Friday, July 5th, 2019

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Catherine Bell talks latest episode of Good Witch - Home & Family

Catherine Bell talks the latest episode of “Good Witch”
Hallmark Channel star Catherine Bell fills us in on the latest episode of “Good Witch,” airing Sunday 8pm/7c. She opens up about working with guest star Kathy Najimy and about the incredible journey watching co-star Bailee Madison grow up. Catherine's own daughter is near Bailee's age, making the journey even more special.

Watch Catherine Bell in Good Witch Sunday 8/7c

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Indoor BBQ Brisket - Home & Family

Curtis Stone's Indoor BBQ Brisket
Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone helps you escape the heat with his tender and delicious BBQ brisket recipe. Curtis recommends covering the brisket in the fridge for 12-24 hours to absorb the flavors of the rub.

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Vintage Beauty tips with Kym Douglas
Kym Douglas shares her mother's vintage beauty tips. Among her tips is to use strips of fabric to rag curl your hair. The technique is an alternative to using heat, which can damage your hair.

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"American Spirit" author Taya Kyle
Author Taya Kyle discusses her new book, “American Spirit.” The book is inspired by Taya's journey of survival after losing her husband, Navy Seal Chris Kyle. The book focuses on stories of resilience, including a veteran with PTSD who helped other veterans find homes and two young girls who started a sock drive for seniors.

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Drying Lavender - Home & Family

Drying Lavender
Shirley Bovshow shares simple steps for growing and drying lavender for cooking and crafting needs. There are over 450 varieties of lavender. Shirley explains why English varieties are better for cooking, while French and Spanish varieties are better for crafting.

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Jen Lilley discusses Love Unleashed - Home & Family

“Love Unleashed” star Jen Lilley
Actress Jen Lilley talks about her new Hallmark Channel movie, “Love Unleashed,” which premieres Saturday 9/8c. Jen talks about her adopted son and his brother, who she’s hoping to adopt soon. Jen is also expecting a baby girl at the end of July.

Watch Jen Lilley in "Love Unleashed" Sunday 9/8c

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Cowboy Brownie
Owner of “Cookie Good” Ross Canter pushes brownie toppings to the limit with this decadent dessert. The cowboy cookie is the combination of an oatmeal type cookie with toasted pecans, coconut, Heath bar bits, and chocolate chips, on top of a layer of brownie.

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DIY Felt Rainbow Board
Ali Fedotowsky-Manno shares a fun way to create a colorful felt rainbow board. Ali recommends finding a frame that is at least as deep as your dowel size. When gluing on the frame, you want to space the dowels about 1/8 of an inch or less.

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Chef Toya Boudy's Crawfish Nachos
Chef Toya Boudy shows how she gives ordinary nachos a Cajun twist. When buying crawfish, Toya recommends you look for crawfish that contain fat, which is important in giving it its flavor.

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Ken Wingard's DIY Gingerbread Apron
Ken Wingard shows you how to make a sweet DIY gingerbread apron. This fun and simple DIY can be used as an introduction to sewing for kids.

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