Monday, February 3rd, 2020

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Mandy Merriman – Carrot Cake Cupcakes
We are celebrating National Carrot Cake Day with Mandy Merriman who joins Cameron in the kitchen to make Carrot Cake Cupcakes. Mandy adds a little warmth and love to these cupcakes with toasted coconut.

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DIY Conversation Heart Hair Accessories
When you think of Valentine’s Day love, roses and conversation hearts come to mind. Ali Manno was inspired by the new Hallmark Channel Original, “Matching Hearts” to take the iconic conversation heart candy and creating the sweetest matching hair accessories.

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Pat Boone
He has sold over 45 million records and at age 85 is about to perform in what may be his final concert on February 15th. Pat brightens up our day with his first visit and talks about his infamous rock transformation at the American Music Awards and how he’ll honor his late wife during his next performance.

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Growing Ranunculus
Shirley Bovshow shows a plan to grow beautiful ranunculus flowers, that cost an arm and a leg at the florist, right at home. They are gorgeous flowers that look like a cross between a rose and peony.

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Do They Really Work?
With so many beauty products on the market it can be hard to know what works and what’s worth the invest. You’re in luck because Kym Douglas has done all the testing to answer the age-old question, “Do these really work?’

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Pet Adoption
Beauty is a dog that lives up to her name. She is an Aussie mix with a bit of Catahoula. She is a 4-year-old puppy with an adorable pink nose.

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11-week-old Dax is an adorable little wrinkle dragon with velvety soft fur looking for a forever home. He loves to play, chew, and explore.

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Chef Seamus Mullen – Grass-fed Beef Meatballs Braised In Tomato Sauce With Fresh Ricotta
Any day is a great day for an Italian favorite and Chef Seamus Mullen is enticing our taste buds with his Family Favorite Meatballs.

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DIY Love Note Pockets
Valentine’s Day is only 11 Days away and Maria Provenzano has an adorable DIY to celebrate “Love Ever After.” Maria shows how to create DIY Love Note Pockets to share the love each day leading up to the holiday.

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Thermal Wear
Lawrence Zarian shows us how stay warm and look fashionable by wearing thermal on top you your clothes instead of underneath them.


• Free People White Lotus Thermal

• Faded Glory Blue Boot Cut Jean

Looks provided by:


• Enza Costa Black Thermal Long Sleeve Henley Midi Dress

• Forever 21 Mauve Thermal Top

• The Loft Blue Denim Jacket

Looks provided by: , ,


• Johnny Was Vintage Army Green Isla Hooded Thermal

• Banana Republic White Corduroy Wide Legged Cropped Pant

Looks provided by: ,

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10 Minute Workout Fuel
Cameron loves to exercise but part of a good workout is planning how to fuel your body before and after. Cameron shows how to make one pre-workout and one post workout snack in under 10 minutes perfect for before and after your workouts.

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Winter Energy Boosters
The family share’s their solutions for staying energized while indoors this winter.

Dodge A Slump with a Splash of Red:
If you’re feeling foggy and out of sorts, throw on a red scarf or switch to using a red pen at the office. Researchers say a bold, ruby hue increases your energy by 31% by stimulating an area of the brain that reverses tiredness and encourages alertness!

Ease Grogginess Fast by Gazing at a Cherished Family Photo:
Researchers say positive images encourage the release of a revitalizing brain chemical that perks you up in just 60 seconds! So, I suggest keeping a family photo on hand or on your keychain! I just recently made DIY picture keychains that are really great.

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Boost Alertness in As Little as One Minute With Frankincense Essential Oil:
Slowly breathe in the earthy scent of frankincense essential oil. Scientists say unique compounds in the oil called boswellic acids active the focus center of the brain! I suggest putting in the oil in a diffusor for a mini DIY, so that you can enjoy the scent in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or office.

Simple Stretches Can Boost Ability to Complete Tasks:
25 minutes a day of simple stretches can improve our ability to complete daily tasks by 65 percent! Plus, stretching improves our energy by 51 percent and also improves blood flow to the brain, so we can function at our best!

• Hanging hamstring stretch

• Alternate hanging hamstring stretch

• High knee pulls/squat

• Chest stretch

Eases Energy-Zapping Stomach Aches:
Gently chewing three cardamom pods daily (like you’d chew gum) calms the nervous system and releases digestive enzymes that soothe pain and increase overall circulation. The cooling effects of cardamom, despite being a spice, can help in relieving acidity. Plus, it cuts your risk of future stomach aches by 55 percent.

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