muggsy when his foster family went on vacation, without asking Christopher first. They loved Muggsy immediately. After 4 days they got permission from their landlord and adopted him. Christopher says that Muggsy is the happiest dog he’s ever met and his underbite is just the icing on the cake. Everywhere they go they hear people saying “LOOK AT HIS FACE!!”

Favorite Toy: A squeaky slice of pizza
Favorite Treat: Anything!
Favorite Activity: Visiting friends
Fun facts:
• Every night when Christopher takes his socks off, Muggsy takes them and throws them around.
• His mouth never closes, the underbite is always present

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Oliver - Underbite Category

Name: Oliver
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Redlands Friends of Shelter

About Oliver:
Salai always knew that she wanted a dog. One day she went to an event at the local animal center to “just look.” She took one look at Oliver with his amazing underbite that she thought looked like a permanent smile and knew he was coming home with her. Oliver greets everyone with his cute underbite, and they constantly get stopped on the street by people wanting to take pictures of him. He has taught Salai that even on the hardest days she can always find something to smile about.

Favorite Toy: Big Snoopy toy.
Favorite Treat: Doggie ice cream.
Favorite Activity: Going to the dog park.
Fun facts:
• Oliver loves to watch TV and snuggle on the couch.
• Oliver has a special blanket that he likes to cuddle on and will grab it out of the basket if it’s put away.

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Otis - Underbite Category

Name: Otis
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Kitsap Humane Society

About Otis:
Cody and his wife had been thinking about adopting a dog for a long time when she had to go away for a family emergency. Cody knew she was going through a tough time, so he surprised her with a puppy for her birthday. That puppy was Otis. They don’t know much about his backstory other than he was found all alone in an abandoned house. He was cute and playful and ”something just felt right about adopting him.” Cody says that Otis has changed his life in so many ways, they go everywhere together from hikes, to breweries, out shopping, and even on trips.

Favorite Toy: Little plush pizza toy called “pizzle”
Favorite Treat: Anything salmon
Favorite Activity: Hiking and going to the dog park
Fun facts:
• Otis’s underbite didn’t emerge until he was 6 months old
• Otis gets so much attention everywhere they go, he has helped Cody be more open with people.

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Pokey - Underbite Category

Name: Pokey
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Delaney’s Dog

About Pokey:
Maureen Delaney, founder of Delaney's Dog Rescue was called out to a home in Vernon, Ca, to rescue a large German Shepard who was alone in a yard and his barking was disturbing neighbors. When she arrived, she also found our dog, whom she later named Pokey. Pokey was also abandoned in the yard of the home and had dug a hole under the house to sleep in to stay warm and likely to stay cool during the heat of the day. This story touched my heart and I just had to adopt her! She is so lovable and showed no signs of abuse or neglect when we adopted her.

Favorite Toy: Her squeaky mini football or her red and white striped squeaky bone.
Favorite Treat: Whipped Cream
Favorite Activity: Playing fetch and going on walks
Fun facts:
• She has sectoral heterochromia - blue and brown in the same eye
• The inside of her mouth is speckled just like her fur

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Ravioli - Underbite Category

Name: Ravioli
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC)

About Ravioli:
Carlos and his husband were looking to adopt a puppy but didn’t have high expectations since puppies tend to get adopted quickly. They went on the website and saw Ravioli, the rushed over to meet him. Ravioli and his two sisters had been dropped off at the ACC by an elderly woman who couldn’t care for them. They immediately fell in love with Ravioli and decided to adopt him. Ravioli and his two sisters all found their respective forever homes that day. When Carlos walks Ravioli down the street he often hears “What kind of breed is that?” “He looks like a hyena!” and “Are those teeth real?” Everyone has something to say about Ravioli’s incredible underbite.

Favorite Toy: Socks
Favorite Treat: Sliced turkey
Favorite Activity: Lounging, cuddling, and going to the park
Fun facts:
• Ravioli loves to get his hair blow-dried
• He will only fall asleep if he is making contact with someone

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Sam - Underbite Category

Name: Sam
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: West Coast Boxer Rescue

About Sam:
Sam and his bonded sister, Carla supposedly raided a family chicken coop and were surrendered to West Coast Boxer Rescue shortly after. Madelaine says that they are so well mannered and get along with her 1 and 6-year-old children so well that the whole family has a strong bond. Sam is sweet, loving and energetic who has brought a lot of life to the family. Madelaine has even lost weight walking Sam and Carla and her young son is now old enough to feed them, teaching him schedule, consistency, and responsibility. Sam in particular, loves to fetch and could chase a ball around all day.

