The perfect gift for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.
Photo Album Key Chains
DIY Gifts


  • Pleather or leather
  • Small rectangular wooden plaque
  • Photo printed to fit wooden plaque
  • Mod podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Rotary cutter
  • X-acto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Double capped rivets with set
  • Button snaps with set
  • Keyring
  • Hammer
  • Iron-on vinyl paper and cricut, stencil and paint or another desired method of adding lettering
  • Paper for template
  • Pencil


  • Leather punch
  • Sandpaper


  1. Use an x-acto knife to cut a slit at the top of the wooden craft plaque big enough to fit ½” wide strip of pleather through it. PRO TIP: if the wood splinters from the cutting, use a little sandpaper to smooth it out.
  2. Use a paintbrush to apply mod podge over the photo on the craft plaque. Set aside to dry.
  3. Fold a piece of paper in half and measure out a good size for a cover, draw a triangle on the end big enough for the snap to be set into. The template should look like a rectangle with two triangles on each end. Cut the template out. PRO TIP: you want about ¼” of material around the plaque. Making a template allows you to cut a bunch of these quickly!
  4. Trace your template onto the material. Use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut out. Now you have your “album cover”.
  5. Cut a ½” strip of material with the rotary cutter that is long enough to double over around the key ring and through the slit on the plaque with a ½” overlap onto itself.
  6. With it lying flat, cut a ½” slit in the center of your album cover to feed the strip through. The slit will be at the top of your cover when folded.
  7. Now is the time to add lettering if desired. You can use a stencil with paint, iron on letters or any other desired method!
  8. Slide the strip through the plaque, both ends of the strip through the slit in the album cover and around the keyring.
  9. To secure the album to the key ring, center the overlap of the strip between the keyring and the album. Punch a hole through all three layers of the strip and place the double capped rivet through, set with provided set and hammer.
  10. To insert the snaps, line the back and front of the album cover up, mark where you want the snap in the center of the triangle and punch a hole in through both layers. Use the snap set according to instructions with a hammer.
  11. Put on your keys and enjoy! PRO TIP: if you want the cover to have a crease in the center or lay flatter, place it under a heavy book or object while folded.
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