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Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

12. Ernie - Couch Potato Category

Name: Ernie
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: The Fuzzy Pet Foundation

About Ernie:
The Fuzzy Pet Foundation helped Ernesto or “Ernie” along with 40 cats and dogs get relinquished and healthy. Two months later, Sydney and Ernie met and the rest is history. They changed each other’s lives. Ernie had bad anxiety at first and nowadays, he helps Sydney with her travel anxiety on planes. Sydney describes Ernie’s personality as sweet, macho, assertive, playful and intelligent. He loves to chill on the couch and watch tv and has also been known to flop down and demand belly rubs from practically anyone he meets.

Favorite Toy: Champagne bottle dog toy
Favorite Treat: Soft pure lamb treats
Favorite Activity: Dining, belly rubs, walks
Fun facts:
• Ernesto has ridden a horse and loved it.
• He loves to meditate