Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

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Allister - Couch Potato Category

Name: Allister
Category: Couch Potato

About Allister: Allister enjoys massages and finding the perfect spot that makes his leg twitch. He loves the couch, sometimes even napping on the top of it! Rescued by Daniel, his snuggling skills are truly of Olympic quality. Allister is trained and is a therapy dog with ADA credentials. His name is Allister because it means “protector of mankind.”

Favorite Toy: KONG bone and tire toy! Allister loves chasing the rolling tire and making the bone squeak! He can be entertained for hours with these toys. Only things that stops him is a nap or treat!

Favorite Treat: Blue Dog Bakery Doggie paw treats. This is where Allister really shines. He’ll do tricks for treats, and once you give one to him he runs over to his bed and proudly eats his new prize. He’ll dance and jump for a treat! Once you say “sit,” he’ll sit for as long as a excited pup can.

Favorite Activity: Allister loves going on long runs. He just glides along the sidewalk. He always is an avid bush hunter. He’ll sniff out little furry friends in bushes and even bunny hop in the bushes to meet them! He loves meeting new dogs and socializing with new people.

Loves: Allister loves climbing things! He’ll walk on the back of the couch and just perch there.

Fun fact: Daniel may have saved Allister, but Daniel says, “Every single day Allister returns the favor as a friend with a loving soul, and those brown eyes that know more than I’ll never know.”

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Dora - Couch Potato Category

Name: Dora
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: All Breed Rescue in Yucaipa

About Dora: At first Dora was shy but it didn't take long for her to live up to her name, Dora the explorer--she is forever curious about what is going on around her. She lives for her daily 2- 4 mile walks. Dora has taken a liking to sofas. Her favorite is in the master bedroom where she often hangs out during the day and sleeps at night. She also likes to sit out on an outdoor sofa and check out the backyard during the day…provided it isn't too hot in the Palm Springs sun. Dora is the fourth rescue dog and third Standard Poodle rescue that Michael and Jeff have had in the past 20 years.

Favorite Toy: While Dora has a box full of toys, she only has two that she ever plays with; one for outside and one for indoors. Her outdoor toy is a very well used green Care Bear that she loves to play with in the morning after breakfast. She grabs it in her mouth, throws it as far as she can, and then runs over to pick it up and do it again. The interesting part is that she doesn’t want anyone to throw it for her to retrieve…she wants to do it all herself. Her indoor toy is a furry aardvark. When we come home and go into the bedroom she usually grabs her aardvark in her front paws and lays down to lick its fur while watching to see what we are doing. That toy seldom leaves the bedroom, but appears to be one she plays with when she is in a good mood.

Favorite Treat: Dora is not a big treat kind of dog…and we have tried many. The one treat she does get is turkey lunchmeat topping her food at breakfast and dinner. She will often take it out of the bowl and go over to her favorite rug to eat each piece before returning to grab another. It has become as much an entitlement as a treat.

Favorite Activity: Dora is crazy about her walks!!! She gets two each and every day, rain or shine, even in the Palm Springs Summer, one in the morning and a second after the sun goes over the mountain in the afternoon (or evening depending on the time of year). She doesn’t mind sleeping in on occasion as long as she gets her walk in before breakfast. When she hears the crinkle of the plastic dog poo bags she runs to where her harness is hanging and patiently waits for us to put it on. In the afternoon/evening she knows when the sun goes over the mountain, even on cloudy days, and starts pacing and going from one of us to the other to let us know it is time. Once we get out the front door and into the front courtyard area, she gets so excited she barks and jumps in circles before we put the leash on. Once on her walk, she begins the hunt for rabbits; she knows where they live and chases them. Of course, the bunnies are fast and can easily slip under fences and bushes. Not sure what she will do if she ever catches one.

Loves: Dora loves to be petted, especially on the head, under her ears and around her neck. If you stop before she wants you to, she uses her nose to nudge your hand or bats you with her paw to let you know your job is not done.

Fun fact: Dora knows which houses along the walk have dogs and she seem to take great enjoyment in getting their attention. She has a high-pitched kind of whimper when we get close to those houses and, once the dog inside starts to bark, her tail goes up and she walks faster past the house as if she knows her mission is accomplished. We call her a trouble-maker.

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Faith - Couch Potato Category

Name: Faith
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Sandy Blout of Afghan Hound Rescue Southern California

About Faith: Faith is a purebred Afghan who was found at a puppy mill in Taiwan. She was adopted by her former foster Mom in the United States. Faith loves to stretch out near a nice cozy fireplace after a hard day of being beautiful. In the evening, she likes watching TV on the couch and insists on snuggling. She's a very sweet and affectionate girl.

Favorite Toy: Knuckle Bones. We have a little mixed breed dog (Boogie) who we call "The Bone Collector." He hoards all the bones so Faith has to be very tricky to get one from him. She will lick his ear and lick his face. As he is blindsided by all the attention, she grabs the bone and runs away with it.

Favorite Treat: Kirkland Bones. Faith gets one after every meal. She gobbles her food down in anticipation of the bone. She eats it very quickly and goes on the search for crumbs left from the other dogs.

Favorite Activity: We have half an acre with a hill on one side. Faith loves to blast out the door and make laps around the yard then up the bank. She is very fast. Like a fine sports car shifting gears, she accelerates to lightning speed.

Loves: Faith loves to stand by someone, and could stand there for hours being petted. If you stop petting her she nudges you and rubs her head on you.

Fun fact: Faith has been on the runway in Hollywood in fashion shows. She has also been in calendars (on the cover once).

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Lazarus - Couch Potato Category

Name: Lazarus
Category: Couch Potato WINNER
Adopted from: Adopt A Saint

About Lazarus: At 174 pounds, Lazarus still acts like a puppy. He loves to play with his toys but his favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch. Lazarus also likes to chew bones while relaxing in his dog bed. He loves belly rubs, massages, and cuddling…. preferably on the couch, of course! Lazarus is the ambassador for his breed’s rescue group as he loves to meet and greet people and dogs at fundraisers and dog parks.

Favorite Toy: His nylabone. He loves for me to throw the bone and he goes and fetches it, then runs to his dog bed to chew on it. He will also run around the yard with it in his mouth so I can’t get it.

Favorite Treat: Milkbones. When I get the milkbone out he comes over to me and sits, then shakes. Then he gets the treat and runs over to a spot in the hallway to eat it, which takes him about 30 seconds.

Favorite Activity: He likes going for walks at our community lake so he can meet the kids and other dogs. He loves going on car rides or to the dog park.

Loves: He loves belly rubs, sleeping on his back, or we play a catch if you can game in the back yard.

Fun fact: He loves sleeping on his back with his legs hanging in the air.

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Nelson - Couch Potato Category

Name: Nelson
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Social Tees Animal Rescue Foundation

About Nelson: Nelson was a stray in The Bronx and brought to a NYC Shelter.
Marc Loren, a resident of Los Angeles, saw Nelson’s photo online as a dog at risk for euthanasia simply due to lack of space in the shelter. Marc couldn’t bear to have that happened. He contacted Social Tees Animal Rescue in NYC to save him, but living all the way across the country, Marc never thought it was possible to adopt him. There was something about that picture of Nelson and he kept thinking about this sweet little boy who needed a home. The connection was too strong, and Marc flew to NY to bring Nelson back to Los Angeles to join his family.

Marc is most proud that Nelson is a kind dog—eager to kiss and please everyone. He said Nelson is also the funniest clown in the world. Nelson loves to crunch ice and also loves hotel beds where he is known for pulling off the blankets and rearranging the sheets to make his own cozy nest.

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Riley - Couch Potato Category

Name: Riley
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption

About Riley: Riley is a Greyhound, rescued from the racetrack, who loves to sit with Ron, the father of the family. She will sit in his chair with him for hours and watch movies. Riley was initially timid but Ron helped her overcome her fears. Now they are inseparable. Riley’s family thinks she has the most human qualities of any dog they have ever met.

Favorite Toy: Riley loves time with Ron. It is truly her highest mission to have quiet time with Ron. She enjoys the rest of her life, but when all is said and done, she wants to be with Ron in the chair, and be held.

Fun fact: Riley was frightened of everything when she came to our home, especially men. Ron made it his mission to show how men could be trusted. The most fun thing is that Riley has learned to trust, thanks to a patient and wonderful man. She now accepts other men into her life.

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Elvis Presley - Fetching Category

Name: Elvis Presley
Category: Fetching
Adopted from: Eloise Rescue

About Elvis Presley: Elvis loves to play fetch…at home, in the park, anytime! When he was first adopted, Vickie slowly introduced him to a ball. He learned to play with it and bring it back. Now he can’t get enough…fetching his ball brings him pure joy! Elvis was incredibly shy and on the euthanasia list when he was rescued by Vickie. With love and patience, Elvis has become the smart, loving dog that people simply adore.

Favorite Toy: A small ball. He loves to play fetch, at home, in the park, anytime.

Favorite Treat: He loves any treat I allow him. We are very healthy so only high quality for my boy. He will do “beg up” for a treat.

Favorite Activity: Going to the park, he loves it.

Loves: Going under the covers and snuggling up.

Fun fact: He loves to play ball.

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Oreo - Fetching Category

Name: Oreo
Category: Fetching WINNER
Adopted from: Forte Animal Rescue

About Oreo: Oreo is great at two things: fetching and flashing that amazing smile of his. He even has his own system for fetching: as Oreo brings the ball back he gently uses his nose to properly place the ball closer. Brian calls him the “The King of Fetch.” Brian met Oreo when he was volunteering and although he has met and rescued many dogs from the euthanasia lists, there was something about Oreo that he just fell in love with! They now live together happily ever after.

