Recap: Out Like a Lamb - Season 9 - Episode 2

Hope Valley elects a new mayor. Lucas and Elizabeth try to find the "little moments" in their relationship. Elizabeth offers to help Nathan with his horse after the hit-and-run, but it's newcomer, Mei, who connects with Newton.

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Lucas arrives at the row house and delivers bad news to Elizabeth. Nathan has been in an accident.

Outside the infirmary, Rosemary gives Elizabeth an update. Nathan survived the night, a good sign. Bill rides by on his horse. He is tracking down the driver who hit Nathan to determine whether it was an accident or intentional.

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Elizabeth sits by Nathan’s side and states how worried she was about him. Nathan slowly looks at her confused saying, “who are you?” However, Nathan can’t keep a straight face and laughs. He was just poking fun at Elizabeth. He does have a serious question to ask. Can she check on his horse, Newton?

Meanwhile, Bill arrives at the jail with news that Smith has dropped the charges. Henry is free to go.

Mei delivers a prescription for Nathan to Faith. Faith says Nathan is lucky to have her looking out for him. She is also lucky to have her help at the infirmary. Mei explains she would not have finished her apprenticeship under Geoffrey if she didn’t know how good she was at this job.

Elizabeth brings Lucas a cup of tea to thank him again for the hot air balloon ride, adding that he does not have to keep making grand gestures to show he cares. Lucas gets it--small thoughtful gestures demonstrate the same admiration. They kiss just as Ned makes an announcement. The mayoral results are…inconclusive.

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Lucas walks Elizabeth home, giving her a moment to ask whether Lucas giving up the oil business to Smith is a good idea. He does not have to give it up to spend more time with her and Little Jack. Lucas assures he is happy with his choice.

Minnie arrives at the fountain to find Cooper. He did not show up at the café for his spelling lesson. As Minnie takes Cooper outside, he asks an alarming question. Does he have to go to church ever again?

Back at the fountain Robert offers to teach Angela how to ride a horse. Angela laughs. Opal told her all about his experience riding a horse. She suggests Robert learn how to ride first.

At the stable, Mei gently approaches Newton as Elizabeth looks on. She is pleasantly surprised to see Newton allow Mei to pet him.

Later, Elizabeth checks in with Henry at his office. She knows he traveled a long way on his trip. He realizes that Elizabeth and Abigail write one another. Elizabeth shares that it meant a lot to Abigail that Henry went to visit her. Elizabeth has a favor to ask: would Henry talk to her class about the importance of not fighting?

Just then, Ned and Florence announce the winner of the Mayoral race. And the winner is… Mike Hickam!?!

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At the café, Minnie breaks the news to Joseph about Cooper’s request not to go to church. Joseph is not so sure as Pastor he can allow Cooper to skip it. Minnie asks him to understand not everyone is as strong in their faith as Joseph.

Elizabeth stops by the soda fountain to introduce herself to Mei. She thanks her for taking care of Newton, adding if she is that good with animals, she’ll make friends here in Hope Valley quickly.

Lucas brings Nathan ice cream at the infirmary. Nathan appreciates the gesture and wonders if he is being nice out of guilt over how things went with Elizabeth.

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Henry arrives at the schoolhouse as the children write get well cards for the Nathan. He is here to tell them not to fight, because if we hurt one another, we all just end up in pain. It’s a lesson that hits home for Cooper.

As Bill admires how well Mei tends to Newton at the stables, she takes a moment to ask him for help. Bill wonders if she is in trouble. Mei says, not yet, but would like to talk about it when she is ready.

Rosemary finds Lee at the office and asks him to consider becoming the Managing Editor of the Valley Voice. The best part is he would report to her, the Editor-in-chief. Lee accepts the offer with a kiss.

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Later in town, Elizabeth catches Smith and Henry shaking hands. She is glad to see them shaking hands instead of swinging fists. Henry admits he can’t outrun his past, but he can see what he can do to fix it.

On Sunday morning everyone heads to church, including a downtrodden Cooper clearly being forced to go. Minnie does not agree with Joseph’s choice to make Cooper attend church. However, Joseph has other things to worried about as Robert darts by on a tandem bike with Angela who is enjoying the ride.

As everyone enters the churches, Henry stands outside, contemplating whether to go in.