Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

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George Lopez – Carnitas Tacos
Actor, comedian and restauranteur George Lopez joins Debbie in the kitchen to show us how to make delicious Carnitas Tacos.

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Pet Adoption
Ford and Ferrari are eight-week-old puppies named for their spunky and competitive energy. These adorable roli poli pups are looking to be adopted into wonderful homes.

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Maya is a beautiful, sweet dog around 6 years old. She enjoys cuddling up with you and watching a hallmark movie.

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DIY Matching Heart Aprons
Whether you love to cook or craft you can look cute and coordinated with Orly Shani’s DIY Matching heart aprons.

Orly’s DIY is inspired by the new Hallmark Channel original “Matching Hearts” starring Ryan Paevey and Taylor Cole in which a matchmaker tries to find love for a handsome entrepreneur.

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Kathy Ireland Interview
Super model and business mogul Kathy Ireland visits. Her billion-dollar fashion empire started 27 years ago with a sock and continues to expand with her new book, “Fashion Jungle.”

“Fashion Jungle” by Kathy Ireland & Rachel Van Dyken is available online through Amazon, Apple books, Kobo and Barnes & Noble online.

Go to Kathy’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page for a chance to win incredible prizes, including once in a lifetime family trip, a video thank you call from Kathy and products from the Kathy Ireland home collection (and more!).

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Beautifying Powers of Herbs
Kym Douglas shows how our favorite herbs can be the solution to most beauty dilemmas from darks spots to plump locks.

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Tic Tac Dough
We all know Valentine’s Day is about love and family, so Ali Manno is transforming a decadent dessert into a fun game for the whole family.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Chair Back
Nothing is sweeter than kids exchanging Valentine’s at school. Maria Provenzano has the perfect DIY cardholder for your kids to collect and share their Valentines.

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World Cancer Day
Kym Douglas joins Debbie and Cameron to discuss World Cancer Day as cancer has taken a toll on the family this year. The day is about raising awareness about cancer detection and prevention.

Both Kym and Cameron were proactive in their health journeys which helped them to be cancer free today. They are healthier and better than ever and thank viewers for all he support.

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Erica Lugo – The Biggest Loser
Erica Lugo is the newest trainer on “The Biggest Loser.” She is perfect for this job as she transformed her life with her own 150lb weight-loss journey.

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Kathy Ireland – Oatmeal Breakfast Bars
Super Model turned super mogul Kathy Ireland is in the kitchen making super yummy Oatmeal Breakfast Bars.

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Skin Cancer Awareness
Skin cancer is something that touches the lives of people every single year. Co-host of “The Doctor” Dr. Batra shares signs to look out for and preventative measures. Ali Manno is also passionate about skin Cancer awareness after recently being diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma.

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Anne-Marie Faiola – DIY Heart Lotion Bars
Keep your skin hydrated and smooth this winter with Anne-Marie Faiola’s DIY Heart Lotion Bars. Lotion bars work by rubbing them against your skin to absorb moisture. These DIY bars make great last-minute Valentine’s Day Gifts.

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