Favorite Toy: The ball! Any ball will do! The coolest part, aside from his Olympic catching and fetching skills, is when he brings it back he pushes it with his nose to the person throwing it!

Favorite Treat: When it comes to treats, Oreo doesn’t discriminate. He gets very focused, sits, and shakes paws for it!

Favorite Activity: He loves the beach. Best: playing ball on the Beach! Nirvana!

Loves: Oreo loves belly rubs (we call them tunny wubs), treats, ball time.

Fun fact: He loves it when I throw parties, very social.

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Riley - Fetching Category

Name: Riley
Category: Fetching
Adopted from: Best Friends Animal Society, Los Angeles Center

About Riley: After the loss of Stephanie's dog, she was convinced that she could never get another dog. The house was so quiet and empty, and in time, she decided to look online for a dog (and a boyfriend!). She went to the shelter and as she walked down the aisle, she was close to turning around and leaving the facility. Then, there he was! Riley had just arrived at the shelter, walked up to her, and laid on his back. When she rubbed his belly she knew it was a match! Six months later, and after hundreds of dates online, she also met the love of her life and married James. Now Riley and Jim are like two peas in a pod… they play fetch and basketball every morning. They are now a completed family and could not be happier!

Favorite Toy: Riley loves any stuffed animal but his favorite is a little lamb we call Lamby. Lamby is Riley’s security blanket.

Favorite Treat: Riley loves bully sticks. After he eats breakfast, Riley will come over and give us the stare down. He’s saying with his eyes, “Look, I finished the kibble, so give me my bone.” One of us will say, “You want your bone?” Riley will hop over to the “bone place” and wait for it. He will give us a paw and run. If you try to pet him while he’s eating his stick, he will growl and telling us, “Back off or I’ll eat your finger.”

Favorite Activity: Riley’s favorite activity is going to the park to play fetch. James will sneak Riley in a NO DOGS ALLOWED baseball field by lifting the fence, and Riley knows to crawl under it. Riley goes mad with excitement at the chance to run free and feel the grass between his paw pads. He gets super dirty every morning with all that white fur.

Loves: Riley loves belly rubs. He gets so excited when he hasn’t seen a human friend in a while he will show off his belly and then pee in their face.

Fun fact: Riley loves to take pictures. He also loves to make strangers smile. He’s like a celebrity when we walk down a busy street. People will follow us just to get a picture with Riley. Old English Sheepdogs are a rarity in LA. He has his own instagram of course [rileythesheepdog] and we encourage these new friends to follow him.

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Sammy - Fetching Category

Name: Sammy
Category: Fetching
Adopted from: Helen Woodward Animal Center

About Sammy: Sammy loves stuffed squeaky toys, but above all, he loves his ball. He loves to fetch, fetch, fetch! Sammy has overcome many fears with the use of his ball – he was once afraid of the water, but now will swim all day as long as there is a fetching opportunity. He is a great swimmer and has webbed toes. His full name is Samwise after the character in the movie "Lord of the Rings." Sammy lives happily with five humans, one guinea pig, and a snake.

Favorite Toy: Sammy loves stuffed squeaky toys, but above all, he loves his ball. He will fetch as long as I will throw it with the chucker. He was afraid to go on the boat with the family, until we brought the ball and he realized he would have a turn to swim off the boat for the ball.

Favorite Treat: Sam likes all treats, but family trips to fro-yo are the best. We always get a small sample for Sam, which he licks down to the paper sample cup.

Favorite Activity: If Sam could fetch the ball all day, he would. Fetching at the beach is the best place since the sand and water are best for his feet. He can cool off in the water of the Pacific.

Loves: Belly rubs! If Sam isn’t fetching the ball, neighborhood walks are the next best thing, especially with the family. Smelling his way around the block, meeting doggie friends and visiting neighbors are the bests part of his day (if we’re not playing fetch).

Fun fact: Sam’s original name was “Pop”, since his litter was named after snack foods, including “Pretzel” and “Peanut.”

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Xanthos - Fetching Category

Name: Xanthos
Category: Fetching
Adopted from: Belgian Tervuren Rescue

About Xanthos: Xanthos is named after the immortal horse of Achilles. He is very athletic and gentle, he loves play frisbee, hike, and do agility. Xanthos also likes to fetch keys, balls, and just about anything! Although he needed some TLC upon rescuing, the rescue group could tell he possessed a fantastic temperament. When Gretchen and her husband met him, they knew he was the dog for them! Gretchen says that Xanthos “is the most wonderful and loyal friend."

Favorite Toy: His big yellow fuzzy squeaky toy. He loves to chase it, then bring it to his mat to lie down with it, chew on it, and make it squeak.

Favorite Treat: He loves all treats, but his favorite is probably mozzarella string cheese. He gobbles it down quickly. He does a cute “sit pretty” to get them.

Favorite Activity: Playing frisbee. When I pull out the frisbee, he starts jumping up with excitement. He loves to chase it and grab it out of the air.

Loves: Going to dog training classes with me. When I start getting ready, he insists on getting into his crate in the car so that he is not left behind. He loves the whole idea of getting treats for doing things.

Fun fact: He can weave backwards through my legs.

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Gracie - Kissing Category

Name: Gracie
Category: Kissing
Adopted from: Boxer Rescue LA

About Gracie: Gracie loves being with people – she is a cuddler and loves being right next to you at all times. Rachel had fostered Gracie, who bonded instantly with her young son and other dog. It was a “foster failure”. Gracie now helps other rescue dogs with her family.

Favorite Toy: Gracie’s favorite toy is any ball. She LOVES to play fetch. She has also been known to poke holes (accidentally, of course!) in soccer balls – so she can then carry them around. She also loves a Christmas ornament shaped plush toy – initially it terrified her, now she loves to play “tug” with it and chase after it.

Favorite Treat: Gracie loves ALL treats! And, she also loves people food (thus her, and my, waistlines could both be a little smaller!). When I’m eating dinner, she very gently “paws” my leg, so I know to give her some of what I’m having. She also drools like crazy! And, looks up at me with those sad eyes, so she gets whatever she wants.

Favorite Activity: Gracie loves being with people – especially my son. She is a cuddler, and loves being right next to you at all times. She also loves playing with her dog best friends. I always say she has a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends. She loves playing with Lula, her great dane best friend, and Hunter, her boxer boyfriend. She and Hunter play for hours, then lie on the bed and kiss. She also comes with me to volunteer at the Boxer Rescue where her job is to be a “test” dog (so we can see how dogs react to other dogs).

Loves: Her family! She loves anyone and everyone who walks in the door. I say that she’s the epitome of that phrase, “A stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet!”. When anyone walks in the door, she must check them out, kiss them, sniff them, and love on them. She loves being a part of everything. She kisses you as much as you’ll allow. She also loves being lazy, cuddling, and being petted.

Fun fact: I think she would probably love a cat – she loves sitting by the cat play area at her vet’s office

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Lizzie - Kissing Category

Name: Lizzie
Category: Kissing WINNER
Adopted from: Bullies and Buddies

About Lizzie: Lizzie loves belly rubs, and going out shopping or somewhere with lots of people she knows she can steal cuddles from. When she finds the right person, she will wait and lay down in the walking path to get belly rubs. If they don’t stop, she won’t move and will wait for the next victim. Lizzie loves people and plays to the camera; she is not shy and has many rescue playmates. She loves to kiss!

Favorite Toy: Lizzie has a Bunny blanket toy that she has had since the day I rescued her. It’s the one toy she hasn’t completely torn to shreds. Sometimes she licks it, sometimes she sleeps with it, and she even tries to put it in my mouth when I sleep. Recently, her favorite toy is a Zebra that crinkles and squeaks. It was a gift from my friend, Colleen, aka her second mom, as well as mom to her first friend Pigeon. Lizzie will toss that Zebra in the air, fetch and catch, etc. I think she likes sleeping with this toy because it smells like her friend.

My favorite part about coming home is when she greets me with her favorite toy, and just paces because she is so excited.

Favorite Treat: Lizzie does not discriminate when it comes to treats. She likes all treats from chicken, to rice paper bones, to peanut butter. She will try to quickly take the treat from your hand, in case you change your mind (I don’t know why she does this) then retreat under the dining table or to her bed to enjoy it. She also loves goat’s milk and absolutely has to have her morning milk while I enjoy my morning coffee. Something funny: if I hold two treats up and ask her to pick one (even if they are exactly the same), she loses her mind as if she is making the hardest decision of her life. She gets vocal and sometimes even jumps around until she figures out she can have both.

Favorite Activity: Lizzie loves going to the beach and running into the ocean after her chuck-it beach toy. She loves going in to the water, but if the toy is too far out of her comfort zone she’ll let another dog get it and then take it from them to give to me.

Loves: Lizzie loves my niece and nephew. The minute we turn down the street she starts crying for them. She also loves hiking, kayaking, car rides, and any adventure where we can be outside.

Fun fact: Lizzie understands English and Korean.

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Mikey - Kissing Category

Name: Mikey
Category: Kissing
Adopted from: Lhasa Happy Homes

About Mikey: Mikey is the world’s greatest kisser and will kiss his family for hours! Mikey just loves being with Melissa, sitting on her lap, and going everywhere with her. After a week of fostering Mikey, Melissa and her children realized he is needed to be a part of their lives. Melissa is grateful for the positive energy and love that Mikey has brought to their home.

