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Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

4. Joey - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Joey
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: I Dream of Home Rescue

About Joey:
Joey was found wandering the streets of Pomona, CA. His owners were located but they decided to surrender him since they could no longer take care of him. Dorine’s daughter volunteers with I Dream of a Home Rescue and Dorine frequently helps out. One day at the rescue, Joey was following Dorine around and he kept resting his head on her and would cuddle with her whenever she picked him up, she kept asking if he’d been adopted and he wasn’t. After a meet and greet with her other dog, Dorine decided to adopt Joey. She says that he makes her family complete.

Favorite Toy: A stuffed dog
Favorite Treat: Alpo T-Bonz
Favorite Activity: Playing with all his toys
Fun facts:
• Joey will walk up to strangers, flop down at their feet and demand belly rubs
• He likes to eat his food while lying down