Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

7. Elvis Presley - Fetching Category

Name: Elvis Presley
Category: Fetching
Adopted from: Eloise Rescue

About Elvis Presley: Elvis loves to play fetch…at home, in the park, anytime! When he was first adopted, Vickie slowly introduced him to a ball. He learned to play with it and bring it back. Now he can’t get enough…fetching his ball brings him pure joy! Elvis was incredibly shy and on the euthanasia list when he was rescued by Vickie. With love and patience, Elvis has become the smart, loving dog that people simply adore.

Favorite Toy: A small ball. He loves to play fetch, at home, in the park, anytime.

Favorite Treat: He loves any treat I allow him. We are very healthy so only high quality for my boy. He will do “beg up” for a treat.

Favorite Activity: Going to the park, he loves it.

Loves: Going under the covers and snuggling up.

Fun fact: He loves to play ball.

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