Favorite Toy: Mikey loves stuffed animals that squeak. His favorite is a green alligator. When he’s feeling playful, he grabs the alligator out of the toy basket and runs around the house with the alligator in his mouth squeaking and squeaking. He tries to make his brother Ash chase him and they seem to play a game of hide and seek with each other. It’s too cute!

Favorite Treat: Mikey’s favorite treat is the chicken jerky from Trader Joe’s. Every morning after our walk he gets one. Sometime, if I don’t get him one right away and I make coffee for myself first, then Mikey jumps up onto my leg and starts scratching my leg as to say “MOM! You forgot my treat!” As soon as I get him his treat, he takes it to his bed in the kitchen and eats it all up. He usually comes back to me begging for another one... and if I have more, I always give him one.

Favorite Activity: You would not think that a 12 pound fluffy white Shih Tzu would be a good running companion, but Mikey is special. Because he wants to be with me wherever I go, he became a runner. When I take Mikey to the beach and go on a run, he is in heaven. And amazingly, he keeps up with for me for our 2.5 mile magical Malibu runs. His adopted brother Ash keeps him company and the two of them will often chase the birds or go play with the other dogs we meet along our run. Mikey literally wears a giant smile from start to finish. He absolutely loves it!

Loves: Mikey just loves being with me. That’s what he loves best. As long as he can see me, go with me or sit on my lap… he is happy. He follows my every move around the house. No matter where I go, Mikey is right there behind me. And when I leave the house, he expects to go with me (I usually take him). He loves sitting on my lap while I drive and I love having him there.

Fun fact: He snores when he sleeps (and it makes me smile every time I hear it).

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Riley - Kissing Category

Name: Riley
Category: Kissing
Adopted from: Rockin Rescue Woodland Hills

About Riley: Riley is the happiest dog who loves to kiss everyone she meets. She loves going to the park, playing with her “Squeaky Duck,” and likes to snuggle her family. Since being adopted, Riley has completed her training to become a service and therapy dog for children with autism. When her son’s therapy dog passed away, Debbie, a certified dog trainer, knew that Riley would be the perfect fit for her family. She was right…Riley is now an integral, and very much loved, member of the family!

Favorite Toy: Tennis balls – retrieving them.

Several generations of “Squeaky Duck” – they survive about three days until only a wing is left!

Favorite Treat: I just mention the word “treat” and Riley does an automatic “sit” and pricks up her ears. She likes puppy pepperoni and Milo’s Kitchen chicken meatballs.

Favorite Activity: Going to the dog park. Riley loves going to the Dog Beach in San Diego and playing with other dogs in the surf.

Loves: Butt rubs!

Fun fact: I adopted Riley to train as a service dog for an autistic family so I could get my certification as a service dog trainer. I passed the field test with her. Then my own son’s beloved service dog Dulce passed away and he wanted to keep Riley. I said yes as my son has autism.

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Tallulah - Kissing Category

Name: Tallulah
Category: Kissing
Adopted from: Upland Animal Shelter

About Tallulah: Jim and Betsy visited the Upland Animal Shelter to adopt a puppy that they could train for the fun sport of canine agility. The minute Jim saw Tallulah, it was love at first sight. He could tell that she was smart and agile. Tallulah now has seven Master Agility Championships (MACH) and other agility titles. However, her favorite game is called the “Kissing Game,” where she runs and jumps back and forth between Betsy and Jim, jumping up into their arms and covering them with kisses. Jim calls Tallulah his real-life teddy bear.

Favorite Toy: Tallulah was a street dog, then lived in the shelter for quite a while. She didn't learn to play with toys as a young puppy, and has never been interested in toys.

Favorite Treat: Betsy bakes a fish loaf with canned salmon and tuna, eggs, ground kibble and oatmeal, and sometimes substitutes low fat burger for the fish. Tallulah knows where her crate and treat bag are at agility trials and drags Betsy all the way from the ring to her treats, drooling all the way. Twice we have stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home, where she gets a little doggy size ice cream, and now screams if we stop along the way, thinking we must be at Dairy Queen.

Favorite Activity: Tallulah loves the "kissing game." She also loves doing distance games in agility. When she is especially good, I tell her "Wow, Tallulah"! Sometimes she makes a sound like "wow" back at me.

Loves: When Jim comes home in the car he stops and opens the gate. Tallulah watches for him from the window, then runs to the door and "sings." Betsy opens the door, and out of our four dogs, only Tallulah is allowed to run and jump in the car into Jim's lap, and ride with him from the gate to the garage. It's her special thing that she loves to do.

Fun fact: We made a poster with some of her photos for the Upland Shelter when Tallulah got her first AKC Master Agility Champion title (she now has seven Championships). People still come up to us and say they saw her poster at the Shelter.

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Bertie Botts - Listening Category

Name: Bertie Botts
Category: Listening WINNER
Adopted from: Hope For Paws

About Bertie Botts: Bertie Botts is paying attention to everything you say…she even remembers names! She likes to tilt her head and pay attention and looks adorable doing so. Bertie is named after a Harry Potter character…Bertie Botts. Bertie is extremely kind to others, she has a pet rat named Pat, and a feline sister names Schmox, whom she loves. Her favorite toy is her birthday “duck,” a present she received on her birthday.

Favorite Toy: She has two. One is her birthday duck, which is yellow and furry (for some reason), and she got it on her birthday. She likes to play tug-of-war with it, and she tries to kill it by chomping on the “heart” (the squeaker). Whenever she wants Dad to engage, she digs her birthday duck out of her pile of toys. The other is her treat ball—a hard blue plastic ball that is filled with tiny treats—she will knock it all over the place with her paws to make the treats fall out. If we happen to be boarding dogs, they will follow her around, knowing that following her leads to treasure.

Favorite Treat: She LOVES chicken jerky—offering this to her will make her shake her head with wild eyes, as if to say, “GIMME GIMME GIMME!” Another one is the dried lamb’s ear—this, for some reason, she will not really “work on,” but will spend hours looking for the perfect hiding place. I find these under her bed, under my pillows, and in other places—very strange. She treats them like pirates’ booty.

Favorite Activity: She loves her best friends—a handful of dogs she’s grown up with. She also loves staying in cabins and hotels with Dad and Dad’s loved ones. I THINK she likes car rides, as long as she is alone in the passenger seat.

Loves: She loves her Uncle Tony, her Uncle Jim, Aunt Wendy, Aunt Addie, Cousin Chuck, Puddy, Oscar, Harry, Bella, George, Aunt Julia, Uncle David, Linky, Charlie, Noah, Harley, Sierra, and her sister Schmox. (Most of these are dogs.)

Fun fact: · She presses her paws against her dad when sleeping and doesn’t stir until he wakes up.

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Cody - Listening Category

Name: Cody
Category: Listening
Adopted from: transport via Wings of Rescue

About Cody: Cody is an outstanding listener. He is a gentle, very cuddly dog that wants to meet every person he comes across. Cody is a friend to all dogs too. Smart and attentive, he taught himself to knock on doors to let people know he wants to come in! Cody was in danger of euthanasia and when Renita met Cody, she knew she had to take care of him. Her apartment didn’t allow dogs, so she moved out and found a new place just so she and Cody could be together!

Favorite Toy: Cody loves his treat ball. He enjoys kicking it around with his paws and making little treats fall out. It’s a game for him that is fun and he gets to exercise his mind – which he loves. He’s nuts about treats, too.

Favorite Treat: Cody loves these little dried fish. They’re crunchy and he gets more excited for them any other treat. Maybe he loves fish because he is descendant from the Dingo, who also eat fish.

Favorite Activity: Cody loves to practice his tricks. He has learned to lay down, wait to take food, stand on two legs, and he’s working on jumping through hoops! He loves to practice his tricks because he gets to learn and also get treats!

Loves: Cody loves to lick everything! He licks his paws, he licks his little sister’s face and he licks the water off my shins after I take shower. He also loves to lick anything that has lotion on it. Sometimes he comes out of nowhere and starts licking my face.

Fun fact: He’s very calm and helps his little sister, who is Mini Pinscher/Italian Greyhound mix with anxiety issues.

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Fitz - Listening Category

Name: Fitz
Category: Listening
Adopted from: LA Animal Services, South LA Shelter

About Fitz: Fitz is a gorgeous dog with a beautiful soul. Most people who meet him stop and say, “That face!” Fitz is the most affectionate dog ever, who loves to cuddle, give kisses, and tilt his head with interest at certain sounds. Fitz is a not very good howler but still gives it the old college try when a fire truck goes by!

Favorite Toy: Fitz has a small stuffed chicken with squeakers inside, and pretty much is a sucker for anything fluffy with squeakers. We call them “fluffs.” When Fitz gets excited over anything like us coming home, he runs around looking for his toy and then carries it around, prancing in circles with it in his mouth. He also sometimes likes to squeak it rhythmically like a musical instrument. And then from time to time, he decides enough is enough and rips the squeakers out of it. Then it’s time for a new chicken. We go through lots of fluffs in our house!

Favorite Treat: Fitz’s favorite treat is his daily “toothbrush,” which is a teeth cleaning chew made of potato. He always takes it extremely gently, but then pretty much plows it down, as he does most food.

