Meet the Dogs - 2019 American Rescue Dog Show

50. Delilah - Talking Category

Name: Delilah
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Lodi City Animal Shelter

About Delilah: One day, Hannah was on her way to a doctor appointment and happened to take a different route passing by the Lodi Animal Shelter in Lodi, California. Hannah noticed a skinny English Bulldog out in the front yard of the shelter. Hannah’s eyes began to water and she went back immediately after her doctor appointment, but the handlers had gone home. The next day Hannah rushed to the shelter and was able to play with Delilah, and within 24 hours Delilah became a member of the family.

Favorite Toy: She has not played with a toy for over two years.
Favorite Treat: Delilah loves a good steak.
Favorite Activity: Car rides, one time Delilah jumped in the car and would not get out until she was taken for a ride
Loves: She loves going to Tahoe for long holiday weekends.
Fun fact: Delilah expects to be included in every conversation as she has a lot to say.