Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

63. MacGruber - Wiggling Category

Name: MacGruber
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: Vanderpump Dogs

About MacGruber:
MacGruber’s mom was pregnant when she was rescued so he was born at Vanderpump Dogs with his three brothers. They were literally the doggies in the window. After living alone for a long time, Ryan decided it was time to get a dog. He says that MacGruber has such a fun personality that he couldn’t have gotten any luckier. MacGruber is so friendly with strangers that he’s really helped Ryan come out of his shell. As soon as Ryan puts his key in the door, MacGruber’s wiggle takes over, Ryan thinks he might be a reincarnated hula hooper. “He’s become by greatest source of happiness by far.”

Favorite Toy: Squeaky bone
Favorite Treat: The cookie he got for his 1st birthday
Favorite Activity: Jumping on the bed
Fun facts:
• MacGruber loves puzzle toys and has solved every one
he’s tried so far
• On car rides, he likes to drape himself across Ryan like a sash