Favorite Activity: Fitz loves open trail hiking. His favorite thing is to run far ahead on the trail, free to explore and wander. Although Fitz is small in stature, he gets so excited that he will take flying leaps across streams, small chasms, off walls, anywhere really. Sometimes he goes tumbling, but always comes up with a big excited look on his face.

Loves: Most dogs can only take so much snuggling, but not Fitz. The closer you snuggle him, the more he loves it, burying his face in you until he can barely breathe and often falling fast asleep almost immediately when he is held or snuggled.

Fun fact: Whenever Fitz hears a dog crying on TV, he tilts his head about 90 degrees like he is listening very intently.

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Samantha - Listening Category

Name: Samantha
Category: Listening
Adopted from: Karma Rescue

About Samantha: Adoptable Samantha is a sweet, petite low rider, with medium to low energy, and is a good listener! She tilts her head when she hears high pitched noises, knows her basic commands, and enjoys exercise. Samantha also loves to play fetch and leap into the air for her tennis balls! This sweet and charming girl loves when you rub her ears, her belly, and her back. Once used as a breeding dog, Samantha is now in need of a family of her own in the Los Angeles area.

Favorite Toy: Her tennis ball and bones. Samantha will leap into air to catch ball. Loves to play fetch!

Favorite Treat: Chicken hot dogs! Samantha will sit and give paw for this treat.

Favorite Activity: Playing fetch and chasing tennis balls.

Loves: Belly rubs, ear rubs, massaging her back!

Fun fact: Tilts her head to the side when she hears high pitched noises.

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Zorra - Listening Category

Name: Zorra
Category: Listening
Adopted from: Los Angeles County Animal Shelter, Downey

About Zorra: Zorra is a loving, funny, and happy dog. She likes to give kisses in the morning, frolic on the beach, and play with the other dogs. Zorra knows about forty different words and is super smart, which makes it delightful to communicate with her. She is an outstanding listener and has brought an amazing amount of joy to the lives of her family.

Favorite Toy: Zorra's favorite toy that she has never destroyed is her black stallion horse with a brown saddle - it's about 18 inches long. She carries it all around the house and in the front and back yards. If you start to play with her, she looks at you as if to say "Just one second," and runs to find her horse so you can play with it too. She places it at your feet and her feet, and the game begins... who can get it first? She gives you a fair chance but she is quick. When you reach for it, she will get it 1 out of 5 times. Then she swings it back and forth playfully and gleefully in her mouth in victory.

Favorite Treat: Zorra loves all treats equally and impartially - salmon, chicken, turkey, a little cheese, sweet potato skins, apples, carrots, etcetera. She immediately sits in front of you so attentively as if you just offered her life everlasting. We always have her do one little trick (high-five, shake hands, stand, roll over, down, or give a hug), then she grabs it and takes it to her 'special' place to enjoy. It's a little spot in the backyard that she somehow designated long ago as her "treat-eating spot." She must be alone with her treats even though she is an "only dog."

Favorite Activity: Zorra's favorite activity is going to Huntington Dog Beach. She loves the ocean and starts sniffing, getting excited and whining when she smells it. When John goes out to ride waves, she chases him as far out as she can and she rides waves too. She plays with all of the dogs and chases the ball into the ocean all day long.

Loves: Zorra loves to play "hide and seek." One of us will go outside and shut the sliding door. Then she runs outside while we run back inside and hide. She runs back inside to find us hiding somewhere and tackles us when she does.

Fun fact: She is an escape artist. We stayed in a guest house on a farm when she was almost one year old. She broke into the farm owner's house and jumped into bed with the husband and wife and their Border Collie at 5am, like "Hi, let's cuddle!"

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Bailey - Senior Dog Category

Name: Bailey
Category: Senior Dog
Adopted from: Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue

About Bailey: Bailey was an overweight, sad adult dog when Kathy met, fell in love with her, and adopted her. As a marathon runner, Kathy, started taking her on slow walks. Bailey is now a healthy weight and the “Captain” of many charity fundraising walks to help both people and animals. Bailey assumes everyone loves her, and she loves to snuggle. Kathy likes to say the Bailey rescued her, not the other way around.

Favorite Toy: Bailey’s favorite toy is anything stuffed. She had a stuffed lady bug that was given to her from her boyfriend (a 13 pound cock-a-poo) that she kept for 2 years. She carried it everywhere and slept with it. Now she has numerous stuffed animals and she will pick one from the pile and carry outside with her to go on her walks or even just to go potty.

Favorite Treat: Bailey’s favorite treat is Vanilla flavored frozen yogurt, which she gets on special occasions. I get the sample cup size so there is only a tablespoon, and then I give her just a little at a time. She gets excited just pulling into the parking lot!

Favorite Activity: Playing with her new friend Brittney who is a 1 ½ year old black lab. They wrestle and take each other down. She chases her all over the park. It is so cute, and my vet says that keeps her young as she will be 11 this year.

Loves: Bailey loves to have her belly rubbed. The minute I come home she greats me at the door with a stuffed animal in her mouth and starts wiggling and whining, she then runs over to the rug, rolls over and wants her belly rubbed. So I rub her belly and then take her out for a walk, and then when we get back I sit down on the floor and she rolls over for another belly rub.

Fun fact: She loves water. I will put a jacket on her when it is raining so she doesn’t get wet, but the first thing she does is roll on the grass and gets completely soaked.

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Jackie - Senior Dog Category

Name: Jackie - Best in Rescue Champion
Category: Senior Dog WINNER
Adopted from: A Purposeful Rescue

About Jackie: At age 11, Jackie is young, gentle, and has an amazing spirit. She also loves to be by your side and just sit and stare into your eyes. Jackie was 10 years old when her former family left her at the shelter. Being a senior dog, and a black dog, her chances of adoption were slim. She was scheduled for euthanasia, and with hours to spare, she was rescued just in time! From the moment Jackie came home and met her new family, two kids, and three other rescue dogs, she knew she was home. Jackie loves snuggling in bed with her family at night, after a long day of swimming, playing fetch, and socializing. She has never met a person or dog that she didn’t like.

Favorite Toy: Her flamingo. We got it for her the day after she came to us and she doesn’t really go anywhere without it. When she isn’t walking around with it she uses it as a pillow.

Favorite Treat: It’s bizarre but her favorite treat is broccoli. Only cooked. She usually runs and spins in circles.

Favorite Activity: Jackie’s favorite activity is swimming - if we don’t physically pull her out of the pool, she would never stop. Doesn’t matter how tired she is...she will swim and catch the ball in the pool!

Loves: Jackie loves just being with us. Since she has arrived she has rarely left my side. It sounds cheesy but her favorite thing to do is to sit and stare into your eyes. It’s like she just wants to connect.

Fun fact: She never goes anywhere without a stuffed animal in her mouth (preferably the flamingo).

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Mischa - Senior Dog Category

Name: Mischa
Category: Senior Dog
Adopted from: Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California

About Mischa: Kristen and her husband were looking to rescue a gentle dog that would be great with her young son. She loves any kind of attention, is a gentle giant, and bonded with her son immediately. Mischa is a great canine ambassador. And did we mention she likes naps?

Favorite Toy: While her favorite plaything was always her bonded companion Samson, if there had to be a toy that she loved to play with it would be unstuffed animals with squeakers. She would throw them around and ultimately bury them in the yard.

Favorite Treat: Mischa loves freeze dried liver treats. She always plays it calm, cool and collected but the most endearing quality is the fact that she is exceedingly gentle when she takes the treat. You could have a sliver of a treat and she will nibble and never feel a tooth.

Favorite Activity: She enjoys naps, being in public, and meeting people. She is not a fan of the beach or water and is not fond of birds. We know when birds have invaded her yard because she will bark until the intruders leave.

Loves: She loves any kind of attention. If you are in the room with her and are awake, she will not allow you to not have a hand on her, petting, scratching cuddling. Heaven forbid you have a hand on her and stop any of the listed activities, as she will nose your hand back to work.

Fun fact: Despite the fact that Pyrenees are cold weather dogs, on a hot summer day, you’ll find her sprawled out sunbathing in the back yard.

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Missy - Senior Dog Category

Name: Missy
Category: Senior Dog
Adopted from: Lange Foundation

About Missy: Missy is a frisky, healthy, smart pup with a great sense of humor. Just hearing the words “dinner” or “walk” get her all excited. When she’s super happy, she races around the house at top speed. Missy also loves long car rides. Although she’s as senior dog, her upbeat personality doesn’t show her age at all. Missy is best friends with her next door neighbor, Buddy, who is always ready and up for playing.

Favorite Toy: Missy's favorite toy is an old wooly yellow sheep she took home from Lange Foundation.

Favorite Treat: Missy will eat essentially everything, even lettuce if it has dressing. She loves the few bones we've rarely brought home from a restaurant. She relishes dog biscuits of any make.

Favorite Activity: Running at the beach is by far her favorite activity, with or without birds. She will run from room to room as fast as possible in a large oval circuit when she’s excited about seeing someone, or after a bath in the shower stall after she’s towel dried.

Loves: She is a supreme belly rub addict from anyone she can induce to do it. She loves to snuggle next to people watching TV.

Fun fact: Missy will run to people on the sidewalk if they're friends and jump up on their forelegs.

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Pie - Senior Dog Category

Name: Pie
Category: Senior Dog
Adopted from: The American Belgian Malinois Rescue

About Pie: Pie is the friendliest dog you will ever meet. She loves all people from tiny babies on up! She also loves all dogs. In fact, she is named Pie because she is a sweetie pie. At eleven years old, Pie still loves to go hiking, run, and chase the tennis ball. She completed in agility for several years and she loved every moment of it until she retired.

