Monday February 17 8:00pm / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

16. Charlie Baxter - Ears Category

Name: Charlie Baxter
Category: Ears
Adopted from: Pasadena Humane Society

About Charlie:
Meeghan adopted Charlie at the end of her second year in law school, she was living alone and stressed out from all of the studying she had to do. She connected with Charlie immediately on her visit to the Pasadena Humane Society. It was the “Chewbacca ears” that Meeghan fell in love with. The day Meeghan found Charlie, he wasn’t ready for adoption and there was a waiting list with three people ahead of her. She called the shelter daily and finally the shelter told her she was next up and had only 20 minutes to adopt the dog or they were going to call the person next on the list. Charlie has been the best friend she has ever had, Meeghan likes to say that she learned patience from Charlie and he has given her the priceless gift of companionship.

Favorite Toy: Brown stuffed animal
Favorite Treat: Left over steak bones
Favorite Activity: Cuddling with Meeghan
Fun facts:
• Charlie barks at dogs on TV, his favorite movie is Pets
• Loves long walks in the park