Sunday February 16 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2020 American Rescue Dog Show

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1. Apache - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Apache
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Compassion Without Borders

About Apache:
Pam was part of the volunteer effort with Dogs Without Borders who transported several dogs to Santa Rosa California and Pam was there to receive Apache. Pam took one look at his big blue eyes and decide to foster this dog. It was a foster failure and Apache has become a huge part of her family. Apache is outgoing and has a positive effect on everyone he meets. Apache loves belly rubs and will roll on his back for most people, from the car dealership to crowded events, he has no shame.

Favorite Toy: Dog toy slipper and tennis balls
Favorite Treat: Chicken
Favorite Activity: fetching the ball and hiking
Fun facts:
• Apache was supposed to be 60 lbs. But turned out to be 80 lbs.
• He lays on his back and wags in anticipation of a good belly rub

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