Favorite Toy: Pie loves the tennis ball the most. She loves to chase it really fast and long. The best is to use the chuck-it. When she is too tired to chase it any more, she will start chewing on it. I don’t let her do that because it is bad for her teeth. But even though I don’t let her, she still gets away with it sometimes! Her teeth are pretty worn down because she loves the tennis ball so much. Even if we don’t have enough room to chase the ball, she is also happy to just have me toss it too her. She catches it out of the air, chomps on it a few times, then we do it again.

Favorite Treat: Pie is an equal opportunity treat eater. She is equally excited about any treat. It can be plain kibble, a big chunk of chicken, or a bully stick. No matter what it is, she eats is in one gulp if it is small, or finishes it in a few chews if it is a chew treat.

Favorite Activity: Hiking is her favorite! She runs and runs and runs.

Loves: She loves to have her rump, right above her, tail scratched. She will back up to a person who is sitting down so you can scratch her in just the right spot!

Fun fact: She plays the dog Apollo in the movie, “The Dog Who Saved Summer.” She was recruited for this movie because she plays an agility dog and she already knew how to do agility. She also had to do tricks like steal another dog’s collar and untie someone’s hands. The movie trainers were very impressed that she knew so much but was not an officially trained movie dog! She got paid and everything!

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Colonel - Snoring Category

Name: Colonel
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Boxer Rescue LA

About Colonel: Colonel couldn’t be happier with his adopted family. He likes to snuggle up on the sofa with them while watching movies and snores away! When he is not snoring like a freight train, the Colonel also loves to hike. He has climbed over 700 hills and mountains with Shawn and even carries his own backpack. Since adopting Colonel, Shawn has now become a rescue volunteer.

Favorite Toy: The Colonel does not discriminate – he loves ALL of his toys. But I guess if he has a favorite, it would be anything that rolls. He is OBSESSED with balls!

Favorite Treat: The Colonel LOVES (cooked) broccoli, Brussel sprouts, spaghetti noodles, and French fries. He immediately sits down and puts on his best begging manners until I finally break and give him some. They make him so crazy that he drools HUGE bubbles until he gets some.

Favorite Activity: HIKING! The colonel has climbed over 700 hills and mountains and is a member of the Sierra Club’s Hundred Peaks Section. He’s earned the coveted “100 Peaks Emblem” for having achieved ascents on one hundred mountains on their list, which are over 5 ,000 feet high in Southern California. He’s one of only a few dogs who have ever accomplished this.

Loves: Hiking, butt-scratches, and playing with squeaky toys – in this order.

Fun fact: He can perform the following for treats: sit, beg, stand up, fetch, lie down, high five, speak, and kisses on command.

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Kody - Snoring Category

Name: Kody
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Fur Kids R Us

About Kody: Although Kody is a senior dog, his age doesn’t slow him down. He loves everybody and every dog, and is very social. Kody loves to be the center of attention. When he is tired out from socializing, he hops up on the couch and settles in for some cuddle time! Kody has a doggie brother named Dexter who doesn’t seem to mind his snoring.

Favorite Toy: Since Kody is a senior, his toy playing is sporadic. He does run and grab a stuffed toy when he wants to show off in front of company, or when I come home from work and he’s feeling frisky. He will grab it, shake it around a bit and then it’s the quest to get the squeaker out…but not before removing all the stuffing!

Favorite Treat: Right now, Kody’s favorite treats are dehydrated bully sticks. He grabs one from me and then paces around until I sit on the floor with him. He only wants to eat them when he is on my lap. If I am not able to sit down, he needs to hide it. I love to spy on him while he tries to find the perfect hiding place. Sometimes it’s behind the curtains or under his favorite chair. Other times he takes it upstairs and who knows what he does up there, but it sounds like ceiling is going to come down! I caught him in the laundry basket once, burying it under clothes!

Favorite Activity: Kody loves to do everything. He loves to be the center of attention. One of his favorite things to do is go to Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach. The minute we get out of the car he can’t wait to sprint down to the water. He loves to chase big dogs that are chasing balls in the ocean. He waits for them until they come out of the water and then bounces!

Loves: Kody loves to be in the middle of it all. He loves car rides, to see his friends at Frenchie meets ups, and his evening walks on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. He knows everyone in every store, knows who has treats, and loves to say hi to everyone at the bars.

Fun fact: Last year he had soft palate surgery and had his nares opened up so he can breathe better.

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Mango - Snoring Category

Name: Mango
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Angel City Pit Bulls

About Mango: Mango has a unique gift…she has an earth-rattling snore that she generates with her massive, yet adorable jowls. She enjoys group outings and loves to be around other dogs of all breeds and sizes. Mango is working on achieving an Urban Canine Good Citizen certificate award.

Favorite Toy: Mango does not play with many toys but is fond of a beef-flavored wishbone chew toy. Although it’s around her almost all of the time, she prefers to play with it during the middle of the night when she can be the most disruptive to human sleep. She laughs in the face of toys that tout themselves to be for “big chewers.”

Favorite Treat: Mango considers dirty napkins treats even though we don't. Because of her massive jowls, she’s able to produce enough drool to eat a stack of unattended napkins before you even know they're missing.

Conventionally, she enjoys a mash of cheddar cheese and shredded chicken. If she's particularly well-behaved, she'll get a squirt of whipped cream. When she knows treats are coming, her mouth waters so much that you can hear the sound of her saliva hit the floor like rain as it drips from the corners of her mouth.

Favorite Activity: Mango’s favorite activity is spending time with her dog pals. In addition to general revelry and playdates, we've been a member of LARPBO (Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners) for two years. Beyond weekly training sessions, we go on a lot of group outings around the city.

Her other favorite activities include sleeping, snoozing, naps, resting, and of course, snoring while doing all these things.

Loves: Mango loves to be cozy with mom more than anything else in the entire world. Step One: Find Mom, Step Two: Drag blankets to Mom, Step Three: Make Mom bury me in blankets. Repeat, regardless of season or outside temperature.

Fun fact: The command for her to go into her crate must be sung, “Hey Mang, I’ve got bad news! It’s time for you to go in your crate!” If you just say the words, she won’t go in.

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Peaches - Snoring Category

Name: Peaches
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Smiling Dog Rescue

About Peaches: Peaches loves to cuddle on the bed after breakfast (and snore loudly)! She makes cute snorting sounds while walking along the beach and running along the ocean chasing birds. Peaches is ready to meet and love anyone and everyone, especially if they will give her a belly rub! Although she had a rough beginning, you would never know it from her happy demeanor. Once at risk of euthanasia, she is now the life of the party wherever she goes!

Favorite Toy: Peaches loves her bones, but only if she has a cozy bed to chew them on! She will run as fast as her little legs will take her and goes straight to the closest cozy bed.

Favorite Treat: Peaches loves to go for walks with her grandson Jr Brown all around our ranch. She loves exploring the new smells and watching the bunnies run from her that she of course CAN’T catch, and she is always amazed at the “BIG DOGS,” aka our horses! The horses don’t know what to think of her because she snorts, walks and looks like a miniature pig!

Favorite Activity: He loves the beach. Best: playing ball on the Beach! Nirvana!

Loves: Peaches loves belly rubs! Stop, drop, and roll for belly rubs!

Fun fact: Peaches loves everyone! Dogs, kids, cats, and birds (I have a blue and gold Macaw), she is a celestial lover of life!

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Tank - Snoring Category

Name: Tank
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Southern California Bulldog Rescue

About Tank: When Katie and her family saw Tank’s photo online, they immediately fell in love. They named her Tank as her new Dad is retired from the United States Marine Corp. They felt the name of Tank was fitting, since English Bulldogs are the Marines' mascot. Tank has brought emotional support to their family and was even the ring bearer at their wedding. When Tank isn't sleeping and snoring, she loves to play soccer, and any activity where she can chase balls. Her favorite pastime is going on runs with her Dad while riding in her baby stroller.

Favorite Toy: Tank has tons of dog toys, but none of them get her too excited. What does get her excited is when our youngest daughter Bethany (aged 9) plays with her slime/silly putty. It isn't safe for her so Tank isn't allowed to have it - but she goes crazy watching Bethany play with it.

Favorite Treat: We don't really feed Tank dog treats, however she loves jelly beans! Whenever we eat them we have to share with her because she will start drooling and begging until we give in to her!

Favorite Activity: Tank's favorite pastime is definitely going on runs with Daddy (Ryan) in the baby stroller. In her stroller, she "runs" approximately 5 miles a day. Tank has a baby stroller since we adopted her because she gets tired quickly. We recently had a baby and so Tank's stroller got an upgrade to a double, so there is now room for both Tank and Baby!

Loves: Tank loves life. She just wants to hang out and be part of the family. She loves belly rubs and would be content if we could pet her 24/7.

Fun fact: Tank is a girl...even though her name sounds like a boy. She was named Tank because Ryan is a retired marine, and Tank just sounded like a fitting name for a marine's bulldog.

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Bandito - Special Needs Category

Name: Bandito
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Dobie and Little Paws

About Bandito: Bandito has no idea that he has only three legs, and he plays with his canine siblings with boundless enthusiasm. He insists on everyone being his friend. He never really gives up. He has in his mind, "You will like me, you will play with me, you will LOVE me!" Bandito is training to become a therapy dog, and his amazing spirit will help those who are facing difficulties in their lives.

