Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

9. Riley - Fetching Category

Name: Riley
Category: Fetching
Adopted from: Best Friends Animal Society, Los Angeles Center

About Riley: After the loss of Stephanie's dog, she was convinced that she could never get another dog. The house was so quiet and empty, and in time, she decided to look online for a dog (and a boyfriend!). She went to the shelter and as she walked down the aisle, she was close to turning around and leaving the facility. Then, there he was! Riley had just arrived at the shelter, walked up to her, and laid on his back. When she rubbed his belly she knew it was a match! Six months later, and after hundreds of dates online, she also met the love of her life and married James. Now Riley and Jim are like two peas in a pod… they play fetch and basketball every morning. They are now a completed family and could not be happier!

Favorite Toy: Riley loves any stuffed animal but his favorite is a little lamb we call Lamby. Lamby is Riley’s security blanket.

Favorite Treat: Riley loves bully sticks. After he eats breakfast, Riley will come over and give us the stare down. He’s saying with his eyes, “Look, I finished the kibble, so give me my bone.” One of us will say, “You want your bone?” Riley will hop over to the “bone place” and wait for it. He will give us a paw and run. If you try to pet him while he’s eating his stick, he will growl and telling us, “Back off or I’ll eat your finger.”

Favorite Activity: Riley’s favorite activity is going to the park to play fetch. James will sneak Riley in a NO DOGS ALLOWED baseball field by lifting the fence, and Riley knows to crawl under it. Riley goes mad with excitement at the chance to run free and feel the grass between his paw pads. He gets super dirty every morning with all that white fur.

Loves: Riley loves belly rubs. He gets so excited when he hasn’t seen a human friend in a while he will show off his belly and then pee in their face.

Fun fact: Riley loves to take pictures. He also loves to make strangers smile. He’s like a celebrity when we walk down a busy street. People will follow us just to get a picture with Riley. Old English Sheepdogs are a rarity in LA. He has his own instagram of course [rileythesheepdog] and we encourage these new friends to follow him.

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