Sunday February 16 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

35. Champion - Special Needs Category

Name: Champion
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Helen Woodward Animal Center
Special Need: Tripod

About Champion:
Champion was rescued in Arizona with over 50 other animals. The rescue in Arizona didn’t have the resources to care for him so they sent him to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Champion was available for adoption for all of 5 minutes when Dana and his family came in and adopted him on the spot. He has since brought so much joy to Dana and his family – particularly their two young children. Knowing what Champion went through in his life has given Dana and his family so much perspective. Dana says there are so many animals out there with great spirits like Champion, they just need a loving home and a warm lap to sit on.

Favorite Toy: Tennis balls
Favorite Treat: Human food
Favorite Activity: Running
Fun facts:
• Champion loves going on adventures with the family and has been camping 4 times already
• Whenever anyone comes home, Champion greets them standing on his hind legs waiting for a hug