Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Episode 6: These Games

Original Airdate: Saturday, February 15th

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As the new miners make themselves at home, a period of adjustment takes hold among the residents of Coal Valley. Billy and Elizabeth continue their courtship. Much to the chagrin of her son, Mary Dunbar continues to develop a relationship with Dewitt Graves. Meanwhile, Abigail has her hands full with a very pregnant Carla Noonan who seems ready to give birth at any moment. And on top of everything else, a string of robberies has the entire town on edge.

As the townsfolk look to Jack to solve the recent spate of robberies, Jack seeks out the advice of Abigail to help him learn how to talk to women. While Elizabeth has rebuffed his assertions that Billy is not who he claims to be, Jack is convinced that he can prove Billy is the criminal in their midst. With Carla's help, Jack sets a trap to catch him in the act, but when the trap is sprung, Jack is shocked to find that Billy is not the thief.

But even in the midst of turmoil, signs of hope continue spring up in Coal Valley. The site of the fatal mine accident has been cleared and the mine is again operating at full capacity. And the annual Miner's Games are starting, giving the town a much-needed dose of fun. But while the fun and games abound, Elizabeth continues to struggle to learn to cook. Her entry in the cake auction is met with groans and gasps from the crowd. Both Billy and Jack attempt to make her feel better by entering into a bidding war for her cake, but the end result is an embarrassed and angry Elizabeth.

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