Favorite Toy: First thing in the morning, Bandito looks for is Elmer and barks at him and tries to get him to play. He never takes no for an answer. This happens all day long. When his brother won’t play, he finds his sister and pesters her until she gives in.

Favorite Treat: His favorite treat is a FROZEN Kong filled with Cheerios topped with a slice of banana and peanut butter.

Favorite Activity: Bandito's favorite activity is to run at the beach with his sister and brother. With his 3 legs can run as fast as his brother and sister with 4 legs.

Loves: Bandito loves to sleep in bed, and in the morning get his belly rubbed. He stretches and makes WOOKIE sounds.

Fun fact: Just a simple look or glance and Bandito wags his tail in hopes that you will play with him and love him.

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Charlie - Special Needs Category

Name: Charlie
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Animal Care Centers of NYC

About Charlie: Charlie is deaf and lived in four homes before he was surrendered to the shelter as “uncontrollable.” He was adopted by Colleen and together they learned 52 different American Sign Language (ASL) signs. He is part of the Positive Pet Program at a local hospital in Santa Monica, CA and brings joy to everyone who meets him.

Favorite Toy: Plastic water bottles, food ball, and any toy another dog is playing with. He has a giant teddy bear that he cuddles with when I am not home. It’s the only toy he doesn’t rip up.

Favorite Treat: Charlie LOVES bananas, carrot shavings, lettuce and anything you would expect a dog to not like. He will take an apple or banana over beef.

Favorite Activity: Charlie loves to go with a group of his dog friends up to Malibu and run along the beach, chasing the waves and balls. He is a momma's boy, so anything I am doing he wants to be a part of it. He liked going into the hospital to visit the nurses, doctors and patients as a therapy dog. Any child in a stroller, he assumes they are smuggling food just for him. When Charlie was a puppy my neighbor's child would do that--hiding food to give to Charlie secretly
(we knew they were doing it). When we lived in NYC he loved the dog park and Central Park.

Loves: Snuggles, people, learning new tricks, most importantly FOOD. He loves when someone knows sign language and they can talk to him. The “I love you” sign especially.

Fun fact: Charlie knows over 50 American Sign Language commands. He passed his therapy exam with a complex rating; it's the highest one for a dog to get. I am so proud because some tasks are harder because he is deaf.

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Fast Eddie - Special Needs Category

Name: Fast Eddie
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: A Purposeful Rescue

About Fast Eddie: Fast Eddie is a strong little man, hiking with Cecilia and his buddies almost every day. Eddie uses a little cart to move around as he is never going to be able to regain use of his back legs. But that won't stop him! Eddie loves to hike with his friends in the mountains almost every day. Inspired by Fast Eddie, Cecilia has improved her professional dog training skills by learning how to work with disabled animals.

Favorite Toy: Eddie Loves squeaky toys, the louder the better.

Favorite Treat: There is not a treat Eddie doesn’t like. He is a Cookie Monster (that’s what we call him!) He flips up and down with what he can since his back legs don’t work and he barks like a seal.

Favorite Activity: Eddie loves to hike with his friends. I take him, his brothers and friends up in the Santa Monica mountains and we hike almost every day off leash. He is fast and super funny.

Loves: Eddie loves to cuddle my all the members of our family, however I would say what Eddie likes the most is sitting on our back yard patio and watching for squirrels. He is a proper squirrel patrol-- no one goes unnoticed under his watch!

Fun fact: Eddie is bossy at times and it’s a riot seeing him with big dogs.

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Ginger - Special Needs Category

Name: Ginger
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Animal Care Centers of NYC

About Ginger: Ginger was found badly neglected and abused when Samantha fostered her. Their bonding began immediately, so much so that Samantha adopted her!
After a visit to the vet, it was determined that she was visually impaired due to a long untreated case of dry eye. It has been incredible to watch her bloom -- she has attitude now, she has opinions, she is strong enough to jump on and off furniture! She and Samantha developed an understanding and affection for each other pretty quickly. Theirs is a once in a lifetime connection!

Favorite Toy: Ginger is a funny girl when it comes to toys — she doesn’t really play with them, she pecks at them. Her favorite “toy” is her dog bed or my pillows. At night when we cuddle and watch TV, she will often grab her bed or one of my pillows and start biting at it in a pecking motion, and everyone who has seen it laughs because there is no other way to describe it other than “pecking.” I have no idea why she does this.

Favorite Treat: Ginger LOVES pig ears and bully sticks — she will happily chew them for hours. She also loves lamb lung or anything I’m eating that I will let her have. When she knows she’s about to get a special treat, she often does a funny dance where she flops her arms up and down and spins a little or runs back and forth and barks at me.

Favorite Activity: Aside from napping or hanging out in my lap, Ginger’s favorite activity is sprinting — running at top speed for a short distance, but only on leash. Because she is mostly blind, she is not super active and doesn’t like to run around the way other dogs do because she easily gets disoriented and lost. But when she is on leash, she knows she is safe and will run so happily with me that you can practically see the glee shoot out of her body.

Loves: Snacks, belly rubs, chest scratches, booty scratches, playing hide and seek with me in my apartment, when I come back into a room from having been out of it.

Fun fact: Ginger is pink! Everywhere we go people point out how funny it is that she is a pink dog — not just her skin, but her fur even looks pinkish!

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Mokee - Special Needs Category

Name: Mokee
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Social Tees Animal Rescue Foundation

About Mokee: Handsome Mokee was rescued from the streets. When he was first rescued, he was very shy and now he is the funniest little guy. Mokee is very social with people and dogs and especially loves Yellow Labs and Golden Retrievers. Mokee has arthritis, luxating patella, and also has gum disease but that doesn’t stop him from being a charming, happy guy!

Loves: Mokee loves to cuddle himself under the covers. There he is most comfy and if you do not let him under the blanket, he will demand it until you do it.

Fun fact: When he's thirsty and there is no water in the bowl, he starts tapping it until I refill it.

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Buddy - Talking Category

Name: Buddy
Category: Talking
Adopted from: OC Animal Care

About Buddy: Buddy has a lot to say and in a very soulful way! Often while he is in conversation with someone his tail is happily thumping. Buddy likes to tell everyone about his day of chasing squirrels, playing with his sister Missy, and his dislike of all vegetables. He enjoys running around his yard, playing catch, and tug of war. Most of all, he loves going to the beach, going on hikes, and telling his Mom he loves her.

Favorite Toy: Buddy's favorite toy is any toy that is closest to him. After dinner he gets really excited and wants to play keep away. Missy and I chase him around the house, trying to get his toy. Missy bites at his ankles and barks at him to keep running! Then we play a little tug of war and catch, then bedtime for Buddy Boy.

Favorite Treat: Buddy loves treats but does not love everything. He hates ALL vegetables, and no matter how drooling with excitement he gets knowing there is a treat ready he spits any part of a vegetable out. He usually gobbles his treats up really fast. I always tell him to be gentle and he just grabs it with his front teeth, after a high five, shake, or bang bang.

Favorite Activity: Buddy LOVES chasing birdies and squirrels in the yard. He tries to climb up the tree to get the squirrels. He has never succeeded. :)

Loves: Buddy LOVES EVERYTHING! Buddy is an extremely excited, fun loving, happy boy who LOVES attention! Anyone who looks his way gets what we call, "The Buddy Flop!" He waggles up to you, with his head down and ears back rubbing all through your legs then presses against your legs, slides down them, exposing his belly and rubbing his back on your feet. He gets lots of attention.

Fun fact: Rachel heard about a dog surrendered to the shelter due to a “no dogs allowed” housing policy and drove straight to the shelter. When she saw Buddy, it was love at first sight. He was only 9 months old and they have been together ever since.

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Hazel - Talking Category

Name: Hazel
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Abandoned Animal Rescue

About Hazel: Hazel loves peanut butter and will yodel, coo, and prance in place for it! Aubrey was just scrolling the internet when she came across Hazel’s photo by chance. Aubrey had just moved to Los Angeles and was on her own. The second she saw Hazel she knew she had to have her. She booked a flight to Houston to go adopt the dog of her dreams. Hazel had been abandoned three times before she was 9 months old. She is smart, sweet, energetic, and has nothing but love for everyone. Aubrey says that Hazel rescued her. They have an amazing connection and Hazel is a great communicator.

Favorite Toy: Hazel LOVES stuffed animals. Her favorite one is a blue giraffe that has a squeaker in the head and braded rope for a body with dangling tassels. She will shake it back and forth and toss it up so she can pounce on it, or throw it across the room to chase after it herself. When she sees it, she gets so excited. She’ll crouch for it and pounce on it. She’ll toss it around. She has about a dozen stuffed animals and has never once destroyed one or ripped one apart. One time we were walking through the airport heading for our flight and a child had a rolling backpack he was pulling along with a stuffed teddy bear strapped to the front. As we walked passed, she lunged to grab it so she could play with it. I sadly had to tell her that one wasn’t hers, but laughed that she almost stole the child’s toy.

Favorite Treat: Hazel loves peanut butter! I spread it inside a bone for her to play with and lick and chew. When she sees me get either the jar or the bone, she starts dancing. She’ll prance in place and coo and yodel. She’s so excited to see it. She’ll dance with her 2 front feet or bend in a downward dog pose or shuffle. Her tail starts wagging wildly.

