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Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

61. Fifi Fluff - Wiggling Category

Name: Fifi Fluff
Category: Wiggling
Adopted from: Heart to Heart Small Dog Rescue

About Fifi Fluff:
Christy had wanted a dog for as long as she could remember. Starting her search online, it wasn’t long before she found Fifi at a local foster home. Within seconds of meeting Fifi, Christy knew that she was the pup for her. The duo quickly became besties with the transition to home life for Fifi being incredibly easy. It didn’t take long for them to establish routines such as sharing a banana after their morning walk or snuggling up on the couch to watch Hallmark movies. Christy states that the best part of her day is coming home to see Fifi wiggling as she greets her by the door.

Favorite Toy: A pink rope toy
Favorite Treat: Cheese and ice cream
Favorite Activity: Sleeping
Fun facts:
• Fifi loves to run up and greet children if she sees them outside playing.
• Loves car rides. Fifi will follow Christy and bop her with her nose if she isn’t moving to the car fast enough.