Favorite Toy: Tennis ball
Favorite Treat: Beef jerky strips
Favorite Activity: Playing fetch at the lake
Fun facts:
• Sam is named after Sam from Cheers because he is a “tall, gangly dude”
• Every morning, Madelaine takes Sam and Carla to Folsom Lake where they play fetch, walk and smell all the smells

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Caesar - Wiggling Category

Name: Caesar
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: Karma Rescue

About Caesar:
Karma rescue acquired Caesar after they got a call about a dog that had been on the streets for a couple of weeks. He was found hanging out at a playground of an elementary school. After his first family didn’t work out, Pamala took him in where he quickly acclimated himself to her existing pack of 3 Pit Bulls. Though Pamala and her pack have always volunteered, it was Caesar’s affinity for kids that broadened their volunteer scope. Caesar routinely volunteers at schools, he also does therapy work with kids going through stressful times and natural disasters. Pamala says that Caesar gets excited by the littlest things which makes his entire body wiggle.

Favorite Toy: Anything that squeaks
Favorite Treat: Cheese
Favorite Activity: Surveying the neighborhood from the upstairs balcony
Fun facts:
• Caesar volunteers at libraries for Reading Isn’t Ruff and attends lots of Yappy Hours.
• He loves to lay his head in Pamala’s lap when she’s working

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Carl - Wiggling Category

Name: Carl
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: Love Leo Rescue

About Carl:
Carl is the comeback kid. He was found at a construction site very underweight. Luckily, Love Leo rescue got him the urgent vet care he needed, and he survived. In the process, Carl went viral on Instagram for the picture of the tiny rescue puppy with a feeding tube in his nose. Carl is an amazing example of resilience and beating the odds. Sue says he is the happiest, go lucky, goofiest dog around. He has never met a dog or person he did not want to say hello to, and he has the happiest wiggle you’ve ever seen.

Favorite Toy: ALL the toys are his favorite
Favorite Treat: ALL the treats. He’s not picky
Favorite Activity: Riding in the car and eating dinner
Fun facts:
• Carl gets recognized on the street from when his rescue story went viral
• Has over 24K followers his Instagram @dailydoseof_carl

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Fifi Fluff - Wiggling Category

Name: Fifi Fluff
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: Heart to Heart Small Dog Rescue

About Fifi Fluff:
Christy had wanted a dog for as long as she could remember. Starting her search online, it wasn’t long before she found Fifi at a local foster home. Within seconds of meeting Fifi, Christy knew that she was the pup for her. The duo quickly became besties with the transition to home life for Fifi being incredibly easy. It didn’t take long for them to establish routines such as sharing a banana after their morning walk or snuggling up on the couch to watch Hallmark movies. Christy states that the best part of her day is coming home to see Fifi wiggling as she greets her by the door.

Favorite Toy: A pink rope toy
Favorite Treat: Cheese and ice cream
Favorite Activity: Sleeping
Fun facts:
• Fifi loves to run up and greet children if she sees them outside playing.
• Loves car rides. Fifi will follow Christy and bop her with her nose if she isn’t moving to the car fast enough.

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Indiana Bones - Wiggling Category

Name: Indiana Bones
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: I Stand With My Pack

About Indiana Bones:
Emily and her husband Jessy became interested in adopting a dog after a motorcycle accident left Jessy paralyzed from the waist down. A friend tagged Emily in an Instagram photo of Indy and the couple knew they had to meet him. Minutes after meeting Indy the couple knew he would be their little pal for life. Emily and Jessy’s lives changed drastically after adopting Indy, he has lifted the somber mood of the household with the happiness and love that he radiates. Within days of getting Indy he learned to walk next to Jessy’s wheelchair and not to pull or get in front of him. Jessy constantly says adopting Indy was the best decision they have ever made.

