Meet the Dogs - 2019 American Rescue Dog Show

15. Autumn - Senior Category

Name: Autumn
Category: Senior
Age: 16 years
Adopted from: Pets and People Humane Society

About Autumn: Autumn is a testament to how difficult it is for older dogs to find new forever homes. She spent 3 years at the shelter before Amy and her husband came along and adopted her at a rescue in Oklahoma. Since adopting her, they have committed to only rescuing senior dogs from now on. Autumn joins them for walks at the dog park, trips to the beach, and camping. She just celebrated her Sweet 16 and she is going strong with no health issues.

Favorite Toy: She doesn’t need any toys, she loves playing with other pets.
Favorite Treat: Autumn loves to eat crackers.
Favorite Activity: She loves chasing squirrels.
Loves: Autumn loves to go camping and She takes it very seriously as she likes to dig herself her own bed in the dirt.
Fun fact: When Amy and her husband got married, Autumn was the ring bearer at their wedding.