Favorite Activity: Hazel’s favorite activity is cuddling. When I’m getting ready for bed, she knows instantly and starts going crazy. She’ll run back and forth and dance. She’s trained not to jump into bed so she starts asking for me to pick her up so she can sleep in bed. Most dogs will sit near their person. Hazel sits on me. If she can’t get her whole body on my lap, she’ll get as much as she can even if that means just her head. It’s a rare occasion that she isn’t in some way sitting or lying on me. And I love it too.

Loves: My dog loves to run! We went camping in Florida last year. It was partly a road trip and we had to be contained in the plane, the hotel and the car for the first few days. After day 2 of camping, she was going out of her mind with energy. There was an open field on the edge of the camp grounds and one evening we went over there and I left her off leash and she ran back and forth and back and forth and back and forth for a solid 40 minutes. Just with herself. No other dogs, no toys. She just wanted to run for the sake of running. She was so happy and excited.

Fun fact: Hazel is a coated variety of a rare hairless dog called a Peruvian Inca Orchid.

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Kronos - Talking Category

Name: Kronos
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue

About Kronos: Kronos is very photogenic and a good snuggler. He makes a variety of noises and sometimes sounds like a dinosaur. Kronos is a happy dog and is always having fun. He loves water and one of his favorite pastimes is leaping into the water.

Favorite Toy: Kronos loves playing soccer and fetch with the Jolly Pets Bounce N Play Ball. It's a durable rubber ball which he likes to hold between his paws and crush in his jaws. His other favorite toy is a pillow. He has his own special pillow toy which he bites, digs at, throws around, and rolls with.

Favorite Treat: When he really wants any treat, he holds his front lips up from the bottom ones to show just a teeny tiny bit of his teeth (kinda looks like a rat) and he makes the biggest sweetest imploring puppy dog eyes and inches forward if he's sitting. He likes many treats including Zuke's, Natural Balance, and Pet Botanics soft training treats as well as others, which include Three Dog Bakery cookies, Natural Balance Rolls, and Primal Liver Munchies. Kronos's favorite chew is rolled rawhides. He is a strong chewer and puts it in the back of his teeth to gnaw on and holds it between his paws and rips off pieces.

Favorite Activity: Kronos's favorite activity is leaping into water. He also likes to play soccer, snorkel (put his nose into a shallow bucket of water when cooling off, blow out, and walk around), doing Agility, Frisbee, playing with his sisters, digging, chewing sticks, playing in snow, racing around on walks, learning tricks, and going swimming.

Loves: Kronos loves high energy activities and prefers crazy tricks as opposed to basic obedience. When he was a pup, he loved to carry my shoes around and play with them, although he never chewed them or destroyed them. He loves playing the blanket game and de-stuffing toys.

Fun fact: Kronos has a wide variety of noises that he makes; sometimes he sounds like a dinosaur and can sound quite terrifying for a dog his size.

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Maya - Talking Category

Name: Maya
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Dream Team Angels Rescue

About Maya: Maya has an endless supply of snuggles, kisses, laughs, and a sense of calm. But her most amazing trait is that she can say “I love you!” She is quite the talker. When Maya was at the shelter, Jillian saw an online post about her and knew right away she was the missing piece to her family! Jillian says Maya saved her family and she is the best decision they ever made.

Favorite Toy: Maya loves to play tug of war and fetch with stuffed animals.

Favorite Treat: She loves milk bones but we call them “Cookies.” She will spin in circles, talk, sit, and lay down.

Favorite Activity: Maya loves to go for walks, chase lizards, and go for car rides.

Loves: Her favorite spot for rubs is just behind her ear. And she likes to have her feet rubbed.

Fun fact: She is obsessed with watching our tortoise.

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Thunder - Talking Category

Name: Thunder
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Daphneyland Basset Hound Rescue

About Thunder: Thunder is a Basset Hound, a breed which is known for its bay, a deep-voiced howl. So, it is not surprising that he will often “talk back” and conversations can be long ones! He provides therapy to youth programs and offers support to people and dogs wherever he goes.

Favorite Toy: Thunder has a love of fiber. Any paper product he finds, he loves to chew into square pieces. Perfectly square. Given enough time he will make square confetti.

Favorite Treat: As a scent hound, Thunder reacts quickly to food of any kind. His favorite treat is a salmon treat, but will get over excited if he thinks he is getting an “illegal” treat such as a hamburger or piece of chicken. Thunder will gently chew a dog cookie, but if he gets something yummy, he WOLFS IT DOWN.

Favorite Activity: Thunder’s favorite activity is to nap. He is a gold medalist in napping. Besides napping, Thunder enjoys running the countryside, sniffing and his favorite thing is to help heal hearts. Thunder has a natural talent at picking out someone in a room that may be depressed or under the weather. He will immediately want to visit that person and let them pet him.

Loves: Thunder enjoys therapy work. From petting, belly rubbing, walking and meeting new people, to running with Bloodhounds and a pack of Bassets. Thunders second favorite thing is to shake your hand.

Fun fact: Despite being a hunting dog, Thunder is afraid of cats. Sharp claws hurt sensitive noses.

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Andy - Underbite Category

Name: Andy
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Enzo’s Acres

About Andy: Dan met Andy at a puppy “Meet and Greet” shortly after Dan moved to Portland. Andy curled into Dan’s arms and they have been together ever since. They have gone on road trips, hiked Mount Hood, strolled Pike Place Market in Seattle, and took a trip to Canada together. Andy loves wearing sweaters and jackets, but hates the rain (which is ironic considering he lives in Portland). He has a group of dogs in the neighborhood that he absolutely loves to hang out with at the local dog park and daycare.

Favorite Toy: Andy loves socks. He will steal them out of suitcases, off floors, and from the laundry bins - he doesn’t chew them up, but rather collects them in his dog bed. Aside from all the toys I’ve bought him, socks are still his number one favorite.

Favorite Treat: Andy loves carrots and apples - he’ll go nuts for them. If he hears someone cutting them he’ll run into the kitchen, attempt to sit with his tail whipping behind him, and once he sees that you’re about to give him a piece of said carrot or apple, he spins and jumps - then gingerly takes it from you and runs away.

Favorite Activity: Andy loves playing with other dogs - he thinks he’s a big dog, which is extremely entertaining to watch when at the dog park he runs with the labs and pit bulls.

Loves: Cuddle time. He loves napping with his people - generally under or on top of a pile of blankets. I’ve never seen a dog more zenned out.

Fun fact: He loves wearing things - sweaters, jackets, etc., just nothing ever on his head or covering his ears.

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Bigby Smoosh - Underbite Category

Name: Bigby Smoosh
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Southern California Bulldog Rescue

About Bigby Smoosh: Bigby Smoosh not only has the best underbite you’ve ever seen, he also is a people pleaser. He’s always the first at the door when people come over and is ready to be an entertainer with his toys. He loves to snuggle and he often puts his giant head on Jonah’s chest. Bigby was abandoned at the shelter but when Laura and Jonah met him there, they were sold on his energetic personality!

Favorite Toy: Bigby has several favorite toys but one of them is his Lobster. It’s a “tough” built toy made to last, with several different squeakers in it. Typically, he will find one of the squeakers in either of the claws and squeak it continuously until he’s ready to jump about. He will prance his two front paws up while he shakes his head back and forth, throwing the lobster over his shoulders.

Favorite Treat: Bigby’s favorite treat in the whole world is lettuce. He loves other vegetables too, but his favorite is romaine lettuce. When he hears the veggie drawer in the fridge open he comes running into the kitchen. As you can image it’s very difficult to make a salad, unless you plan on sharing.

Favorite Activity: Bigby’s favorite activity other than snuggling his humans is playing fetch. He thinks all tennis balls are his and takes his training very seriously. When at the dog park he is there to fetch the ball and bring it back. He doesn’t understand why the other dogs there don’t.

Loves: Bigby loves butt scratches and massages.

Fun fact: · He plays differently depending on the size of the other dog. He is aware and knows to be gentler if the dog is smaller than he is. This also applies to small humans.

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Charlie - Underbite Category

Name: Charlie
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Pet Adoption Connection

About Charlie: Wherever Beth and Brad take Charlie, people stop them on the street and want to take photos of the greatest underbite ever! Charlie is an active, energetic dog who loves a good long run on the beach, hikes, and snuggling. When Brad and Beth adopted Charlie, he slept the entire drive home on Beth's lap. As a constant reminder of how cute he is, Beth even got a tattoo of Charlie’s underbite on her arm!

Favorite Toy: Charlie loves all of his stuffed animal shreds. He will de-stuff everything he gets and then tear it to pieces. He then will treat each shred as if it were a separate toy, bringing it to us to throw, snuggling with it and then returning it to his toy basket.

He also loves tennis balls but those have been banned in our house due to his obsessive behavior with them.

Favorite Treat: Charlie loves Greenies. He freaks out whenever he gets one. As soon as he gets one in his mouth he sprints around the house and makes a high-pitched whining noise because he is so excited.

Favorite Activity: Charlie loves to hike. He loves to go to the beach. He loves to chase sticks, snowballs and birds.

Loves: Charlie loves to sit on laps… in cars, on couches -- any time he can get to a lap.

Fun fact: He has an Instagram account he shares with his best friend and neighbor Murray

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Frankie - Underbite Category

Name: Frankie
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Social Tees Animal Rescue Foundation

About Frankie: Frankie is a very unique looking and acting dog who loves life. She came all the way from Tennessee to New York City to find her forever home. Frankie is quite the accomplished traveler. She had a big adventure last year when she flew to Toulouse, France. On their travels, Felicity discovered that Frankie loves to meet new people and give them kisses… especially when they compliment her on how beautiful she is!