Favorite Toy: A toy fox
Favorite Treat: Cheese, boiled chicken, and ice
Favorite Activity: Loves to jump in waves at the beach and loves to jump in snow
Fun facts:
• Indy likes to stick his entire face in the couples pool and blow bubbles.
• Loves watching TV, especially Game of Thrones.

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MacGruber - Wiggling Category

Name: MacGruber
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: Vanderpump Dogs

About MacGruber:
MacGruber’s mom was pregnant when she was rescued so he was born at Vanderpump Dogs with his three brothers. They were literally the doggies in the window. After living alone for a long time, Ryan decided it was time to get a dog. He says that MacGruber has such a fun personality that he couldn’t have gotten any luckier. MacGruber is so friendly with strangers that he’s really helped Ryan come out of his shell. As soon as Ryan puts his key in the door, MacGruber’s wiggle takes over, Ryan thinks he might be a reincarnated hula hooper. “He’s become by greatest source of happiness by far.”

Favorite Toy: Squeaky bone
Favorite Treat: The cookie he got for his 1st birthday
Favorite Activity: Jumping on the bed
Fun facts:
• MacGruber loves puzzle toys and has solved every one
he’s tried so far
• On car rides, he likes to drape himself across Ryan like a sash

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Maizy - Wiggling Category

Name: Maizy
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: Compassion Without Borders

About Maizy:
Maizy was found wandering the streets of Sonora, Mexico. She was rescued by Compassion Without Borders. Karen was there when Maizy arrived at the shelter in Santa Rosa and carried her to her room. Karen spent the next few days visiting her and knew that she might be the perfection addition to their family. They decided to foster Maizy to see if she would get along with their other dog and they did immediately. On Valentine’s Day, they official adopted Maizy into their family. As time has passed, Maizy has really blossomed and Karen started to notice an excited wiggle whenever she would come home. That small wiggle kept getting bigger and bolder until it has now become a whole-body event that eventually turns into circles!

Favorite Toy: Small sized tennis balls
Favorite Treat: Apples
Favorite Activity: Chasing squirrels
Fun facts:
• Maizy loves to bark at other dogs on TV
• She wiggles and twirls in circles when she wants

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Ellie- Wiggling Category

Name: Ellie
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond

About Ellie :
When Caroline and her husband Doug first met Ellie they learned she didn’t like men but, when she met Doug she instantly jumped in his lap. They took her home that day. Since being in their home, Ellie has come out of her shell and become more playful and relaxed.

Favorite Toy: Ball
Favorite Treat: Cauliflower
Favorite Activity: Going to the park.
Fun facts:
• She is a hoarder and likes to hide all of her toys from her brother and sisters.

• Loves to play throw and catch by herself

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Beef - Wrinkles Category

Name: Beef
Category: Wrinkles
Adopted from: Balooja’s Foundation, INC

About Beef:
The returning champion of Snoring from 2019! Beef is a two-time shelter survivor. He was adopted as a puppy and then 10 years later taken to the Downey Shelter. Michael and his wife, Jerri have been heavily involved in fostering dogs for years, so when they got a call from the rescue to foster Beef, they did not hesitate. Michael and Jerri fell in love with Beef immediately and decided to keep him in the family. Beef now lives with a Great Dane, a Yellow Lab, and a Golden Retriever. They say he is just pure love and you cannot help but be happy in his presence.

Favorite Toy: Not into toys, but LOVES his neck pillows
Favorite Treat: Blueberries
Favorite Activity: Sleeping and sleeping while riding in the car
Fun facts:
• Beef has his own bedroom because his snoring keeps everyone in the house up.
• Beef is also known as ”Four Teeth Beef” on Instagram since he only has four teeth

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Big Rig - Wrinkles Category

Name: Big Rig
Category: Wrinkles
Adopted from: Road Dogs & Rescue

About Big Rig:
Big Rig and his brother were surrendered at 5 weeks old because they were born with cleft palates and could not be sold. Francoise saw a picture of Big Rig on the RoaDogs Instagram and immediately knew he was meant to be part of her pack. She took him home where he was welcomed instantly by his bigger, older sisters Coconut and Sugar. For the first 8 months she had him, Francoise had to hand feed Big Rig, but he has since graduated to eating and drinking on his own. Francoise says that Big Rig is a lot of energy in a small, wrinkly body. He constantly brings a smile to her face and has created a whole new joyful environment at home.

