Meet the Dogs - 2019 American Rescue Dog Show

7. Sweet P - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Sweet P
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Pug Nation Rescue of LA

About Sweet P: Sweet P was found by animal control in Fontana wandering the streets, she was in rough shape. She had a prolapsed uterus, a complication from just giving birth, and was brought to a local veterinarian to be euthanized. The vet decided to give her another chance and operated to correct the problem. Following the surgery the vet contacted Pug Nation Rescue. Julie and Charles were looking for a dog and saw Sweet P online, she was so cute, they assumed she would get adopted quickly and didn’t inquire about her. Several weeks later, they randomly decided to visit Pug Nation and there she was! They describe her as “the embodiment of her name” and say it is “truly a privilege to care for her.”

Favorite Toy: A squeaky stuffed hippo.
Favorite Treat: Everything. She loves food!
Favorite Activity: Sitting on the couch and watching TV.
Loves: She loves all toys and treats.
Fun fact: She was once “Miss February” in a charity pug calendar.