Meet the Dogs - 2019 American Rescue Dog Show

29. Chappy - Smile Category

Name: Chappy
Category: Smile
Adopted from: Dogs Without Borders

About Chappy: Chappy came from a large breeding facility in Serbia that abused and used dogs for fighting. She was used as a number, not a pet. Despite the horrible things that happened to her, Chappy never lost her spirit. Chad wasn’t even looking for a dog when he came across her picture on Facebook. He just knew he had to have her. The experience of Chappy coming to the home of Chad and his 22 year old cat, Boots, has been life changing and wonderful for all three of them.

Favorite Toy: An orange ball named Orangy.
Favorite Treat: She loves chicken.
Favorite Activity: Chappy loves to cuddle with Chad and Boots.
Loves: She loves her best friend, Boots.
Fun fact: Her name is Chad + happy, Chappy!