Favorite Toy: Anything his big sister Sugar is playing with
Favorite Treat: Anything that is or looks like food
Favorite Activity: Playing with his older sisters, whether they want to or not!
Fun facts:
• Big Rig loves to watch videos of himself
• He has over 8K Instagram followers

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Boogie - Wrinkles Category

Name: Boogie
Category: Wrinkles
Adopted from: Rebel Souls Rescue

About Boogie:
Boogie was living in a home with 7 other dogs when Animal Control intervened. The owners surrendered all the dogs and Rebel Souls stepped up to help him. Heidi says that Boogie now brings joy to her on a daily basis. He is a clown that can always be seen doing something comical. He loves everyone he meets and is always the life of the party. Heidi says her favorite time with Boogie is when he comes up to her and laws his paws on her chest and she rubs his wrinkly little head.

Favorite Toy: Squeaky ball
Favorite Treat: Cheese
Favorite Activity: Loves to go for car rides
Fun facts:
• Boogies loves Heidi’s chickens
• He is known for getting on his hind legs and doing “jazz paws” with his front paws

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Ridley - Wrinkles Category

Name: Ridley
Category: Wrinkles
Adopted from: California Shar-pei Rescue

About Ridley:
Ridley is a wrinkled bundle of joy. He loves to hang out under Andrea’s desk throughout the day as she works. Ridley must be a part of every situation and does not want to be left out. Andrea went on the California Shar-Pei Rescue website and notice this wrinkled cutie named Ridley and she knew immediately that this was her dog. Ridley was a stray found wondering the streets of Northern California and was brought to a shelter in Alameda, CA. A volunteer with California Shar-Pei Rescue transported Ridley from the shelter. Andrea drove to Valencia to meet up with the transporter and from the moment Ridley walked out of the transport van he has been nothing but well- behaved and loving. Ridley loves to get back scratches at night just before he falls asleep.

Favorite Toy: The ball
Favorite Treat: Anything edible- loves all food
Favorite Activity: Ridley loves to go to the mailbox
and get the mail
Fun facts:
• He is well trained but lazy
• His best pal is a puppy named Bodie.

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Waylon - Wrinkles Category

Name: Waylon
Category: Wrinkles
Adopted from: West Coast Bloodhound Rescue

About Waylon:
When West Coast Bloodhound Rescue saved Waylon, he was a mess. It took an army of vets and knowledgeable rescue resources to restore Waylon to full health. Tyler and his wife fostered Waylon after his recovery and then fostered failed. They couldn’t give up this sweet cuddly boy and constant couch companion. Tyler says that Waylon’s wrinkles really come out when his nose is to the ground, playing with toys, and of course sleeping!

Favorite Toy: Any toy with a squeaker
Favorite Treat: Bacon
Favorite Activity: Playing with toys and eating
Fun facts:
• Waylon has been known to open the freezer so he can steal pulled pork
• He wags his tail in his sleep

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Coco - Wrinkles Category

Name: Coco
Category: Wrinkles
Adopted from: Stand with my Pack

About Coco:
I Stand with My Pack rescued Coco and her mom Gigi and would only rescue them out together. Stuart and his wife were not looking for two dogs but when they saw Coco and Gigi they couldn’t resist. They love Coco’s wrinkles and how expressive she is because of them!

Favorite Toy: Large stuffed hedgehog that makes barking noise.
Favorite Treat: Anchovies
Favorite Activity: Zoomies followed by a long name
Fun facts:
• Coco loves to go for car rides.
• She was once featured on Home and Family!

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Marty - Wrinkles Category

Name: Marty
Category: Wrinkles
Adopted from: Pugnation Rescue of Los Angeles

About Marty :
Megan and her husband went to an adoption event at Pugnation with the intention to only look. As soon as they saw Marty that all changed and they instantly fell in love. Megan and Marty have a deep connection and she says that he is her best friend. His wrinkles are pronounced and even form a heart shape on his head.

Favorite Toy: stuffed baby pug
Favorite Treat: Everything!
Favorite Activity: Going to the dog beach.
Fun facts:
• His nickname is “El Guapo” which means handsome in Spanish

• He loves to howl!