Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

64. Maizy - Wiggling Category

Name: Maizy
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: Compassion Without Borders

About Maizy:
Maizy was found wandering the streets of Sonora, Mexico. She was rescued by Compassion Without Borders. Karen was there when Maizy arrived at the shelter in Santa Rosa and carried her to her room. Karen spent the next few days visiting her and knew that she might be the perfection addition to their family. They decided to foster Maizy to see if she would get along with their other dog and they did immediately. On Valentine’s Day, they official adopted Maizy into their family. As time has passed, Maizy has really blossomed and Karen started to notice an excited wiggle whenever she would come home. That small wiggle kept getting bigger and bolder until it has now become a whole-body event that eventually turns into circles!

Favorite Toy: Small sized tennis balls
Favorite Treat: Apples
Favorite Activity: Chasing squirrels
Fun facts:
• Maizy loves to bark at other dogs on TV
• She wiggles and twirls in circles when she wants