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Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

48. Millie - Talking Category

Name: Millie
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Dogwood Animal Rescue Project

About Millie:
Solvin was just looking to foster when Millie came into her life. The moment they met something about Millie was so magical, Solvin knew this dog was special. She came out to greet her with so many kisses and love. Solvin’s family immediately started to bond with her. She had a few applications for adoptions, but they weren’t a great fit and Millie soon became a foster fail. Millie has brought so much love and joy to their family. Whenever Solvin’s kids are stressed out with school or life, they take one look at Millie and can’t help but smile and laugh. Solvin says that when Millie starts talking, she sounds like she is going to sing you a song and it’s the most precious thing.

Favorite Toy: Any ball, especially tennis balls
Favorite Treat: Beef liver treats and peanut butter
Favorite Activity: She goes crazy when you say “walk”
Fun facts:
• Millie loves to play basketball
• When you come home, Millie will hug your legs and stare up at you lovingly