Meet the Dogs - 2019 American Rescue Dog Show

65. Babka - Wiggle Butt Category - Winner

Name: Babka
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Aussie Rescue San Diego

About Babka: Babka traveled from Missouri and was taken in by Aussie Rescue San Diego, where she was socialized and taught basic training skills. Amanda and her boyfriend applied to rescue her on Thanksgiving and they were even more thankful two days later when they learned they could take her home! Watching Babka learn about the world and become part of their family has been the most rewarding part.

Favorite Toy: She doesn’t really play with toys that much.
Favorite Treat: Babka loves cheese.
Favorite Activity: Her favorite activity is to play hide and seek.
Loves: She likes to lick the furniture. Her favorite is the wooden armrest of the couch.
Fun fact: She will only eat one brand of coconut oil. She loves it. They had to try 7 different kinds.