Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

35. Romeo Von Schnitzel - Snoring Category

Name: Romeo Von Schnitzel
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Adopt A Saint

About Romeo Von Schnitzel:
Romeo Von Schnitzel was found by Xochitl’s daughter and brought to Adopt A Saint. They decided to keep him . When they rescued him he was a 20lb puppy who quickly shot up to 200 lbs. in 2 years! His favorite place to sleep is in the bathtub - it is the coolest place he can find. When he snores (day and night) the neighbors on all sides can hear it. Xochitl describes him as “a gentle giant, cuddly and silly, he wants to be around other dogs and is instantly submissive but not many dogs will play with him due to his size.”

Favorite Toy: A long red sausage-like squeaky toy
Favorite Treat: Chicken
Favorite Activity: Going to the dog park
Fun facts:
• He loves to drink out of the bathtub
• He has his Canine Good Citizen certification.