Inspired by the new Hallmark Channel Original, “Matching Hearts,” Ali Manno turns conversation hearts into sweet matching hair accessories.


  • Conversation heart ring cupcake toppers
  • Wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors
  • Safety glasses
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks or E6000


  • Metal headbands
  • Barrettes with a wide flat surface
  • Hairpins


  • Tape
  • Soft Tape Measure


1. Cut the ring off of the back of each heart using a really strong pair of scissors or wire cutters. Be sure to wear eye protection.

2. Use either hot glue or E6000 to attach the hearts to your desired hair accessory. If making a headband, you can use a soft tape measure to space out the hearts evenly. The headband should be attached above the ring nub.

PRO TIP: Using hot glue will be fast, but E6000 will last longer, in order to hold things in place until the e6000 can set use tape or add some hot glue around the E6000.

3. Add a dollop of hot glue to cover the ring nubs.

4. Wear and enjoy!

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