Monday February 17 8:00pm / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

67. Big Rig - Wrinkles Category

Name: Big Rig
Category: Wrinkles
Adopted from: Road Dogs & Rescue

About Big Rig:
Big Rig and his brother were surrendered at 5 weeks old because they were born with cleft palates and could not be sold. Francoise saw a picture of Big Rig on the RoaDogs Instagram and immediately knew he was meant to be part of her pack. She took him home where he was welcomed instantly by his bigger, older sisters Coconut and Sugar. For the first 8 months she had him, Francoise had to hand feed Big Rig, but he has since graduated to eating and drinking on his own. Francoise says that Big Rig is a lot of energy in a small, wrinkly body. He constantly brings a smile to her face and has created a whole new joyful environment at home.

Favorite Toy: Anything his big sister Sugar is playing with
Favorite Treat: Anything that is or looks like food
Favorite Activity: Playing with his older sisters, whether they want to or not!
Fun facts:
• Big Rig loves to watch videos of himself
• He has over 8K Instagram followers