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Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

11. Enzo - Couch Potato Category

Name: Enzo
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets (FOCHP)

About Enzo:
Enzo’s parents were rescued from a farm in Arkansas and at the time, no one knew Enzo’s mom was pregnant. After arriving in California, she gave birth to 4 puppies. Once they were old enough, they came to Tanya’s house to be fostered. Tanya had fostered over 200 puppies for FOCHP over the past 5 years and was proud to have never caved and kept any…until Enzo came into the picture. Enzo is Tanya’s first and only foster failure and he gets along so well with her two other dogs, Zelda and Stella and makes their home complete. He is the ultimate couch potato and would rather sit on the couch and wait for treats than get up and beg for them.

Favorite Toy: Giant branches that he drags into the house
Favorite Treat: Chicken
Favorite Activity: Splashing in the pool
Fun facts:
• Enzo has been a foster parent to over 100 puppies
• Once when out in public, a firetruck full of firemen pulled over in order to meet Enzo