Friday, December 28th, 2018

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Winter Wonderland Cake - Home & Family

Winter Wonderland Cake

Creator of “Preppy Kitchen,” John Kanell is in the kitchen making a delicious winter wonderland cake. The secret is chilling the cake before rolling it around in its glittery decorations, creating a wintery feel. He also makes his own white chocolate buttercream.

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DIY Winter Slippers

Orly Shani teams up with guest host, Ken Wingard, to show you how to update an ordinary pair of slippers by giving them a winter-theme with snowflakes. Since you will be working with puffy paint, she reminds you it takes 24 hours to dry, so plan accordingly.

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Matthew Emerzian

Author Matthew Emerzian sits down with Home & Family to talk about his book, “Every Monday Matters.” He discussed how his life changed on a Monday morning when he felt he was having a heart attack and that was the day he learned that he suffered from panic attacks. Since then, he vowed to never take a Monday for granted and wrote a book about how others can give back to feel good about themselves.

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New Year’s Eve Fashion

Lawrence Zarian is introducing you to some hot fashions you can sport this New Year’s Eve.

*All looks available at

LOOK #1:

  1. Flutter Sleeve Belted Jumpsuit
  2. Black Tall Ankle-Strap Heel
  3. Floral Drop Earrings

LOOK #2:

  1. ¾ Sleeve Sequin Swing Dress
  2. Gold Tall Ankle-Strap Heel Sandal

LOOK #3:

  1. Curvy Allie Sexy Stretch Boot Pant
  2. Foil Tie-Neck Blouse
  3. Black Tall Ankle-Strap Heel
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Ask DIY Experts - Home & Family

Ask DIY Experts

Orly Shani, Paige Hemmis and Ken Wingard are talking about their favorite DIY projects of 2018.

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New Year’s Eve Appetizers - Home & Family

New Year’s Eve Appetizers

Chef Wayne Elias is in the kitchen preparing delicious appetizers that you can make for your upcoming New Year’s Eve party. Today he is making filet mignon, raspberry mustard butter on a brioche crouton, bacon-wrapped shrimp with brown sugar lime glaze and finally, Captain Crunch chicken bites with a homemade Thai sweet chili sauce.

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DIY Indoor Maze

Paige Hemmis is taking a pile of cardboard boxes and making a fun, indoor maze that will keep kids entertained for hours. Make sure to give the kids plenty of room to move around when spacing the cardboard. Create dead ends in the maze by closing some of the boxes flaps.

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Camila Banus

Actress Camila Banus sits down with Debbie and Ken to talk about her series on Fox, “Star.” She discusses her passion for helping resuce animals.

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Ham and Bleu Cheese Stromboli - Home & Family

Ham and Bleu Cheese Stromboli

Debbie is making a flavorful stromboli with pizza dough, ham and bleu cheese.

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Happy Tails

Larissa Wohl introduces you to adopted rescue dog, Cholula and her owner, Kristie Pierce. Kristie is a Home & Family stylist and she talks about how adopting a dog has changed her life.