Favorite Toy: She tends to destroy any toy put in from of her in about 10 minutes, totally eviscerating it, pulling out any squeakers and all the stuffing. Any stuffed toy with squeakers in it is her top fave.

Favorite Treat: Frankie loves a Kong or other stuffable treat filled with ham and cream cheese. Her favorite holiday is also Thanksgiving, because she loves turkey.

Favorite Activity: Frankie loves to snuggle. She is a lap dog and wants to be by you and next to you at all times. She most calm and content when laying on the couch against you, or by your feet. She loves to curl up in laps too and doze for as long as you'll let her.

· doing tricks for treats (fist bump, spin around, sit pretty, etc)
· Tummy rubs
· She has an extensive stretching routine that she loves, especially when she wakes up in the morning
· snuggling
· taking walks outside in the neighborhood
· going to a nearby dog-friendly coffee shop
· watching reality tv with her best friend Oliver (also a rescue dog)
· sleeping in late
· warm weather (she hates the cold and rain)
· making visits to our local pet store

Fun fact: When eating dinner, she picks up her food dish with her teeth when she's almost finished, to move it over to the carpet

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Jesse - Underbite Category

Name: Jesse
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Little Red Dog Rescue

About Jesse: Jesse is the most energetic, cuddly, and loving dog around. People are always stopping to say hello to Jesse and compliment her on her amazing underbite. Jesse LOVES people and other dogs. People always stop and ask, “What kind of dog is she?” The answer: “She is pure love."

Favorite Toy: Jesse’s favorite toys include a rope chew toy and any ball!

Favorite Treat: Jesse loves bully sticks. She has a favorite spot in our kids’ playroom where she takes them and eats them. She goes through each one pretty quickly!

Favorite Activity: Jesse loves going on her daily walks. She also loves traveling with us! She’s been to Yosemite and she loves the snow! Jesse is happiest when she is with us. She loves car rides and loves meeting new people during her adventures!

Loves: Jesse loves sleeping on the couch, sleeping on our beds with us, going on road trips, and playing with her best friend Esther.

Fun fact: Jesse is a talker! She expresses excitement, boredom, hunger, and needing attention with a variety of whimpers, barks, and howls. We joke and say she’s our neediest child. We love her random bursts of energy we call her “Rocket Run.” She zooms all over the house as fast as her little legs will carry her.

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Joe - Underbite Category

Name: Joe
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: San Bernardino Animal Control

About Joe: Joe came into Michael's life after he was in a bad cycling accident. At the shelter, they bonded instantly! Together they go on daily hikes and Joe has helped Mike recover from his accident. Joe likes leading the way and making sure Mike’s safe on the trail. Mike calls him “the trail boss”. The couch is Joe’s favorite place to hang out and he loves getting belly rubs!

Favorite Toy: Joe’s favorite toy is a bone filled with peanut butter. He licks all the peanut butter then puts the bone between his paws and uses his power jaws to chew and file his teeth. He also really likes plush squeaky toys but destroys them in ten minutes.

Favorite Treat: Joe sits in the kitchen watching me fill the bone with peanut butter. He drools as I’m preparing it. He’s a power chewer for sure.

Favorite Activity: Joe loves pretty much all water except for baths. We lived in San Diego for two years, so lots of beach time where he loved chasing other dogs and stealing their toys. We hike A LOT. He likes leading the way and making sure I’m safe on the trail.

Loves: Belly rubs, butt rubs, snuggling and car rides.

Fun fact: He’d rather cuddle on someone than lay by himself.

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Bang Bang - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Bang Bang
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Social Tees Animal Rescue Foundation

About Bang Bang: Bang Bang is the ultimate smiler, 6 pounds of pure giggles. And that doesn’t even cover his amazing wiggle butt. Bang Bang was rescued from an abandoned property alongside another dog, where he lived with pigeons in a coop. He was rescued, nursed back to health, and is now enjoying bicoastal living. He lives with his two senior doggy siblings, Emma and Mokee. He is a purebred party toy poodle and he loves his family!

Favorite Toy: N/A

Favorite Treat: Bang loves ice cream, to the point where he will growl if you get near him, and he never does that.

Favorite Activity: He LOVES to roll around in other species’ poop.

Loves: N/A

Fun fact: He is so happy that he literally wiggles his whole rear.

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Bella - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Bella
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Humane Society of Ventura County

About Bella: After Bella was adopted, her wiggle was so constant that it was tough to even pet her. She loves when you tell her she's a good girl. She gets her best wiggle going when she receives praise. When she is not happily greeting people by wiggling, and wiggling some more, her favorite thing is hanging out on the bed for family time.

Favorite Toy: Bella's favorite toy is her baby brother. Once we adopted Scully, a 4 month old puppy, she let him jump all over her and bite her ears. She plays and wrestles with him for hours!

Favorite Treat: Bella loves olive oil! She grew up with the oil being placed on the top of her dry dog food. She waits patiently for us to put it on.

Favorite Activity: She's a swimmer! She even taught her baby brother to swim. She doesn't just swim in any direction; she herds the other dogs as they are swimming too!

Loves: Bella loves when you tell her she's a good girl. We say, "Bella's a good girl?" And then we pretend she says, "I'm best girl. My name is Best girl Bella."

Fun fact: She is 9 years old and as playful as her 1 year old brother!

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Betty - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Betty
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Dream Team Angels Rescue

About Betty: Betty has the best butt wiggle on the market and greets her parents with so much enthusiasm when they come home after a long day. She loves cuddling and when you show her any attention. Betty also amazingly is bilingual, since she understands Spanish and English.

Favorite Toy: Betty does NOT play with toys, she LOVES playing with other dogs, cats and people. She has never shown interest in toys and we HAVE tried! She will occasionally bite on a sock on the floor as part of her play behavior, picking it up and throwing it as part of the game with me or her dad. She will never grab a toy on her own. She does love treats and chews and when she knows she’s had enough will try to bury them in her bed or bedding and save it for later!

Favorite Treat: Betty is a professional whiner. She will cry every morning before breakfast -- she is very impatient until she has the food bowl right in front of her. Then she needs someone to sit by her while she eats. She has also learned that if she wants a treat it is almost never FREE and she will sit immediately or try to give you a high five to get her reward. She is a slow chewer and she is very gentle when getting a treat from you.

Favorite Activity: Betty LOVES going to the park, and she loves being chased and playing “kind-wrestle” with her doggy friends. Betty likes all dogs, big and small. We have also learned that she LOVES sun bathing. She will stop in the middle of a walk if it’s sunny enough and lay on the ground while giving you this cute look. You can clearly tell she is enjoying the moment.

Loves: Betty LOVES being with people, especially children. Her favorite place is sitting between my husband and I while we are sitting on the couch or watching a movie. She loves butt scratches and rubs ANYWHERE! She is not picky about the area, just as long and she is getting some love.

Fun fact: Betty will wiggle her head when she is really happy/excited about something; she seems to be enjoying Metal music while she does it!

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Georgie Girl - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Georgie Girl
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Maltese Rescue California

About Georgie Girl: Georgie Girl is the sweetest dog. She is always happy to meet new people…and you can tell by her wiggle butt! She will greet all of the new rescues that come through her home with a big smile. If they want to play, she plays; if they want to cuddle, she cuddles. Once homeless on the streets, she now loves to be cuddled and watch TV with her family.

Favorite Toy: Her favorite toy is the snowman from Frozen...she throws it into the air and turns around in circles.

Favorite Treat: Blueberries, and she chews them very fast. She can’t wait! Georgie girl gets on her hind legs as my grandson feeds her…and he giggles.

Favorite Activity: Georgie loves to sit in a basket, which is attached to my grandson’s bicycle. Georgie loves kids.

Loves: Loves to snuggle and sleep in bed with me. She loves to be cuddled and hugged.

Fun fact: As I foster for Maltese rescue, we foster a lot of dogs. Georgie Girl meets all the rescue dogs first, plays with them, and is the ambassador to the Maltese rescue.

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Peiyton - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Peiyton
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Pei People Shar Pei Rescue

About Peiyton: Peiyton has a sweet spirit and when she is happy to see you, she wiggles with glee! Her favorite activities are playing with her best friend Daisy (a min-pin, Chihuahua mix), walking on the beach chasing birds, or cuddling with her family. When Wendy and Mike met Peiyton through the rescue group, they just fell in love with her. They call her “a love bug."

Favorite Toy: Peiyton loves any toy that consists of a rope. She loves to chew and after playing fetch with her ball she always goes for her rope. She likes to keep them in her bed, close by at all times. If we put the rope toys on top of her crate she goes in her crate and attempts to use her nose to push them off the crate so she can get to them.

Favorite Treat: Peiyton is very food driven. She eats like a little pig, so we had to buy a maze bowl to slow her down. One of her favorite treats are soft chewy bones. She will sit and lay down for a treat. If we walk with the treat in our hand she will stare at the treat as she walks.

Favorite Activity: Peiyton loves to go on walks or short bursts of running. She likes the beach and she tries to chase birds. She also likes to go for car rides. She loves chasing balls.

Loves: She loves our neighbors’ dog, Daisy. They chase each other non-stop when they are together. She also loves to have her belly rubbed and will roll over on her back if she feels safe with you, in order to have her belly rubbed. She loves food. She loves her walks. She loves rope toys.

Fun fact: She will sit and lay down for treats. She eats her food fast but is super gentle when taking treats from your hand.