Shirley Bovshow "Ranunculus Care"

Shirley Bovshow shows how to grow beautiful ranunculus flowers right at home.

Ranunculus actually flourish in cold, but not freezing temperatures! They love it cool and sunny!

• In mild winter climates (like ours), ranunculus are planted in the ground or in containers during the fall months and they bloom in late winter and early spring for 4 to 6 weeks!

• In cold winter climates, ranunculus can be started indoors in late winter or early spring and replanted outdoors in springtime to continue growing. They will flower in late summer!

TIP: Plant the bulbs outdoors in mild climates & indoors in cold areas.

• Select the largest bulbs, (tubers) you can find for maximum flowers

• They look like dried claws

• Soak them in water for 3-4 hours before planting to "awaken them" from dormancy

• Fill a planter with well-draining soil and place the bulb/tuber "claw-side" down

• Space the bulbs 3 to 4 inches apart

• Cover with an inch or two of soil

• Water gently, only enough to wet soil but not saturate it or the tuber will rot

• Don't water again until you see sprouts (15 to 20 days)

TIP: Soak for 3-4hrs to awaken them from dormancy.

TIP: Overwatering can cause the tuber to rot.

In order for ranunculus to germinate and begin growing, they need temperatures in the 50-degree range. Place them in an unheated room with bright lighting or use a plant light.

TIP: Bulbs need cooler temperatures to germinate.

In cold climates, if you want to transfer to your garden, plant after the last thaw of winter. Start by acclimating your potted ranunculus to outdoor conditions by taking them outside during the day and bringing them indoors at night for the first week. After the first week, plant them in a sunny location outdoors so the stems and flower buds can begin growing! Gorgeous flowers will follow.

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