Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

6. Romeo - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Romeo
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Samoyed Rescue of Southern California, Inc.

About Romeo:
June 2017, Deana’s husband called her from work and told her she needed to go visit a dog that had just been surrendered to the So Cal Samoyed Rescue the week before. Twenty minutes later she was at the rescue, and was introduced to an amazingly beautiful, friendly, well-behaved dog named Romeo. She was sold. After we brought him home, the honeymoon stage consisted of Romeo letting me brush him from head to tail daily and being an overall well- behaved adoptee. He sat at my feet while I worked on my computer. He walked next to me during our walks. After a month or so, I guess he figured this gig was legit, and started showing his more stubborn side. We eventually found an excellent dog trainer who trained us as much as he trained Romeo. What a difference!

Favorite Toy: Whatever Romeo can use to play tug-of-war: A towel, a squeaky toy, a sock, whatever.
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter. Peanut butter. Peanut butter. (unsweetened, of course)
Favorite Activity: Riding in the car and stalking bees
Fun facts:
• When Romeo is wet, he is half the size of his dry, fluffed body.
• After long walks, Romeo prefers to wade chest-deep into the backyard pond for a drink. He’s a giant sponge.