Check out the rescue organizations of the 2019 American Rescue Dog Show contenders.


Senior Dogs:
Seniors are so grateful to be adopted and are wonderful dogs. There are many organizations that specialize in Seniors such as The Grey Muzzle Foundation and Muttville. For information on these organizations or to find out how to adopt a senior in your area go to our website.

Kids Who Rescue:
Teaching children to be kind to animals and humane education programs are vital. Thank you to St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Branchburg and Madison, NJ and Social Tees Animal Rescue in NYC for empowering children to help homeless pets at your facilities.

Pitbull Segment:
Keeping families and canine companions together is the mission of the organization My Pitbull is Family. They provide the nation’s largest housing database that accepts all dogs and conducts research on insurance policies to end housing and insurance discrimination.

About Galgos: is a non-profit whose mission is to increase awareness of Galgos and Podencos bred for hunting, to promote adoption, to increase awareness of their plight, and to encourage advocacy to protect these gentle creatures from abuse. Please visit

2019 Rescue Organizations

A Purposeful Rescue
Belly Rubs contender Oaklee

A Wish for Animals
Snoring contender Frank

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
Special Needs contender The Wondrous Winston

Adopt a Saint
Couch Potato contender Lulu

Afghan Hound Rescue of Southern California
Couch Potato contender Josh

Al-Van Humane Society
Smile contender Willy

Angel’s Heart Dog Rescue
Talking contender Pip

Angels N Paws
Snoring contender Chiquita

Animal Hope & Wellness
Talking contender Olive

Aussie Rescue San Diego & Friends
Wiggle Butt contender Babka

Baja Dog Rescue
Special Needs contender Scooty

Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue
Wiggle Butt contender Blanca

Baloojas Foundation
Snoring contender Beef

Bull Terrier rescue of Southern California
Couch Potato contender Stella

California GSP Rescue
Couch Potato contender Honey

Dachshund Rescue of LA
Short ‘N Sweet contender Indiana Bones

Short ‘N Sweet contender Marcel Duchamp

Dobies and Little Paws Rescue
Couch Potato contender Blue
Underbite contender Creature

Dogs without Borders
Smile contender Chappy

Dream Team Angels Rescue
Smile contender Waffles

East Valley Animal Shelter
Underbite contender Panagiota

Friends of Orange County's Homeless Pets
Short ‘N Sweet contender Maggie

Fur Baby Rescue
Wiggle Butt contender Luna

Galgo de Sol USA
Senior contender Raul

Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue
Smile contender Lady

Helen Woodward Animal Center
Couch Potato contender Cooper
Short ‘N Sweet contender Pablo

Hollywood Huskies
Belly Rubs contender Banshee

Huskie Haven LA
Talking contender Nick

I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue
Underbite contender Jojo

Jimmy’s Angels
Talking contender Ghost

K9 Kismet
Underbite contender Theodore

Lodi City Animal Shelter
Talking contender Delilah

Love Leo Rescue
Snoring contender Big Belinda
Special Needs contender Larry
Talking contender Sydney

Maeday Rescue
Senior contender Midge

Maricopa Animal Care & Control
Talking contender Mo

Nashville Humane Association
Underbite contender Jim Bear

One Dane at a Time
Special Needs contender Moxie

Ozzie and Friends Rescue
Belly Rubs contender Pirate

Palmetto Paws
Talking contender Mia

Pasadena Humane Society
Senior contender Rabbit

Pets & People Humane Society
Senior contender Autumn

Pug Nation Rescue of LA
Belly Rubs contender Sweet P

Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue
Short ‘N Sweet contender Georgie

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society
Short ‘N Sweet contender Howard the Dog

San Diego Humane Society
Smile contender JJ

Save the Dalmations
Special Needs contender Penelope

Shelter Hope Pet Shop Thousand Oaks
Short ‘N Sweet contender Ookla

Smiling Dog Rescue
Couch Potato contender Daddy-O
Smile contender Tina
Snoring contender Charlotte
Special Needs contender Emmi

Social Tees
Smile contender Harley
Wiggle Butt contender Gumdrop

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation
Belly Rubs contender Bo

The Animal Protectates (TAPS)
Underbite contender Galileo

The Forgotten Dog Foundation
Special Needs contender Cupcake

The Little Red Dog
Snoring contender Munster

Valhalla Rescue
Snoring contender Scooter Butt Durand

Valley Animal Haven
Underbite contender Mabel

Vanderpump Dogs
Wiggle Butt contender Honey

Ventura County Animal Services
Belly Rubs contender Prince

Wags & Walks
Belly Rubs contender Ruby

West LA Animal Shelter
Wiggle Butt contender Rocco

Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond
Senior contender Joey

Westside German Shepherd Rescue
Senior contender Chaos

Xoloitzcuintil Primitive Breed Rescue
Wiggle Butt contender Zelda