Monday February 17 8:00pm / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

18. Riggs - Ears Category

Name: Riggs
Category: Ears
Adopted from: West Coast Bloodhound Rescue

About Riggs:
Riggs came to Courtney and her family through West Coast Bloodhound Rescue. Courtney started fostering her but fell in love with her the moment she stepped out of the transport’s car. Though she was supposed to only foster Riggs, after three weeks Courtney and her husband adopted her. Riggs has gone from cowering in fear to being a proudly confident dog. Riggs has incredible long velvety hound ears that Courtney wants the world to see.

Favorite Toy: A 4x4 inch piece of blue fabric that was once a birthday cake squeaky toy
Favorite Treat: Treats from Wet Noses
Favorite Activity: To be or go anywhere with her family
Fun facts:
• Riggs likes to run full speed along the fence in the backyard then hop on all fours like a rabbit with her ears flying around
• Riggs saw snow for the first time this year and love it, they couldn’t get her to come inside!