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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

8. Oreo - Fetching Category

Name: Oreo
Category: Fetching WINNER
Adopted from: Forte Animal Rescue

About Oreo: Oreo is great at two things: fetching and flashing that amazing smile of his. He even has his own system for fetching: as Oreo brings the ball back he gently uses his nose to properly place the ball closer. Brian calls him the “The King of Fetch.” Brian met Oreo when he was volunteering and although he has met and rescued many dogs from the euthanasia lists, there was something about Oreo that he just fell in love with! They now live together happily ever after.

Favorite Toy: The ball! Any ball will do! The coolest part, aside from his Olympic catching and fetching skills, is when he brings it back he pushes it with his nose to the person throwing it!

Favorite Treat: When it comes to treats, Oreo doesn’t discriminate. He gets very focused, sits, and shakes paws for it!

Favorite Activity: He loves the beach. Best: playing ball on the Beach! Nirvana!

Loves: Oreo loves belly rubs (we call them tunny wubs), treats, ball time.

Fun fact: He loves it when I throw parties, very social.

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